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  1. Hi, Have a feeling this is just going to be a quickie! My financial planner in Australia has given me paperwork to start the transfer of my UK STATE pension to an Aussie Super. Whilst looking up the pros and cons of going ahead with this, I've come across a few web sites that say the UK State pension CAN'T be trasnferred to a Super. Is this right?? If it can be transferred, are there any advantages of doing this? I'm (only!) 40, so won't be recieving the state pension for a while! thanks!
  2. eggwise

    Tortured for bed wetting.

    That is totally shocking. How awful. 4 years is no way near enough.
  3. eggwise

    Lovely Weather today in Melbourne

    Loving the weather in Melbourne today!! An absolute pleasure to hang the laundry on the line! my pleasures are simple!
  4. Hi Everyone! Haven't been on here for a while as my laptop has been playing up! Just thought i would add an update to say that ...... MY VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!!! I got my approval email on Wednesday 15th from AB which was totally unexpected as my CO LG was on holiday. So it was approved in good time for our flights which I booked after talking to LG. My husband to be is on his way from melbourne (as I type) to come and pick up myself and my boys and we all fly back together this Friday night!!! We haven't seen each other for 7 months!!! Good luck to all visa applicants still waiting or going through the form filling process! It's a long, hard slog....but you'll get there in the end! Now where is that spreadsheet so i can add my stats??!!! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks so much guys! I'll leave the batteries in the toys! :biggrin:
  6. This may be a stupid question as the blurb from Crown states that you have to "remove batteries from any games, toys and electrical equipment." I've taken AA's etc out of the kid's toys, clocks, remotes etc... but what about those piddly LITTLE batteries that are included in some toys when you buy them??? Eg....toy planes, power ranger stuff...you know...the kind of toys that have "sound effects" and flashing lights. I've tried to remove the batteries out of these...but they are a pain and some of them i just can't remove. Please help....it's driving me nuts :twitcy:
  7. Well done you! That must have been one hell of a job!
  8. eggwise

    Migrant Fares and Baggage Allowance!

    I agree, i think the qantas freqent flyer points system is great. My other half who is in Oz has them linked to his credit card also. We plan to do lots of inter-state travelling, so it all adds up.
  9. eggwise

    Migrant Fares and Baggage Allowance!

    I thought I would add a little update.... I have now booked our flights with Qantas but I have booked the standard one way ticket and NOT the migrant tickets. I spoke to a lovely chap at Qantas customer services who explained that I would be better off doing that as their excess baggage charges have now changed. So instead of paying £1,000+ for an adult one way migrant ticket with 40 kgs allowance, I've booked standard one way flights for around £750 each with 23kgs allowance and a charge of $95 for each extra bag up to 23kgs. i reckon i've saved £1000+ over the 4 tickets. Also, the migrant fares have to be booked over the phone so there would be a booking fee to add too. Another bonus was that i used my 105,000 frequent flyer points to part pay for the tickets....saving another few hundred pounds!!! i hope this update has been helpful to someone :biggrin:
  10. eggwise

    Limited to toiletries in your luggage?

    I agree with Snifter. I'm shipping things like shower gel, shampoo, body creams etc as I have stocked up. Going to take my expensive face creams in my main luggage just incase they are affected by high temperatures. I haven't heard of any restrictions in the main luggage though.