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  1. Hi Moving to Melbourne, Do you know of any way to get skills recongised before leaving England? TAFE seem to need you in the country, they have advised going through vetassess but working holiday visas dont come under the criteria.. Many thanks Jamie
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    Transferring Carpentry Skills??

    Hi all! I will be coming to Australia on a working holiday visa in 6 months time but intend to stay longer if it is everything it is made out to be! I am trying to get my skills transferred so they are recognised but so far all i can find is vetassess trade ocupations.. this suits me well other than i do not meet the migration criteria as i am on a working holiday visa.. If anyone has had a similar problem and has found a solution, or has any advice on the matter please get back to me. Any advice will be very much apretiated Many thanks Jamie
  3. Hi All! I will be coming to Australia in a years time firstly to travel and then hopefully to settle and work as a carpenter. I have a level 3 NVQ and will have 5 years experience. I have been told I need a certificate 3 in order to get sponsored but would like to know if it is essential to pay the £2000 he asked for to get the new qualification or if I will be ok with what I have? Any advice will be hugely appreciated! Jamie