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  1. Leanne Stevens

    Migration agent recommendations

    Hi Ceebs-x, I'm the director of Emergico, thanks for your comments, it is good to hear them and have a chance to respond. I can't look up to see your file without your proper name but if you want to PM me or email me, leanne@emergico.com I am happy to investigate. As others have said, it is very difficult at the moment to provide precise advice to anyone when most States are still closed for skilled migration; we are emerging from COVID and everything in migration is continually changing. In an initial consultation we can look at your situation and provide general advice, but of course that might change the following week, if you are not going ahead straight away. We would usually follow the initial conversation up with some factsheets about skilled migration, you should have received these, if not I can easily re-send to you. Due to the changes in the MARA Code of Conduct earlier this year, all registered migration agents are prevented from continuing to converse with a prospective client without a formal service agreement in place, this is for the protection of both clients and migration agents. I am not sure when you had your consultation, but maybe that was the case. If you do send me your details, I will take a look to see if there is any more current information we can send you which may assist with your queries. Regards Leanne Stevens ASM MARN 1171279.
  2. Leanne Stevens

    About to give up and head back

    That sounds like a tricky situation. There are probably lots of employment law issues here which you'd need to discuss with a specialist in that area. From a visa perspective, if you are on a 457 with an approved role description and occupation, and your employer decides to change your duties, they need to notify the Department and perhaps lodge a new nomination. The employer's other alternative I guess would be to make your position redundant, which would mean you'd have to look for a new employer.
  3. Leanne Stevens

    Parent Visa - 173 vs 884

    The 173 visa is an offshore one. So it will not have an associated bridging visa. The 173 is associated with the 143. You might consider the 864.
  4. Leanne Stevens

    Can I include my stepson on PR189 visa?

    Hi KangaKit, unfortunately I don't think this will be possible for you. A child can be a member of the family unit up to 23; as long as they are dependent. Once your visa is granted, you could only assist him through family sponsorship if you live in a regional area and he has an occupation which is available on a list of in-demand occupations.
  5. Leanne Stevens

    Newbie with lot of questions

    Hi Sonia, I'm a bit confused by your post. You are using an agent, and think you are being overcharged, but want to do it yourself? Yes, there are lodgement charges to be paid for the skills assessment (around $500 - 550 for ACS Skills Assessment) and visa ($3600 if you are the only applicant), and if you are using an agent they will also charge a professional fee for their time and experience. I don't think any agent here can advise you how to avoid rejection on the basis of an experience letter, the whole process is a little more complicated than that.
  6. Leanne Stevens

    Mistake on EOI - do I need to start again?

    There's no reason you have to lodge an application against an invitation. If you are concerned that the error is significant the most conservative thing to do would be lodge a new EOI and hope to be issued another invitation. You can have as many EOI's in the system at the same time as you like.
  7. Leanne Stevens

    Health declaration

    Hi, normally you would do health declarations and medicals after the visa is actually lodged.
  8. Leanne Stevens

    Videographer with sponsorship - Do I qualify as 'Skilled'?

    Hi Meagan, you are probly talking more about Sponsored Migration, the 187 visa requires you to be in a regional area; and for your employer to be employing you full time at a market rate of salary. So, casual or part time work would not meet the requirements. If you'd like to discuss your eligibility please don't hesitate to contact me, as there would be quite a few things that need to be looked at before anyone could assess whether your proposed employment might work for a visa.
  9. Leanne Stevens

    Medical timing?

    You're right, the visa has to be lodged first before the Department will look at the medical results, even though you can actually undertake the medicals before the visa is lodged.
  10. Leanne Stevens

    Prospective marriage visa 47SP - online application

    Hi Mick - welcome to the complexities of online partner visas! Under the current system, the Sponsorship form cannot be completed until the Visa application is completed, lodged and paid for. So I suspect that's the reasn she is having trouble. Just concentrate on the Visa first.
  11. Leanne Stevens

    Converting 457 to PR

    Hi Newgirl, you might be eligible to apply for PR through the "Direct Entry" stream which does not require you to have worked for your employer for 2 years on a 457 visa. There are however additioal requirements - a skills assessment may be needed; and postgraduate work experience of 3 years also may be needed, depending on the type of visa. Alternatively there's no reason you can't go down the route of skilled migration (independent or state sponsored) if you are eligible.
  12. Leanne Stevens

    'Time served' eligibility for ENS 186

    I'd be getting a migration agent to assess your eligibility. If you've been working for the business the whole time, and the overseas trips were directly relevant to your nominated occupation, and you were paid your salary while away, it's likely they would be counted as time worked for this purpose. However these situations are assessed on an individual basis.
  13. Leanne Stevens

    'Time served' eligibility for ENS 186

    Can I ask who has told you this?
  14. The occupation of Medical Administrator is Skill Level 1 and VETASSESS Band A, which means you need a highly relevant degree and at least one year of postgraduate work experience; for a chance of a skills assessment. It's a position which would normally be in charge of a health facility such as a Director of Medical Services or a Director of Nursing. I suspect the work you may have been doing could be more along the lines of administrative support in the medical industry, is that correct? I don't believe the course you mention would give you appropriate qualifications for being a medical administrator as per the ANZSCO definition.
  15. Leanne Stevens

    Appropriate visa for work shadowing/experience

    You could consider the eVisitor visa under the Business Visitor stream - this would not allow him to work but would permit "business visitor activities" which could include attending conferences, meeting with prospective employers, visiting workplaces etc. But he would need to be careful that he was not doing anything that was considered work.