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  1. toOZ2012

    173 to 143 timeline and costs help

    The waiting time is getting ridiculous. I feel like they'll introduce a visa similar to "Parent Retirement Visa" in NZ with high entry requirements.
  2. toOZ2012

    Retirement visa options

    Asking for someone: With the 405 closed. What options exist for someone over 65 with no family ties in Australia. I am aware of the PIV/SIV options but they can't afford those visas.
  3. toOZ2012

    Contributory parent visa questions

    Out of the $100k, you'll get about $14k(with interest) back after 10 years. During the 10 year period, they will have access to Medicare and "urgent" assistance from Centrelink. Best thing to do is for them to start renting even if it is get a feel for the area. Will they be working? As others have said, look into the First home owner grant in your state. Find a good mortgage broker to help with the tricky mortgage situations, there are ways around it but may involve good incomes, significant asset base, low lvr and/or you jumping on the application. Good luck.
  4. toOZ2012

    AoS Delays

    Centrelink is seriously inefficient in processing AoS applications, It took 4 months plus two trips to the local office and 2 calls to the central office to escalate the issue and finally get the phone interview done. If you have an active AoS application and it's been more than 12 weeks, start chasing it up.
  5. toOZ2012


    Just curious: Between April 20th and when the bill was dropped sometime in October. Did DIBP ever stop accepting new citizenship applications?
  6. Does anyone know what has happened to the new temporary parent visas that were supposed to be introduced in November 2017? I am not sure If I am looking at the right link but this says the bill is "Not proceeding"
  7. toOZ2012

    Parents Visitors Visa (long stay)

    Have to apply for a 1 year stay tourist visa. In most cases, they can only stay for 12 months in any given 18 month window.
  8. Anyone happen to know realistic waiting times for Centrelink to process an AoS application? I was told 8 weeks! Does it change from state to state? I am in WA.
  9. If you don't mind me asking, which state did you end up in? Metro or Regional? Congratulations on your move here. For those of you looking for good health insurance on a 405 visa, HCF is a good choice - for about $200/month the policy is the same as the people on 457 (work visas) get
  10. toOZ2012

    SBS reporting on new temporary parent visa

    Wouldn't medical evacuation cover for these scenarios?
  11. toOZ2012

    SBS reporting on new temporary parent visa

    This seems like a fair visa. A bit expensive but not really in the grand scheme of things and non-monetary benefits they bring to their (grand)kids here. Of course there is a pathway to a permanent residency. It's called a contributory parent visa. I bet this visa also comes with a "No further stay condition" so that people don't come over on this visa and apply for the 30 year parent visa to get bridging. Immigration very well knows that they can't enforce mandatory health insurance so kids being a guarantor, albeit harsh, is a good way to enforce that there is sufficient cover and no one gets caught with massive medical bills. The no work rights is a good decision not because they shouldn't be allowed to work but simply because Australia is very ageist. It's bloody hard to land decent jobs for someone in their 60s or 70s and starting fresh here. Having work rights, will create the illusion of "I can simply get a job to support myself and not be a burden to my kids" but the truth is there are not that many jobs for old(er) people to go around especially when the visa quota is 15,000 a year. Come November and this visa becomes official, I've a bad feeling that the 2nd VAC on CPVs will increase significantly given the PC's report/suggestion to double it to start and then keep increasing. Overall, a welcome pathway especially for parents who don't meet the balance of family test and/or can't afford huge CPV costs just yet.
  12. toOZ2012

    Class 143 parental contributory visa

    My post says it's 36 to 40 months from now. How did I come up with that number? They are currently processing applications from end of September, 2014. June,2015 is another 9 months but it's never so linear, so I gave you a range based on my experience following the processing times for the last 4 years. It's a guideline only.
  13. toOZ2012

    Class 143 parental contributory visa

    The processing time mentioned in the status email is for an application to be picked up by the CO or rather all applications to that date have been allocated to one. Once it is assigned, the final steps begin(Medicals and PCCs (if not already done), AoS, 2nd VAC and visa grant) If you lodged in June, 2015 then the likely time before your application gets picked up is about 36 to 40 months from now. Have to hang on tight or just get a long term visitor visa and start "visiting" here.
  14. toOZ2012

    Contributory or non-contributory aged parent visa

    I could be wrong but you can go from non-contributory to contributory parent visas but not the other way around. If you apply for the onshore non-contributory visa then you MAY get a bridging visa to stay here while the application is being processed but the current times are ridiculous so that means staying on a bridging visa and it's restrictions for a long time to come. Also there is talk/speculation about significantly increasing fees for contributory visas so if you have a change of heart 2 years from now then you may be up for much higher fees.
  15. toOZ2012

    Citizenship Question

    You get the citizenship certificate at the ceremony (Unless the person that signs your certificates before the ceremony is unavailable for some reason - was reported by a forum member in one of the threads). You then use the certificate to apply for a passport. Waiting a week before heading to the post office should be plenty, in my experience anyway.