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  1. 457 To PR

    Hi Convict, Thanks again , i'm looking for 175 skilled independent subclass category , again the same question bounces back, do i need to intimate my employer before processing PR ? as this is a skilled independent category ?
  2. 457 To PR

    Hi Convict, Thanks for your reply, but I'm wondering that though i have decided to go via GSM for my PR process, why should i need to intimate my employer to decide on the type of PR ?
  3. 457 To PR

    Thanks a lot guys for your continuous help, Now that we are applying for a PR independently (GSM), do i need to notify my employer who sponsored our 457? Will it be an issue if i don't notify and proceed.
  4. 457 To PR

    Thanks a ton everyone... Could you please let me know the things to get started for applying a PR.. IELTS, etc. Also please advise whether i should attend any classes to take IELTS and also the list of forms i need to fill up and submit
  5. 457 To PR

    Hi Thanks a lot for your suggestion,i have decided to go individually,Could you please suggest which category would be more apt for a PR, is it skilled independent or a Regional sponsored ?
  6. 457 To PR

    Thanks... Could you guys please suggest whether applying for a PR thru a migration agent is better or applying independently is better
  7. 457 To PR

    Thanks sid, i have signed the job contract for an year.. can i go ahead and apply without intimating my employer.. is it better to apply independently or thru a MARA, please suggest.
  8. 457 To PR

    Hi Guys, Me & my husband have 457 visa and due to arrive in oz.. can we apply for a PR before the stipulated 2 years(i.e) after worked with the same employer. If so we need to go thru any tests or requirements ?and in case we are applying for PR, can we apply independently or with the help of MARA Agent. Thanks.Regards,Domli
  9. 457 Dependent work restrictions

    Hi Guys, Days back we got the 457 visa and due to travel to oz in couple of weeks. Now the only concern is, the visa has '8107- Work limitation' condition and is this really going to affect me? 1. Am planning to work for another employer on a 457 Dependent Pass, will this still work? The limitation mentions If the visa was granted to allow the visa holder to be employed in Australia by a particular employer, the visa holder must: continue to be employed by that employer; not work for any other employer; not be self-employed; and not undertake any work that is inconsistent with the purpose of the visa. Thanks
  10. Thanks Quoll for your inputs.
  11. 457 Dependent work restrictions

    Thanks a ton RockDr.
  12. Hi All, We are moving to oz in April and the sponsor is offering around $70,000 per annum. Is this amount good enough for a family of two in Melbourne? Also it would be highly helpful if you can provide your suggestions for the below 1. Can i get a 1 bedroom apartment in the city for $350 - $400 Per week (furnished / semi furnished). 2. Is it advisable to stay in a suburb, if so could you please the safest and bit cheapest suburb (my hubby's work place is Collins Street in the city). 3. Should we really approach a Real Estate Agent to search an apartment or to look out on our own. Hope you can help us out here.. thanks a ton.
  13. Hi Guys, Me and my husband are migrating to OZ by next month and we are in the process of getting 457 for my husband and dependent for me. I've browsed a lot of sites and in them i can see that a dependent can work in Australia. Now there are some confusions which i think only this forum can answer 1. Will i be able to work full time in any organization with a 457 Dependent Visa ? 2. Can my husband's visa sponsor object the fact that i should not be able to work on a Dependent visa ? Awaiting your responses... Cheers, Domli