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  1. Gayle1976

    Registered by AHPRA at last

    Hi, Just wondering why you thought they would refer you for a bridging course? Im waiting to hear from them and have limited experienced so thinking they may say the same to me Thanks and congrats!
  2. Gayle1976

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015?

    Hi Maria, We just moved out from the UK in march and are in Wurtulla which is near Dicky beach if you fancy a coffee/wine one day!
  3. I just saw this!!! Congrats!!! Not been on as been celebrating/organising flights etc!!! QLD here we come!!! eeeek exciting!!! When are you heading out and where are you off to? oh and just incase anyone doesnt know singapore airlines do a migrant luggage allowance of 40kg xx
  4. Got my visa through last night! Straight to the 100!! that's 9 months and 4 days! Totally happy and away to look at flights!! Hope everyone else that's due hears soon thanks for all the info and advice guys!! :-) x
  5. I still haven't heard anything either, fingers crossed we both do tmrw Whos your CO? mine is KP... there dont seem to be a lot of mentions of grants lately, Im wondering if lodging them last may they have a backlog with the may holidays... even so it shouldnt be huge surely xx
  6. we got a migrant agent who i've emailed this morning and this evening pointing out that 9 months would have been fri, he says he has chased it up but nothing so far... tad concerned when others are getting theirs before the 9 month mark! hopefully hear something tmrw . little one hasn't seen her daddy since the start of dec as his travel visa ran out on the 7th! nightmare... just want to get the flights booked
  7. Gayle1976

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Its confusing with 2 Gayles posting at the same time lol. I trained at Dundee uni. And the hours quoted are for aphra x
  8. Gayle1976

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    I tweeted them and emailed. The tweet and the email state diff total amount of hours (tweet 456, email 480) but I would go with the larger to be sure. Don't want to miss out for the sake of 24 hours. Also It states the equivalent of 3 months work, I had hoped to do some extra shifts as to speed up the process but it has to be done over a minimum of 3 months xx will dig out screen shots once I'm home for u x
  9. Hi! I'm also waiting patiently, haven't seen the OH since the start of Dec and the little one is missing her daddy! Applied at the start of may so hopefully not too much longer! X
  10. Gayle1976

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi just a wee note for those newly qualified - in regards to the recency of practice requirement where is states 3 months full time, this is 3 months of 40 hour weeks, not 37.5 like we do in the UK xx
  11. Wow! Good packing skills!! Thanks for letting me know xx