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    6 wks to go! ( Feeling very nervous)

    Hi My husband, myself and our 3 yr old have moved to Melbourne just 6 months ago, having never been to Australia at all. We sold up in the UK and just went for it, having no plans to return! For me its been an attitude and state of mind. Its different here, lots of things I prefer as my lifestyle fits here, I love been outside, walking, cycling, running, horse riding and I enjoy doing all of this in much better weather here!!! I feel my little boy can be a kid here, starting school later, playing in the sea and sand for the last 6 months. But we came here with the mind set that this is "home" it will work, and I will throw myself into everything and anything, yes I miss friends/family but I try to remind myself of what I love here. I had loads of ..omg what are we doing!!! but I can honestly say I have not regretted making the move, just wish I came sooner! Its a fabulous place to live. Enjoy x
  2. JoP

    Families who have recently moved to Melbourne?

    Hi Missylodge Hello and welcome to Melbourne, its a fab place, we love it too. We have been here since November last year and are enjoying every minute. We live near Berwick in the South East Suberbs. We too have a 3 1/2 year old little boy, so let me know if you are around and we could meet up. :-))
  3. JoP

    The Reality of living in Australia ...?

    Hi Seaneylad I can't comment on the job front i'm afraid as its not my line of work. We have been living in Melbourne for 5 months now, and i'v read a lot of replies to your questions saying " its the same as the UK, work, shopping, paying bills, etc ...... I really understand what your asking .. the simple things in life, sitting outside, walking the dog in the sunshine etc. Every state is very different in Oz, so I can only comment on Melbourne but we arrived in Novemeber, and I put my shorts on and i'm still sat here now in my shorts 5 months later! The heat here isn't horrendence and I spend 90% of the time outside, early morning running, dog walking, sitting out eating breakfast, evening meal. We work hard, just the same as you would in the UK, and of course you have to do the shopping, pay bills, but for us every weekend is a holiday, so much to see and do for FREE because of the nice weather, picnics in the park, beach. So to answer your question, yes I do think Oz can offer you more than the UK for the lifestyle you enjoy. The only things I would think about are: Your job here would need to be at least 1.5 - 2 times the salary in the UK as cost of living is more expensive and been in a completly different place, you don't want to be skimping and have no money for going out, as you need to be able to socialise to meet people. Check out Seek.com for jobs, it may give you an idea of what you can expect. Lastly, leaving your family especially if you are living at home, it will be a massive change, but hey, you are young, no ties, life is too short, do your research, with an open mind and friendly smile you can do anything. Good luck JO P
  4. Hi Parleycross Iv PM you Thanks Jo
  5. Hi all I need 4 models for a free cut and finish at Rokk Ebony in South Melbourne this Monday, during the day. I need to show them my skills so I can become one of their top stylists. I have been hairdressing for 15 years in City Centre salons so don't worry, you will not get a dodgy cut:laugh: I need: A short pixie cut ( like Emma Watsons) A chin length bob Someone with long hair that wants a trim and styling A guy who needs a choppy cut (no Clippers) Please inbox me for more details Thanks everyone xx
  6. JoP


    Hi Sarah Iv only been here a few months, but having that pang of homesickness probably always raises its ugly head no matter how long you have been here. Congratulations on the baby, I can imagine this is hard and makes you feel even further away. It sounds like you have a fabulous Fiancé who understands you, you need to make the most of him and don't bottle any thing up. Maybe once your parents have set a date to come over that will ease things, and although friendship take years to build, I'm sure you have met some lovely friends here, again lean on them I'm sure they will be their for you. I hope this cheers you up a bit, you have family that loves you and a baby and Fiancé to hold you together, concentrate on all the little things you love here, the blue sky, the gorgeous ocean, I know it can't replace the hug of your Mum, but that will hopefully come soon and I send a virtual hug ! Wishing you well through your pregnancy, and those hormones won't be doing you any favours at the moment. Take care Jo P
  7. JoP

    Do you recommend a reccie or just go for it?

    Hi All We moved to Melbourne 3 months ago having never stepped foot on Aussie turf. Many people in the Uk thought we where mad but we asked ourselves if a 3 week recci would change our mind, the answer was No as we both know it takes months to settle into a new area let alone country. We did so much research, we shopped in Coles on line for an idea of cost, we cyber walked most streets and areas where we thought we wanted to live, although this was easier as the choice was a 25min drive from OH new place of work. I know this isnt the same but even now I go to new places and think oh I saw this online!!! We sold up in the UK with the attitude of we will make this work and just throw ourselves in to this new place. Don't get me wrong its been hard at times but I don't know if a recci would make it easier?? Good luck to you and everyone who is coming out, it took us 18months to get our visa and as you all know, a boat load of life savings, I suppose we didn't want to waste the money of 3 flights to just ease our fluttery butterflies of uncertainty when although it was jumping in with both feet I was 99% sure we were doing the right thing for us. Lastly I just want to say we flipping love it !!!! Jo P
  8. JoP

    said alot of farewells today - awful day

    Hi Kellyjamie Im reading your post and its like rewinding 2 months for me. We did that in Nov, I had 3 days with family whilst my husband was at work saying goodbys before getting on the train and meet him at the airport ready to fly the following day. I was exhausted, emotional and felt very low and selfish for upsetting everyone. It was a relief when it was just us again as I could feel excited again. We have been here for 3 months now and I absolutely love it my parents are coming over in 2 weeks and my husbands parent come over in April. I really hope once they get here they will understand why we choose to move. Keep your chin up, you have done the hardest bits now. Enjoy your flight I loved it as It was so nice just to relax for a while after the frantic months we had before. xxxxxxxxxxx JoP
  9. JoP

    Narre Warren versus Berwick

    Hi We are renting in Narre Warren South at Berwick Springs just on the lake and its a lovely area here. Minutes from Eden Rise and 5k from Fountain gate. We looked at a lot of properties is Narre Warren, north and south and i prefere south, i noticed in alot of area which didn't feel as nice people parked on the grass verges and slightly more scruffy...... I wouldnt buy here though as other have said its a bit sprawl of new houses with every bit of land up for sale, after living in the country in Northumberland in the UK i thought middle suberbia is what we wanted .... im not so sure now, i cant get used to seeing houses out of every window, dont get me wrong beautiful houses manicured gardens lovely lovely area, perfect for renting until we decide what we want. The old village of Berwick has a lovely feel to it, bit the traffic around here is pretty busy and with all the new estates popping up it going to get worse, saying that i dont know enough about other areas maybe this is a problem where ever you live Merry xmas to you all xxxx Jo :xmas24: Just interested in what current residents feel are the pros and cons of living in Berwick versus Narre Warren and vica-versa. We like Berwick a lot, but you seem to get more property for your money in Narre Warren so would appreciate some view points on both. Also, are there any major differences between Narre Warren South, North or East. Thanks so much, Richard
  10. JoP

    To bring or not to bring???

    Hi we have just arrived so its very fresh in my mind. Firstly the houses are much bigger here so any extra furniture i would bring even if you replace it at some point. Most houses have wir (work in robes/ wardrobes ) so i would invest in chest of draws instead. Storage boxes are more expensive here and would be useful in the bottom of the walk in robes but remember no wicker. I would bring white goods and a few fridges will never go amiss. Bedding, duvet ( not feathers) pillows, towels are cheaper in UK if bought from tesco or alike. On the whole furniture, crockery, electricals are same as uk price wise we have found, the one thing i would bring are mattresses as we have found the cheapest to be for a king $500 im sure you can find cheaper in UK. Clothes are similar in price and just as nice, hope this helps sorry its a bit of a jumble, its a fab place and im sure you will love it. Good luck x
  11. JoP

    travelling alone

    Hi Steph Im probably not going to be much help I'm afraid. I have just emigrated with my hubby and 3 yr old, we are living south east of Melbourne, but I wanted to reassure you that it's a fab place, the people are very friendly and you are incredible brave but don't be put off, if your travels bring you my way please send us a message. Good luck, hope it all works out for you xx
  12. Just to let evryone know, we are having a get together at Wilson Botanical Gardens Berwick, Victoria on Sat 22nd Dec at 1.30pm at the kiddies play park for picnic/BBQ, everyone is welcome:xmas23:
  13. Hi We have been in Oz a week now, we are living in Monbulk in a serviced apartment but are looking for long term rental in Berwick, Narre Warren region. I am 35 and my oh starts work this week. We have a 3 yr old little boy and once we are sorted with childcare etc i will work part time but untill then im free any day or time if anyone would like to meet up. We are free as a family on a weekend and would really like to get to know some lovely people but im a bit billy no mates at the mo lol!!!! Thanks jo xx
  14. JoP

    Its all happening!

    Hello everyone Well we are now homeless and all our worldly belongings are making the long journey. We are staying with a friend till we fly on Saturday so it's lovely waking up and not having my long list of jobs to do. We had a leaven do last night which I really enjoyed and even managed a speech ! So this week it's saying goodbye to my family so I have a real sinking feeling, I'm not looking forward to it at all. It really doesn't get any easier, but this time next week we will be with you all. He he xxxx see you sooooonnnn x
  15. JoP

    Its all happening!

    Hi All Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, im just waiting for packers to arrive this morning and feel dare i say it quite organised, i will be glad when all the stuff goes as the house is a tip it driving me mad! Ben is very excited about going to a new home especially with the trampoline! Im starting to get a bit excited and i keep pinching myself because i cant believe its happening. We would love to meet up with everyone once we arrive im really looking forward to that bit, good food,wine, sun and nice people what more do you want xxx See you all soon wahooooooooo! Jo, Richard and Ben