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  1. Hi folks, I was just wondering whether the citizenship can be expired or canceled under certain conditions? For example if you've been granted a citizenship and the day after you decide to leave OZ for indefinite time period, will the citizenship be active\valid forever? Thanks, Eugene
  2. EugeneS

    Can citizenship expire or be cancelled?

    Thanks for your responses guys! But can anyone also post a link to an official source stating the same? I tried to find anything related on the government site but didn't find nothing relevant.. Thanks!
  3. Hi folks! Me and my wife are going to arrive at Perth in few months. Both of us are professionals but since we are going to be fresh immigrants, I assume that it will take us some time to find some decent jobs. Hence, I'd like to find some temporary job to support ourselves while we are looking for permanent one. So I wonder whether there are some sites, newspapers or some other local media where such temporary (or non-professional) jobs are offered? Any related ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks! Eugene S
  4. EugeneS

    WA State sponsorship agreement $20,000

    Hi wackyracer22, Long time already passed since your last message on this thread so I assume that you already know the answer to your question. I have the same question now. Me and my wife are going to move to Perth in a few months with 176 visa and we have the following obligation in our state agreement: You transfer around 40K$ into Western Australia for living costs and domestic arrangements. I suppose this is similar to yours with just a difference in the number of persons. 2person * 20K$ = 40K$. So can you please update us? How much money did you actually transfer to WA? Had anyone checked this? Thank you! Eugene
  5. Hi folks!Me and my wife are planning a short trip on our way to OZ (about 3 months) so we think to send our stuff ahead before we leave (or ask someone to send it after we leave).I have few questions here: Since we have nothing in OZ at the moment, we also don't have an address to send the packages to.. So is it possible to send the packages without giving a destination address, but only the City? Melbourne or Perth for example? I guess that it will be impossible to guess the packages arrival exactly, so there are high chances that I will not be able to collect them the moment they arrive. Is it possible that the boxes will stay there for some time? If yes, could anyone give some approximate costs for leaving the boxes there? Where the boxes actually stay before being collected by the owner? Is it directly in a port where they arrive to? Or maybe there's some kind of sorting and storage facilities? NOTES: There are few boxes not heavier than 20kg We are probably will use a naval delivery which is the cheapest since it is the slowest It's not from UK I'll be grateful if someone could spill some light on these issues and share his own experience! Partial answers are also very welcome! Thanks a lot! Eugene
  6. Hi all, I have posted this thread a long time ago but it seems that no one could help me with it.. So I thought maybe my topic isn't clear enough however I couldn't find a way to change it.. So I thought maybe I add some details to my question here and "pop-up" this thread to give it one more chance. If it won't work too, I'll consider deleting it and posting a new one with clearer title... So again, my question in 2 words... I want to send few boxes of baggage with some essential stuff to wait for me in OZ when I arrive. I have no family\friends in OZ so I have no one to send the boxes to. Hence I don't even have an address to send the boxes to.. Is there any way to send the boxes with no address? For example, maybe I can send it to a post office to wait for me there? Maybe there are other options I'm not aware of? Thanks again! Eugene S
  7. Hi folks! I got my SS from WA and already lodged for a visa. Now just waiting.. My question is regarding the obligation regarding the money transfer which is mentioned in the SS agreement. There is a following paragraph there: You transfer around 40K$ into Western Australia for living costs and domestic arrangements. I wonder how strict are the government to this obligation? Since the moment I signed the agreement things are changed and I'm not sure I can transfer this amount of money now. When I take into account the around word, which is mentioned in the agreement, I assume they will not argue if there are minor differences. But what if the total amount will be far less than 40K$? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your answer. I wonder if anyone encountered this situation personally or heard of someone who had troubles since NOT transferring this amount of money? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I had the same exact question, just out of curiosity.. I see that most people here agree that benefits like Newstart won't be available within first 2 years, but where can I find the exact eligibility conditions? On the Centrelink site, the eligibility conditions are described as follows: You may be eligible for Newstart Allowance if you are: aged 21 years or over, and under Age Pension age, and looking for paid work, and prepared to enter into an Employment Pathway Plan and meet activity test requirements, and not involved in industrial action. So there is no mention about timing.. Could anyone point out what are the exact rules and where they can be found? Thanks! Eugene
  10. Hi folks, Me and my wife are going to arrive to OZ in Jan 13 with our 176 PR visas sponsored by WA. The thing is that we'd like to visit some other cities before we head to Perth, just to get an impression of their lifestyles and feel. I don't know how much time I want for this travel but rough estimation will be few months. My concern is not arriving straight to the nominated state. I'm afraid that this might get us into a trouble lately if we don't register immediately after our arrival? After taking a look at my State Sponsorship Agreement, I've found the following: 1. You remain living and working in Western Australia for a period of two years after obtaining your visa. 2. You keep the Wester Australia Government informed of your contact details after your arrival. Now I see that in both cases they state "After", but no specific time limit is specified. So it makes me think that our trip won't be a problem.. Even if it'll take some more time..? To say more, all this agreement doesn't seem too serious. I mean there are no dates, no specific requirements, it's not so clear how should I contact the Western Australia Government. I don't know.. This document just seems a bit odd to me.. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi and thank you for your answer. However I think that you refer to the general visa activation, not the nominated state registration.. I'm interested specifically in what will be the consequences of not arriving directly to the sponsoring state after arriving to OZ. Thanks again!
  12. Hi folks, We're moving to Melbourne this December and we obviously are going to need some place to stay.. The thing is I'm not sure how can I find an apartment remotely? Is it even possible? How can this be done? To complicate the things even more, we land at December 28, which is 3 days before Sylvester and it's also a weekend, so I believe that the city will be "paralyzed". I'm really stressed about this and I consider to move our flight few days forward to Jan 3. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks!!
  13. Thank you for your answer! Somehow I didn't take into consideration but it seems to be a worst time to arrive to a new place. I didn't know that the holidays are so long, until Feb! What about different government services, banks? Are they on vacation too? This also means that I won't be able to actively look for a job in this period.. Anyway I have no choice since I have to enter OZ before 9 Jan to activate my visa..
  14. Hi folks! I'm am new on this forum so nice to meet everyone:) I am on the last stages of getting my 176 State sponsored visa to WA. Originally I planned for Victoria but unfortunately, after few changes to SOL, I am lacking 5 points! I know that if I had a job offer from Victoria located firm, I actually would be able to get those points. But now I have no such offer and it's also too late. So my question is if I arrive to WA and then get a job offer from a firm located in a different state, will it be possible to make any changes to my 176 visa which will allow me to apply for this job? Thanks in advance! All help is greatly appreciated!
  15. EugeneS

    176 State sponsored Visa - might be modified?

    This sounds very frustrating indeed. However according to what thewebweasel mentioned here before, I see no reason why you stay there. You can just move back to Melbourne where you do have a job. The state commitment is important but in this your job and your family are more important.
  16. EugeneS

    Why do I have "BERLIN" appear in my 176 Visa?

    Thanks so much! I guess couldn't expect a better answer :biggrin:. What do you mean when you mention the label? BTW, I now also see that I don't have the long number which appear above the "AUSTRALIA VISA" text, at the top of the example visa.
  17. Hi all! Just received my passport with a 176 visa in it! Yeey!! :biggrin: Now the visa by itself include only some basic information regarding visa type, entry dates, validity, etc.. The strange thing is that I see that directly above my name appears "BERLIN". I am not from Germany and Berlin does not seems to be related to me in any way.. Does anyway have a slightest idea what could this mean? Thanks! Eugene S
  18. EugeneS

    Why do I have "BERLIN" appear in my 176 Visa?

    Hi and thank you for your reply! But are you sure that's just that? I always thought that I work directly with offices in Adelaide, that's where my immigration office resides.. I just want to be sure it's ok and not some kind of mistake which could cause problems when I arrive to OZ. Thanks again!
  19. Hi all! I have a question regarding the Superannuation pension scheme. As far as I understand it, superannuation is a compulsory element where employees are required by law to pay a proportion of their salary into a superannuation fund, which can be accessed when the employee retires. Now I wonder what will happen to this money if I decide to leave OZ after living and working there for few years? I suppose that the amount of money will stay unchanged until the moment I reach the retirement age and then I will be able to access the money. Am I right here? Thanks in advance! Eugene
  20. Fair enough! So just to make it clear, the money which will be paid by me during a certain period while living and working in OZ, will remain there and wait until my retirement age. Then I assume that the total sum will be divided to a certain number of years (according to some lifetime expectancy parameter) and then it will be paid to me in small sums. Is that right? If yes, one more question. Since I will not be longer living in OZ, I also assume that I won't have any bank account there. If so how this procedure will happen? How will I be able to obtain the money? Thanks! Eugene S
  21. Hi all and thank you for your replies! Actually my visa is a PR 176 so I guess that the rules here are different. I took a look at the 'DASP' (departing Australia superannuation payment) site but the information there is only regarding temporary workers. Any other sources? Personal experiences? Thanks!
  22. Thank you for your reply. However I didn't ask about the possible profits the money will make. My question is: "Will I be able to access this money if I do not leave in OZ anymore the moment I reach the retirement age?". If yes, will be possible to take the whole sum or I will just receive a specific amount of money paid monthly? Thanks again!
  23. EugeneS

    How much taxes do you pay in Autralia?

    This is a good question and I've been asking it for too long right now.. I guess that this is one of the main reasons which made me seek for a better life in OZ. Anyway, just to make myself more clear, my initial question was not "Why are the taxes so low in OZ?", but "Maybe I miss something?". BTW, as I already mentioned, all the countries which provide very high living standards take their price for that. And I have no problem with that since everything has to be paid for. Just was curious how a country can maintain high standards of living without being paid appropriately?
  24. Hi folks! I wonder, how much money is being paid in taxes in OZ? According to my brief investigation (mostly from the internet), I've concentrated it in the list below.However it seems a bit strange to me and I'll explain why.. According to my knowledge (again - internet and people who I speak to in OZ), the standard of living is very high in OZ. And by saying that I mean the quality and availability of employment, poverty rate, hours of work required to purchase necessities, number of vacation days per year, affordable (or free) access to quality healthcare, quality and availability of education, cost of goods and services, economic and political stability and more... Considering the above, the taxes not seem to be very high comparing to the taxes in Scandinavian countries for example, which also offer a very high standard of living but the taxes there are much higher. Partly due to high social security payments (which as far as I understand does not even exist in OZ??). Could someone review the below list and correct me if I miss anything? If the below is correct, I'd be interested to find an explanation for this difference. So the first and the most significant - Personal Income Tax. Which is described pretty simple in the below table: [TABLE=width: 500] [TR] [TD]Taxable income[/TD] [TD]Tax on this income[/TD] [TD]Effective tax rate[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]0-6K$[/TD] [TD]-[/TD] [TD]0%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]6K$-37K$[/TD] [TD]15c for each $1 over $6,000[/TD] [TD]0 – 12.6%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]37K$-80K$[/TD] [TD]$4,650 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000[/TD] [TD]12.6 – 21.9%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]80K$-180K$[/TD] [TD]$17,550 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000[/TD] [TD]21.9 – 30.3%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]180K$ and over[/TD] [TD]$54,550 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000[/TD] [TD]30.3 – less than 45%[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Capital gains tax - this one is obviously irrelevant for those who does not have any investments into capital assets. Goods and Services Taxes - Regular VAT (value added tax), which is 10% of most supplied goods and services. Property Taxes and Excise Taxes - those are the taxes for certain property (usually commercial and hence seems to irrelevant?) and taxes for goods like cigarettes, alcohol, fuel etc... Now that seems to be just it. So if we take, for example, a salary of 60K$ a year, the overall tax will be 4,650+0.3*(60,000-37,000)=11550$, which is just below 20%! Then if I add here the VAT, the overall tax will build up to ~30%, as far as I see it.. Which again - is not much.. Will be happy to get some replies here. Thanks! Eugene
  25. EugeneS

    How much taxes do you pay in Autralia?

    Hi there! Thank you for your reply! Can you please provide some details regarding the Aus superannuation you've mentioned? I'm not familiar with it? Is it an additional tax or is it just included as a part of income tax? Thank you!