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  1. I know we are not doing adverts but Concept Australia in Manchester have people who have worked "the other side". Also try http://www.dcielts.com/ or if you haven't already buy an ielts book cheaper from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/search?searchTerm=ielts+&search=search Don't give up. fight the system. You still have a bit more fight in ya.....you're a Brit !! :notworthy:
  2. jkirk

    Recession(for anyone coming now)

    You wanna be here in the UK mate!! The UK is going to hell. With open borders, a lot of the youth (not all) barely educated or not wanting to be, not wanting to work because it is easier not to (not all) and with no social skills (not all) ; and no real excuses really ! We have East Eurpoeans highly qualified that are doing low paid jobs because our unemployed think it is below them and want to be unemployable (not all). We are giving cash to everyone but UK and let anyone in the drain the NHS and Welfare System without any chance they can put something back in the pot. If you presented the UK and balance of payments as a business idea in the Dragons' Den they would laugh you right out of the room......... "Well I've got this idea!! You just give me millions of cash, I'll spend it on anything I like without letting you know and if I make lots of wrong decisions well just give me more millions of your lovely cash to do it all over again." "What do you mean there is no business in my idea?!!" "Talk you through the numbers? Never mind that, just give me £100 million to start with and I'll throw it up in the air in the High Street and see where it falls, then ask for more when it's all gone. Sounds good to me!! Exit strategy. No you're b*gg**ed mate!!!!" "Ring the IMF" FFS.Well soap box rant over but you get the idea. :mad:
  3. jkirk

    School zone query - help!

    Hi, I hope this helps. I was sent this by the school. http://www.berwicksc.vic.edu.au/administration.html#zone
  4. Thank you for that. Notary for Nurses charge a flat fee including postage by Special \delivery of £60. I will look into local Notaries/Solicitors as NFN is based in Twickenham. Thank you for your quick replies!!
  5. Hi all, We are in the process of sending everything to AHPRA for my wife's nursing registration. As we have to notarise everything, I have come across NOTARY FOR NURSES here http://www.notaryfornurses.net/ Does anyone know if they are worth using? Has anyone used them or heard of them? :embarrassed: Any help would be welcome!! Thank You!! :biggrin:
  6. jkirk

    Medicare - How does it work??

    Thanks for that. Great to keep when copy & pasted into a Word doc. Cheers.
  7. jkirk

    Help! Can someone please tell me where to live??

    Hi all, We are a family of 4 and my wife will be working at a hospital so we don't want to be too far away. Our relatives live in Geelong,Rye and Rosebud, so we would want to be about an hours drive from them. We also want to rent a nice house between $300 and £400 a week and be near all the usual amenities, including good schools for a 13 and 17 year old. After some research, so far we are looking at Berwick or Cranbourne. If anyone has any advice, we would welcome this!!! Many thanks and a great big thanks to everyone on PIO for all the useful posts, links and information. Go PIO................!!!! John
  8. jkirk

    Pet Shipping Quotes

    You clown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wind your neck in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. jkirk

    Moving to Victoria

    Hi Lyndsey, Welcome to Poms in Oz. There are another threads here specific to visas and I am sure someone will be along soon who know more than I do. But in the meantime here are a couple of links, which may help: http://www.emigrationgroup.co.uk/australia_employer_sponsored_visas.php http://www.emigrationgroup.co.uk/australia_employer_sponsored_visas.php I came across these links from an advert in the March 2012 copy of "Australia & New Zealand" magazine, which we bought yesterday. Tesco and WH Smith have this magazine. Good luck with your research and intended move.
  10. jkirk

    Health: Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Hi Will, My wife and I are in a similar position as wr have both had kidney transplants. Check out a post in the Migration Issues forum entitled " Health issues - Would I pass a medical ?" This may give you some anwers. Good luck. John
  11. jkirk

    Dear friends, sad news i am afraid ......

    So sorry for your loss.
  12. jkirk

    Wanted Down Under - OMG they want us

    Hi Debbie, Great news. Hope it goes well and look forward to seeing you on TV next January; watching from Worsley just down the M62 from you... We are planning to come out to Melbourne within 18 months. My OH is a Nurse and we have family in Melbourne. Lots to do yet, keep us all updated on your progress and good luck. John and Tracy
  13. jkirk

    3 months in Melbourne, couldnt be happier!

    Thank you Geoff. useful info again which makes the planning adn research all that easier. Thanks again. John
  14. jkirk

    Which Health Insurer??

    My wife and I are both recipients of kidney transplants which are working well!! We are considering coming from the UK to Melbourne within 18 months on my wife's 457 with our 2 children. As we have pre-existing conditions and may need dialysis again in the future, it is important to get the right Health Insurance. After receiving some great info on PIO I spent most of today online researching different providers and sending emails for clarification. I was looking at the cheapest but best value for a family of four. So here it is for anyone that is interested but particularly those that it is relevant o or for those that have other pre-exisiting conditions. 12 months waiting period for any pre-exisiting condition (those diagnosed within 6 months of application for the insurance) Waiting period are usually no more than 12 months Decide upon the excess you would pay before the insurance kicks in (just like car and house insurance in the UK) Ranges from $Zero, $250 and $500 - The higher the excess the lower the premium Following several trial quotes: I went on iSelect to do a comparison and they came out with Australian Unity. Australian Unity (Thanks Cal2) Overseas Visitor $ 155 per calendar month online quote. (Still waiting to see if they confirm that this covers Dialysis Edited: It does not - unlike the Life Choice Plan below) Edited: NOW CONFIRMED AT $950 PER QUARTER which is higher - the same as iSelect Edited: LIFE CHOICE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PR Australian Unity Life Choice Plan (excluding Extras and Obstetrics cover) $195 per calendar month MediBank with a $300 excess will cover Dialysis under their Premium Cover Top 85 Plan but was around $500 per calendar month Hope this is of some us and is relevant but by no means do I claim it to be advice or totally comprehensive !! John :wink:
  15. jkirk

    Melbourne .. arrived at last :)

    Hi Julie and Steve, Fantastic post - glad you have been pleased with the move so far. We are hoping to come within 18 months and although that sounds like a long time I am sure it will not be long before it is just round the corner. Keeps us all updated and have a great time and I hope you settle well. John and Tracy :biggrin: