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    Oz tax return from the uk

    Sorted Thanks Quickest Tax refund I've ever had!!!!! 5 Working Days!!!!
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    Oz tax return from the uk

    Hi Can anyone tell me We lived in Oz (Adelaide) from june 2013 -December 2013, on a 489 State sponsor visa. I want to submit a Tax return for myself and my hubby but not sure what to tick for.... Australian resident for tax purposes on the E-tax form...If I tick NO then they are saying we owe them money but if I tick YES they owe us....We were paying Tax and Supper so were we classed as a resident for this time????? Much appreciated if someone can tell me what I need to tick. Thanks in advance. Tracey
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    OZ tax return from the UK

    Hi, OK So Oz didn't work out for us and we are back in the UK We are trying to do our first tax return from the UK and the first hurdle we have come across is registering with the MyGov site. It asks you to provide a mobile number 10 digits long & beginning with 04 so they can send you an SMS, I am assuming this is for some sort of code? But as we are back in the UK we don't have our Australian mobile numbers anymore. Has anyone come across this before and if so how did they get round it!!!! I was going to ring them but if they are anything like the UK it will cost me a fortune lol We both need to do a tax return and our situation is pretty straight forward & thought maybe we could just do it yourself!! Or if this hurdle is going to be the start of many to come can anyone give us advice on who to use (if ya aloud to on here) (We went out to Adelaide on a 489) Any Advice We Thank You in advance.. Traceyandedd
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    OZ tax return from the UK

    Thanks Lady Rainicorn I will give it a go!!!
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    So many moving back to the UK!

    Hope your move back helps you decide whether you stay in the UK or go back to OZ..... I don't think either country is better or worse than the other just different in many aspects. once you've made that journey to OZ and come back you start to look at the good and the bad of both countries--I know I do! & this is what makes people Ping-Pong! (don't know how they afford it myself) sometimes one bite of the cherry is just not enough for people! Good Luck Helz980
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    Meet up.

    The Geordie R5 would definatley b up for it!!!!!
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    Never under estimate the pull back

    "It does surprise me also, how many people emigrate and yet have never visited a place in advance (as was the case with the couple above), so have no idea about the cost of living, the price of housing or even how much a litre of milk costs. If you are planning to move to the other side of the world, so far from everything and everyone you know, surely it would be a good idea to go and have a look at it first and find out whether or not you can actually afford the cost of living there?" Good comment! We came out here without doing a Recci first & I can honestly say I don't think I would have come back(for many reasons)....but what i would say is that your vision whilst on holiday is completely different to actually living in the reality of it all and the important thing may be overshadowed by this. We are a family of 5 and the cost of a Recci a posed to using that money to come out here and getting started, I do now wish I had done the Recci.......we have only been here since June and for us it has made us realise how important ageing grandparents and family are important in our children's lives, and what we had wasn't all that bad! It's a lovely post by the OP and a very realistic one for many of us. I would never say don't do it and honestly believe if you have an itch scratch it. You can do as much research as u like but nothing will prepare you for the emotional feeling you go through, throughout you journey.....
  8. Not sure how true this is,but I've known people turn their container round at the dock & sent it back to the UK and never paid duty on it! I've heard of items less than 12 months old u might, but lets face it how will they know if u use it a few times.... Maybe look it up again or ask on here as you may be staying longer than u need to......good luck
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    Hi any plumbers out there done the tradeset on vetassess? some of these things we dont do in the uk, i covered some of them 23 years ago at college but not since. can anyone tell me do i have to be able to do everything thats on the list for me to match the requirements? Thanks
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    Adelaide koala's

    We saw some at Belair National park at the weekend....
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    ACECQA req.

    Hi Kitty78 I hold a Foundation Degree Arts Children and Young Persons, I emailed the ACECQA team for advice on having my qualification assessed so that I can work in a early years setting/kindergarten at the same level as what I do here in the UK when I get out to Adelaide, and they advised me that I had to contact the overseas qualification unit in the state or territory you are going to, this is the link they gave me https://www.aei.gov.au/Services-And-Resources/Services/Assessment-of-Overseas-Qualifications/Who-can-assess-my-overseas-qualifications/Pages/StateandTerritoryOverseasQualificationsUnits(OQUs)contactdetails.aspx you just select the sate that's suits you and this is where you have you qualification assessed for levelling before you can apply for Early childhood educator as ACECQA require a certificate for this assessment. if you PM me your email I will send you the email,,, I think this is what they are saying from the advice they gave me and will be happy to send you it so you can read for yourself..... Nothing is straight forward as we have found out throughout our visa journey......... I hope this helps you, I will let you know when I get I reply from Adelaide skills for all, about my levelling enquiry..... traceyandedd
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    State sponsored 489 visa timeline

    OH applied on the 6th March2013 for is 489 SS SA, just waiting for CO so we can do Meds etc......I just hope it's not too long...xx
  13. traceyandedd

    State sponsored 489 visa timeline

    My OH hasn't done a points test either, like u said it's at your discretion, we thought the same you have to up load everything to prove your work experience, time in employment etc etc anyway, my hubby submitted his 489 on the 6th march 2013 so just waiting for a CO, hope we get a nice 1 soon......Good Luck!
  14. traceyandedd

    2 years on passport

    Hi Guys Soz if this has been asked b4 we are about to apply for our 489 visa & not sure if we need 2year on our passports for the aplication or the 2years on them for when you enter the contry?????? Can anyone please help!!!!! traceyandedd
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    documents needed to upload for visa 190

    Thanks mattybe Gr8 help traceyandedd
  16. traceyandedd

    documents needed to upload for visa 190

    Hi Mattybe Can i just ask once you uploaded all your documents for your visa did you then have to send the paper documents by post to verify what you had uploaded or was the uploaded documents all that they required?, just we are ready to click the apply button for our 489 and just trying to get as much info before we start,,,,, Thanks traceyandedd,
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    Childcare co-ordinator

    hi can I ask, did you pass your assessment, I'm just waiting on their reply......I have a level 5 in Childcare, not sure if I will pass the assessment but worth a shot as we need the 5 points for partner skills.....
  18. traceyandedd

    Partner Skills

    Thanks Rupert...
  19. traceyandedd

    Childcare Co-ordinator job info

    TRA, sent everything on the check list & they got it on the 12th Dec 2012, just waiting for their answer.......checking portal everyday now(sad I know)....... Tracey
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    Childcare Co-ordinator job info

    Hi Guy's I'm waiting to have my qualifications assessed for Childcare Centre Manager/Childcare co-ordinator & what i would like to know is if my assessment is possitive and i am successfull in getting a childcare job in victoria, apart from the necessary First Aid, Children checks etc, will i need to sit any other tests to prove or verify my qualification, or will i just be assessed with the employer?. Any advice would be gr8! Thanks Tracey
  21. traceyandedd

    Partner Skills

    hi Steve, you said above that "Your partner will have to get her skills assessed to be able to apply for a points test advice. Have I missed something here APPLY FOR A POINTS TEST ADVICE? What is this? I thought once you have the positive assessment you can just automatically claim the 5 points? We are doing this on our own so any advice would be great as I'd hate to claim these points & find I need something else to go with the assessment.... Kind regards Tracey
  22. traceyandedd

    Partner Skills

    Hi I'm just waiting for my assessment so that we to can claim the 5 points for partner skills, & i was just wondering does this mean i to have to do an IELTS test?...Just i have read different things like " if you hold a uk passport this wil do to prove competent English ?" can anybody clarify this please! Many Thanks Tracey
  23. traceyandedd

    plumbing in melbourne

    Thanks for getting back to me, it really doesn't sound so bad, I think deep down my hubby would be happy with a hassle free labouring job if the pay was right,,,lol we are not coming out there to have a lavish lifestyle, we just want to give our kids a better start in life and enjoy time as a family, something that is lacking for us here in the uk....... Really appreciate your advice, & watch out coz I might b after some more when we get out there...lol Thanks again Tracey
  24. traceyandedd

    plumbing in melbourne

    Hi fruityyaya, I was just wondering if you can give me a little update on your hubby's work situation, just we are hoping to come out to Melbourne this year, my hubby to is a plumber and we have heard mixed things about getting work out there as a plumber, he knows he will have to go to night classes to get his full licence etc,,,,,,, I hope to get my assessment back soon so we will both have a shot at getting work! ( I have a level 5 in Childcare), is it as hard as people are saying or have you just got to be open to options I.e labouring for a while..... any advice would by appreciated.... Thanks Tracey
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    Gap Training for plumbers

    Thanks for that, I suppose u can't knock them 4 looking after their own first( this Is what's wrong with our Country), I 2 have over 20 years experience and all I'm really tying to do is b optimistic about everything, I know extra training etc, etc, is needed & fully prepared to do it just need to b certain where's the best place uk or oz, I totally appreciate your advice, I will look on here thanks!