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    Internet provider Ocean Reef

    Dodo is reviewed to be extremely bad.
  2. huythai

    Urgent ---sat up trying to call dept of immigration

    Hi, Phone: 1300 364 613 (inside Australia) +61 1300 364 613 (outside Australia) However, it is really difficult to contact them via phone. Which information would you like to know, maybe somebody here can help.
  3. huythai

    can you jump states?

    Thanks for your feedback. May I explain my concern in more details. It is stated like this: Q: Am I able to relocate to another state even though I have not resided in Western Australia for two years post visa grant and what is the course of action for the applicant? A: By accepting State sponsorship you made a commitment to live and work in Western Australia for a period of two years and signed an agreement with the Government of Western Australia to do so. Applicants who request to relocate to another state will need to apply for release from their signed agreement through Skilled Migration WA. http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Pages/Frequentquestionsaboutstatesponsorship.aspx You are able to move, but release from agreement, that means you are off of your obligations, and they, too. They can cancel their sponsorship and might lead to visa cancel. I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who feel unsecure in this situation. Please share your thoughts about this.
  4. huythai

    can you jump states?

    Dear all, Following the above discussion, Just to ask the final question. Dont you think that moving earlier before the 2 years comitment will affect negatively your citizenship in the future. After you send the notification to the Migration department, do they ask you for the survey after 6 months? My friend told me that is a moral obligation, however, I want to make sure that there will be no consequence. Of course, I am trying all of my best efforts to find a secure job here. Any ideas or suggestions are highly appreciated.
  5. huythai

    176 lodged May 2012

    Yes, you do. Congrats!
  6. huythai

    all docs met

    My friend has a similar case, all docs change to met and nothing happens so far (more than 1 month).
  7. huythai

    all docs met

    Do you mean all the documents including PCC and Meds?
  8. huythai

    When do you recieve visa after taken medicals..

    This is the post from other thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/106957-health-operations-centre-issues-hoc-moc-2011-a.html Hope this helps. II found it quite useful.
  9. I think it would be better if every thing is clear at the firs stage.
  10. huythai

    176 Lodged June 2012

    From the website immi.gov, it takes 4 weeks to get CO. in reality, I see almost all cases get CO after 2 weeks. Maybe you should be more patient, although I know it's hard. After 4 weeks, you can ask your agent to call DIAC.
  11. I suggest that you send whatever you have now and explain the delay for the rest.
  12. huythai

    CPA exam

    I received the material within 10 days since payment. However, after making payment, you can log in the website of CPA to download the e version of the material.
  13. huythai

    Police Checks

    Dont know about this, I keep it on top so that someone can help.
  14. It will come the day after. For uploading docs, please use this link: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/attachment/start.do?attachType=VISA_APPLICATION&group=travel For status enquiry, please use this link: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa If you dont receive the acknowledgement letter, you should call DIAC through this number if you are outside Aus: +61 1300 364 613 or this number if you are in Aus13 18 81. It is my experience that you should call them after 4pm Oz time, otherwise, the line is always busy./ Hope u are granted soon.