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  1. We applied in March and my 309/100 was granted in 16 weeks! Once I was assigned a CO they asked immediately for medical and police checks. It was granted 2 weeks after. Your visa has to be activated within 12 months of the police check.
  2. Thanks CelinaOz ? All the pieces are falling into place. We have two different estate agents coming to value tomorrow. Fingers crossed it sells fast!
  3. Application for 309/100 on 23rd March 2016, Case Officer (N) assigned on 3rd June 2016, Medicals & Police Check requested(within 21days) 3rd June 2016. Medical undertaken 13th June (Manchester) and approved 14th June Police check requested 3rd June and received 18th June. All uploaded 18th June and submitted. Visa granted today, 15th July. 16 weeks and 2 days in total, or 3 months and 22 days! Relieved! I was careful to submit lots of information. We have been together 10 years and married for 7 years almost and have 3 children so that wasn't hard. I consolidated a lot into PDF so that I could really include a lot of good quality and relevant info for my visa. I am lucky I'm quite sentimental as providing the social side of things like invites etc wasn't hard. Roll on house sale! ?
  4. Not overly bothered about when visa is granted, preferably before october as thats when we want to leave(provided we can sell house). Would be nice to get it around 3 months, as it might hopefully start a trend of quicker visa grants.
  5. Hi, New poster on this thread. I applied for my 309/100 on 23rd March, and on 3rd June they have requested police check and medical to be underaken within 21 days.I have sent off for police check and medical will be booked on monday. Assuming everything goes to plan and their are no issues with either of the two. Do people usually receive their visa quite soon after the medical and police check have been approved. They asked for no further information in the email sent. If this is the case, we may also get a very quick visa grant, as we are currently only just over 2 months into our application..
  6. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Thanks Danny842003. That really helps...so took about 4 months or thereabouts? We will be quite upfront about the work to the roof and chimney and price accordingly. We will apply for our visa towards the middle of next year I think with the view to putting the house on the market around feb/march the following year. It helps to have a plan though and the house does need a bit of decorating doing here and there but nothing major. Can't wait till we get to visa stage! We have 2 children and need to sort there citizenship certificates and Aus passports too before that. It seems ages away, but I know it will fly! Good luck with your application and Aus travels :-)
  7. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Thanks northshorepom! You've given me a lot to think about there! The house needs work on the chimney and does not have gas central heating (fire powered backboiler can be used for radiators but we don't use it). It would simply cost us too much to do the work and it would need to be done in any event if we were to keep and rent it out. We just want to sell. We won't make a huge amount from the sale but a small amount to put towards our Aus nest egg. We are fortunate that once we get to Aus we will live with my husbands parents for a while so that takes the pressure off I guess, even if a sale hasn't gone through. But as you say, at the right price it should sell. I think as mentioned previously, we will wait until after a visa has been granted then at least we know there are no hold-ups there. Thanks to everyone for you input and advice :-)
  8. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Wow! That's fantastic! How exciting! We are in Halifax, West Yorks. We are going to price realistically when the time comes but we haven't even applied for the visa yet. Will have to drill it into my OH not to mention the words 'emigrating' or 'australia'...or the price might drop a few K's!
  9. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Hi folks :-) Please excuse me if this question has already been asked recently. I have done a search and nothing relevant appeared hence the new thread. We are looking at emigrating in a couple of years (OH is from Brisbane) to live with family. After researching a little it would seem opinion varies on when to put the house on the market when selling to emigrate. We live in a terraced house in Yorkshire and with the market being a bit more fluid recently up t'north I hope it won't take long to sell, when the time comes. We think that first time buyers and landlords will be the main interest. My main question is what area do you live and how long before you planned to leave did you put the house on the market and how quickly did it sell? Do you have any tips for me? I am starting renovations soon (I am a big planner!) as it's quite an old house but mainly just decor and replacing flooring in the works. Any advice appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  10. I am still in the UK and have recently started shopping at Aldi again after a number of years avoiding it. I used to hate the lack of choice and disorganisation of the place but now they have definitely come up in the ranks from those days. So ok, there isn't loads of choice like in a supermarket but that's what makes me spend way more than I need to anyway in a supermarket, so I am glad for that! The quality of their items surpasses the supermarkets here in my opinion and I now get most of my shopping at Aldi! They have also introduced in the past year hand baskets for those only wanting to pop in for a few goods so perhaps they will do it in Australia too. After visiting my husbands family a few times now (Brisbane) I think there is definitely plenty of room in the market for a bit of healthy competition. Everyone likes the opportunity to save!
  11. Great thread I just wanted to add TristanH, my husband and I met online December 2005. He moved over here after 7 months in July 2006 (has British born father so was able to get his own British passport). 6 years on and we are married with two children. Never been happier We ahave lived here in the UK for all of the 6 years but are planning on emigrating to aus in 3-4 years time once we have money saved etc. I am sure once you get out there in Australia you can begin your journey together Good luck pompombuckley
  12. 'Dead set awesome' hahahaha Fab I'll take a look. Thanks
  13. P.s. Snifter...I think the idea about starting a group for brits with Aussie partners would be a great idea!
  14. I agree Kapri....whilst it is 100% understandable and acceptable that family will be upset and find it hard to deal with and process their emotions surrounding the move, it is completely unacceptable to play on the emotions of a child! They won't be finding themselves in any position to get any sympathy behaving like that. That is not excusable whatsoever and I would tell my own mother that. As parents they should understand how protective their children are of their own and only want the best for them in life. No one is saying relatives and friends aren't entitled to be upset, confused and emotional, this is a given in most cases whether it is displayed or not. But being downright and out devious and manipulative is really not on and such people will not be gaining any fans. I hope your move goes ok poochibabes and all the best for your new life down under :biggrin:
  15. Thanks ozindublin. All this feedback really does help me. I think I have the mindset of 'I want to do it, so give it a go!' Life is too short. Good luck for your move back to oz. I hope it's everything you want for you and your family :em3600: Thanks Honourary Aussie :biggrin: Nice to know of someone in the same position. Have you got your visas etc yet? When do you plan to move? If it's ok with you, I think I'll keep in touch and track your progress :em3600: I will definitely be pm'ing you and tracking your progress snifter. You have been really helpful and honest. I am definitely one of those people that knows nothing is set in stone so to speak. Good luck :em3600: