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  1. Thank you for your advise Snifter... All makes sense... Thinking about it he will prob sleep for all of 1st leg to Dubai and then 1.5 hour turn around till the longer 2nd leg... Im sure all will go well (I hope)... Not as nervous... :-)
  2. Hi All, Me, Mrs & 14 month old boy going to Melbourne for a few weeks in April and want to join some toddler groups whilst we are they to see how the little man gets on and also meet some people and learn about the area... Does anyone know of any todler groups or activities going on in the Brighton / Sandringham or nearby areas during?
  3. Hi All, Me (34), Mrs. (33) & little man (13 months) will be venturing to Australia to activate our visas come April and we are looking for places to stay in Melbourne for a few weeks. We will be doing a reckie of the city for places where we might want to stay, relatively close to the CBD and beaches.... Brighton looks like a nice place to be… We are looking at some properties in the Brighton area and general south east side of the city... Prices are with in price range if we were to move later 2013/14 If you know about this suburb, live there, visited please can you give some feedback... Good and bad… beaches ok? Safe neighborhood etc? Thinking about the misses and the boy - What about play groups, mums, kids and fun stuff to keep occupied etc... Any feedback would be appreciated Looking forward to April... Kind Regards
  4. Thanks Lara & Snifter - Some useful info there already... So UK car seats are not leagal on Oz - So if thats the case I should prob avoid taking it then if my little 14 month old man will use the Child Aviation Restraint System – CARES product. Seem to be a few variations of these - Any recomended UK outlets??
  5. Hi All, Flights now boked up to go and activate Visa's in April flying out and around Melbourne, Brisban & Sydney with Quantus. Airbus A380 to Oz and Back... Boeing 737-400 from Mel to Bris Boeing 767-300/300ER - Bris to Syd Can anyone let me know of the recent car seat models that you was allowed to take on these flights? Hows Maxi Cosy etc? I have the Axiss in my car - I guess this would be too big?? Im prob going to have to purchase another though I have also see these; again any feedback? http://kidsflysafe.com/buy-now/ Woudl rather one of them than lugging round the car seat but will also need a car seat in Oz; do car hire firms supply these?? Any feedback appreshiated
  6. Hi All, I wonder if you can help me. I am flying over from the UK in April to activate our Visa's, have a look around Melbourne and see what kind of area's we wish to live in for when we emigrate in Q1 2014. I am after a short term - 2 week accommodation rental from Wed 3rd April to Monday 15th April. Ideally I would like a furnished detached house with a pool - I understand this is a lot to ask but I want to make this 2 week stay comfortable and enjoyable for my family, this will be after all 1st impressions of Melbourne to the 3 of us and I want to convince family its where we want to live - If I end up using big4.com this isn’t going to be the impression I want to be giving out. Do you know of any short term rentals, or where I can find info / urls? Happy to pay - Not looking for cheap digs.... This is also semi hunny moon so dont mind pushing the boat out a bit ;-) Assistance Appreciated
  7. Hi All, Me and Wifey are flying out to Melbourne from London around March to activate our Visa's for migrating in 2014 and are taking a 14-15 month baby (will be by March)... Discussing flight details and we are wondering if its best to get the end to end out of the way as quick as possible with a 1-2 hour stop over 1/2 way on our flight (poss Dubai).... Or take a bit more time out.... 6-8 hours or poss a night at hotel...? So get there as quick as possible or take time?? Only looking to do 1 Stop How have you found traveling with the infants? Any tips to amuse him for what will be a very mobile and interested in everything young boy....
  8. DeanoM

    ACS Turn around time.... Systems Analyst

    Hi All, I thought I would do a small update from the start of this thread.... What was the turn around time for an ACS assessment if going for Systems Analyst. I submitted mine on the 14th March... Looked to be recieved and onto stage 4 by the 22nd.... In progress on the 5th... Finalised Stage and a positive skills assesment letter recieved via email today the 10th April. So all in all aprox 4 weeks start to finish.... IELTS test results in on friday and then finalise State Sponsership with Victorie (176)..... All moving along now and hardwork almost out of the way for the time being anyhow... Good Luck I
  9. DeanoM

    ACS Turn around time.... Systems Analyst

    Shoaib Anwar - How do you mean your still on box 2? Are you able to check progress??
  10. DeanoM

    ACS Turn around time.... Systems Analyst

    Shaun - Dont have to have a job offer to submit a Skills assesment to the ACS.... Dont need a job offer to apply for a 176 ss.... Accreditation or Skill assesment is simply positive and you match your job code your applying for of negative. Need to submit certified coppies of any industry qualifications and get technical references for past 8 years... This was wht I had t do anyhow... Hope that helps...
  11. DeanoM

    ACS Turn around time.... Systems Analyst

    Thanks to all for input, I have just submitted my application today so see how long it takes to get back. Took me about 4-6 weeks to gather all info required.... Now onto State Sponsership forms etc...
  12. DeanoM

    Visa 176 Query

    Some useful info found at http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?action=show&conID=skillassessment and the systems analyst is found on page 4 of the following... http://www.acs.org.au/public/ska/docs/ACSSkillsAssessmentOccupationCodes_2011V4_tasksGSM_RGJuly2011.pdf
  13. DeanoM

    261112 - Systems Analyst

    It will be the Aussie Comp Society.... I have just submitted my skills assesment for the same code to them today....
  14. To those of you that are in IT and have had skills assesed by the ACS... What was the turn arond on getting approval back? Im about to submit mine on tomorrow(Wed 14th March).... Once back will then apply for 176 Visa for Melborne to get ahead of the July changes.... Hows turn around on that also? Was thinking of doing the 175 but I hear turn around is 12 - 24 months... Want to move out tail end of 2013 so any advice....