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  1. Doesn't sound daft at all Joseph. Moving to the other side of the world is a pretty big decision - i think anyway. Its the upping and going without a job to go to that scares me. From reading posts on the forum it seems some people find work fairly easily and others don't. For me its one thing to go with a job, find out you don't like it and come back. Its another to go without a job, find you can't get work/are in the wrong place to get work, etc., and come back broke...!
  2. Thank-you cshowell for such a thorough and comprehensive reply! If only I could do the same! I'm not too worried about meeting friends at the moment, my main concern is picking the right location, finding somewhere to stay, and then a job. I too prefer my own space but without a job, and so no idea of income, would be reluctant to commit myself to a rental agreement. What if I don't like the location? What if I can't find work? I'd then need to be able to move somewhere else. I don't know. Maybe its a case of pick somewhere and, as you say, give it your best shot! And you're right, commit to it! Thanks
  3. Hi all, I've been looking at moving out to Australia for some time now but am struggling with where to start. I've noticed a lot of the posts on the forum are from couples or families and/or where someone already has a job offer before they leave so have a destination in mind and an idea of income etc. Could anyone give me any advice on moving out alone? Has anyone moved out or looking to move out without a job offer? If so, where have you/are you planning to stay (hostel/room/apartment)? Is a hostel or shared flat/house the only option? Any advice much appreciated.
  4. elp12

    Anyone emmigrated to Oz alone?

    I think that moving out with a job offer is probably easier than moving without. You'll know you'll be working, where you're working, can budget for and sort out accommodation, etc. That seems to be the hardest part! After that making friends should just fall into place. In my experience people are very friendly.
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    General Skilled Migration - Validity

    Thanks. Regarding the RRV though, to qualify, does the two years in five have to be continuous? And, if you haven't spent the two years there before the PR visa expires but wish to travel outside of the country, is it correct that you can just apply for the 3 month RRV?
  6. Please could someone advise on the terms and conditions of a Class VE subclass 175 Skilled - Independent visa. It is my understanding that the visa is valid for a period of five years until the date of expiry. Meaning that during this period the visa holder can enter the country as a permanent resident at any point provided that the visa has been validated within a year of the date it was granted. Does this mean that you have up to five years in which you can move out to Australia as a permanent resident before the visa expires or, must you be resident in the country for a minimum period of time within that five year period for the visa to remain valid? Thanks in advance.