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  1. Avoid St.Kilda it is an absolute dive hole.Very dirty and the beaCH IS A DISGRACE.
  2. dizzydi

    Moving to Perth in June

    Hi we as a family are going to melbourne, my family is ok.But when my husband tells his mom and dad it will be very different, my fatherin law has already made it clear he is not going to fly.Oh well his loss, and has for my mother-in-law she has never let the apron "strings go.No you are not alone, My advice keep positive and keep focused.
  3. Hi i have been offered a job with woods, i was over last year with my family and paid woods a visit .I am very impressed with them.I wanted to know if you still work for them, and if you are happy?What did they offer you on the pay structure?As what they have offered me compared to working in perth, their offer seems low.You can earn between $60,000 and $100,000 a year in perth.And my position is that i have been a panelbeater for more than 21 years +. The point crook area is where hopefully we will be living.Regards
  4. Hi does anyone know if this company are a reptuable company to work for? Is there anyone out there who works for them or at least can comment if worked for them in the past?
  5. Does anyone know what a good yearly wage would be for a highly skilled panelbeater in melbourne.As my husband has been offered a job in melbourne.The company are offering $52,000 aus dollars.Yet when i look in perth it ranges between $60,000 $100,000. Thanks hope somone can respond soon.
  6. Hi to everyone, my husband has been offered a job in melbourne.To go over on a 457 visa, a recruitment company is working alongside the company to process and sort out our visa.We are paying them a first lot of fees to send off with his contract, and then a second lot of fees when visa will be processed.The company have been great with my husband, as he has turned the position down twice, and we visited australia dec 2011 for 3 weeks to have a vacation and meet up with the company .They still want to offer him the job.They have been very impressed with my husband and us as a family. When we were over in oz, we started off in cairns did great barrier reef, then the goldcoast, then melbourne then sydney.My husband is a panelbeater.We would prefer to arrange a full residence visa, rather than go over on 457, as at a later date we would have to apply again and have medical fees and everything else.We would also feel secure in doing it this way especially moving over with 2 children, seven and four.The agency and the company know we have a house to sell, and they have said would be prepared to delay visa, so as this is the case i felt would be better to do the full residence visa.I am just in the process of asking them if ok for us to do this considering they have said they are prepared to wait for my husband.I know it takes longer to do it this way but it would make us feel a lot more sercure for when we are over in oz.Has anyone been in a similiar situation as us? It seems that i have a good position with me being a sales executive, there is a lot of work in melbourne. Also this agency is going to arrange for us also details of the properties that we could be living in.I like an area called point crook, seems very family friendly, does anyone know of this area or what other areas would you reccomend when living not far from melbourne.Cheers for any info xx