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  1. thinkinofemigrating

    Visa help needed

    Hey - thanks for this info ..... Will look into defecto and also any hiccups with me not being there yet
  2. thinkinofemigrating

    Visa help needed

    Hi all I have a permanent residents visa, validated last year and valid to 2017. I'm still in UK but thinking of moving 2016 I now have a fiancée ...... Any ideas on what visas are available for him ? any help appreciated
  3. thinkinofemigrating

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Hi all - my medicals were referred on 21st August and completed on 14th Sept....visa approved on 14th :-)
  4. thinkinofemigrating

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Hi all - we had our medicals on 19th June, unfortunately my youngest (2years old) was found to have a heart murmur......so we've had it checked out, ECG etc and all innocent and she's been signed off by the panel doctor. Online she's showing as referred on 15th and 21st August......from what I read we have a long wait though for a decision..... is it about 8 weeks???? Am getting impatient as if granted our entry date will be June next year so all this waiting is eating into our validation time....... You can tell I'm checking the online page daily
  5. thinkinofemigrating

    Anyone moving to Brisbane around end of summer 2013?

    Hi all - we are hoping to move June 2013 with our 2 girls who will be 5 & 3. So much to do though, how are all your to do lists looking? Mine is huge and scary
  6. thinkinofemigrating

    When does the school year start in Qld?

    Hi - thanks for your reply. My daughter will be 5 on 28th May next year so looks like she'll have to start in Jan? As she wouldn't have even started primary here. All very confusing. Your info was great, will check out the link.
  7. thinkinofemigrating

    When does the school year start in Qld?

    Hi we're hopefully moving to Brisbane in July 2013, with a 5 yr old & a 3 year old. Will I be enrolling my 5 yr old in primary for preschool? And when does the school year start? Is there nursery school for my 3 yr old? Any help would appreciated
  8. thinkinofemigrating

    Recruitment Agency Recommendations?

    Hi all Can anyone recommend any recruitment agencies for the Brisbane area? My husband is coming out as Systems Analyst on skills list and would be good to get ideas of any positive experiences with agencies? Thanks for any help
  9. Hi, details below Toyota Auris 2007 (57) D-4D turbo diesel 2.0 litre Manual, front wheel drive Keyless entry & stop/start 60000 miles Air con 5 door Approx value uk £6000 Oz value - they don't have the Auris listed but a Yaris which is smaller, is listed as £15190-£22290 Any ideas?
  10. thinkinofemigrating

    Anyone heading to Brisbane in 2013?

    HI - though we'd be heading out in 2014 but we've just been allocated a CO so looks like it'll be next year now. Very excited
  11. thinkinofemigrating

    175 Lodged April 2012

    Hi all Glad to see a 175 thread we lodged on 4th April, and got a case officer allocated last week. Was very shocked, glad to see its happening to others too. Very quick processing when I was expecting a 12 month timescale.
  12. Hi - is this still true if you're not married??