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    Imported BMW Motorbike - MPH to KPH Conversion

    its a 2010 model, I think its cable driven, but there is also a lot of digital stuff on the panel as well (trip etc...)
  2. I am about to re-register my imported bike, it is a BMW R1200RT. I have read conflicting articles on the net where some say it is possible to have the bike switched from MPH to KPH, others say its not... The bike does have KPH on the dial but its the inner dial and far too small to read accurately, especially knowing how tight on speeding the cops are. Hoping somebody on here has had experience in swapping over their bike. Thanks!
  3. toastytrotters

    Moved from Melbourne - Cars / Citylink (eTag)

    Thanks - I gave them a call yesterday afternoon... add to the list a 'blue slip' which is an unregistered light vehicle inspection!
  4. Hello - I have just moved from Melbourne to Sydney (already enjoying the extra couple of degrees warmth!! ). Quick question: I believe I need to re-register my car in NSW? Any ideas on how I do this? (easy or a pain in the backside?). Also, I have a citylink etag in the car for toll roads, do I have to change that as well? Thank you!
  5. toastytrotters

    Gas Usage - ours seems really high!

    We are in Melbourne. On the elec front we do have a pool which has been set to run for several hours per day which I guess is pumping (pun intended!!) up the elec bill.
  6. toastytrotters

    Gas Usage - ours seems really high!

    thanks everyone, we just received our electric bill today as well and that was $450 for start of Sept to 2nd Nov.
  7. Hi Everyone, We moved into our rental 2 months ago and are still having issues with suppliers swapping from previous tenants etc... When we moved in we took a reading of the gas meter and have just done the same again today. it looks like we have used around 1100 units of gas on the meter. when I did a quick calculation that looks to be around $600 for 8 weeks!! From a gas perspective we have the heating (ducted), hot water and the gas hob. switching things on individually I can see that the heating makes the gas meter run round at about 10 times the speed that the hot water does! Does this sound right? what sort of gas bills are you seeing with regards to how many units you are using and the associated cost? Any help appreciated!
  8. toastytrotters

    Changing plugs

    Thanks all - I should of added I am in Victoria, any ideas on how that changes things with regards to the law?
  9. toastytrotters

    Telstra - anyone had a problem re credit rating???

    I had the same issue a month ago. When we signed up for our rental there was a free service included with a company called ConnectNow who arrange for all your utility connections (they make their money from signing you up with the retailer). They arranged our Telstra/Foxtell, I was told that I had to go into a Telstra store (used the one on Swanson st) and produced all my identification documents, we still had a credit issue (lack of rating in this country) but the agent at ConnectNow was able to speak to a supervisor at Telstra who passed through all my details to the credit check team (background on me such as company I work for, salary range etc) who were then able to put more thought into it and override the credit check. Sometimes you just need to get past the drones where "computer says no" good luck!
  10. toastytrotters

    Changing plugs

    Hi everyone, Our container arrives in the next week or so and I was starting to plan ahead with regards to doing things like changing plugs on our electrical items. I had a look on the web for general advice and I have read a few posts on other sites that says doing any electrical work in Aus is illegal??? does that apply to simply things like changing plugs or big stuff like adding sockets etc? thanks!
  11. toastytrotters

    Help needed - Sat Navs and Kindles

    We just bought a TomtomXXL at Dick Smiths for $150 when we came over, it has been invaluable! BTW - We had a hire car for 30 days, the cost of a sat nav was $15 per day to hire, hence buying one worked out much cheaper, plus we get to keep it! :-) On the Kindle front, I have a Kindle 3G and it works fine over here, the 3G connects fine. I have bought several books while here. You just need to keep your UK Amazon account running.
  12. toastytrotters

    Any Recommendations for International Removers

    Just used John Masons as part of a relo package from work... the guys were excellent, made us feel really comfortable with the process, everything was wrapped for transport and custom crates were made for things such as flat screen TV, motorbike and also my RC Helicopter!
  13. toastytrotters

    Renting in Lower Plenty

    Hi - looking at renting a house in Lower Plenty, Melbourne. Anybody on here live in that area or have any wisdom to share? Train stations, local shops etc...? thanks in advance!
  14. Quote: "Shipping by container usually requires you to drain the oil and fuel, and normally have it packed into a crate of some sort. If you go via RORO shipping (roll-on/roll-off) then it does not need to have fluids drained or be disassembled at all, just simply delivered to the freight yard, shipped as is and picked up at the other end complete. They will literally roll the bike onboard the ship at one end, have it secured during transit so it can't move around, then roll it off at the other end. " John Masons are moving our household goods and I was told that my bike can go in with my household stuff, with regards to fluids, I was told not to empty the tank but to leave it at about 1/8th as an empty tank is worse (fumes/vapours etc..), battery will be disconnected, and finally it needs to be spotlessly clean, no mud etc.... They are building a wooden crate to put it in. I am just trying to get my head around the paperwork applying for an import permit!
  15. toastytrotters

    repeat prescriptions

    Spenner and NickyNook - thanks both, great information!!!