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    Health: Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Hi Caylin, I eventually got the visa, but the process of obtaining the clearance from a nephrologist, added at least 2 months to the process, after the case office had been assigned. So I suggest you start this process now. In the end, the doctor was very helpful and wrote an extensive and reassuring letter regarding my condition. But he did so only after requesting and getting the results of several lab tests (e.g. creatinine, ultrasounds, etc), on which he based his report. Note that I had not seen this doctor before, so he was not 'my doctor', hence the need for new tests. In the end, given all the tests were OK, he could write a good report with 'migration specific' wording, such as "I see no reason for not granting this man his visa". Also, he mentioned he does this "all the time", for various conditions, so you might ask beforehand if the doctor you go is familiar with writing reports for these sort of cases.
  2. wvoor

    Health: Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Vandeep, I just recommend you talk to your doctor and work with him to prepare a report. I should contain your history, current condition and prognosis. That's what I'm doing. I'll keep you posted of the outcome.
  3. Hello, I'm the secondary applicant of my wife's 175 visa. I've been diagnosed with ADPKD when I was 13. Blood tests since then have shown my condition has not progressed, which means there's little chance I will develop chronic kidney disease in the future. I'm in contact with my doctor to prepare a report stating the condition, current state and long-term prognosis. I've read a lot about health requirements and I'm aware that conditions like this can cause visa refusal, even if I may never need dialysis. Still, I would like to hear from people who have applied and had ADPKD (or similar conditions), and what was the outcome. I read other threads in this forum that mention polycystic kidney disease, but the outcome was not mentioned. I appreciate any information that may help us in increasing the chances our visa application will be accepted. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Will