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  1. brucekerrhair

    Policing in Oz

    Hi I believe SA will or may be recruiting soon try contacting them! http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/jobs-careers/22544-sa-police-recruiting-uk.html

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    <p><p>Hi im just wondering if you ever sorted your visa out..im coming over on an rsms visa and is worried that if i have any problems my visa will be cancelled....</p></p>

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  3. brucekerrhair

    Visa status in the event of bereavemnet

    Hi does anyone know what would be the situation of the holder of an rsms 119 visa passing away, what would happen to the spouse on the visa if the main holder died? As its PR after two years would they still only have 28 days to leave the country? x
  4. brucekerrhair

    Pet Shipping Quotes

    ha ha 4 months my butt! try doing research before you advise anyone.. It is usually a month makesure you have her rabies injections etc as they are standard now (6 months from date of blood test ) what with the Uk being classed as non rabies free due to the introduction of the pet passport! Message me if you need any info we have just had our four cats done...
  5. brucekerrhair

    RSMS Visa please help.

    Hi I have an employer who is willing to sponsor me, an approved nomination and an approved TRA. Can anyone tell me if the employer decides to end my employment do i have to leave australia or have i got permanent residency? Many Thanks....
  6. brucekerrhair

    Totally Lost

    Hi i didnt say it looked DIRE, where i live is actually beautiful countryside. The situation is however DIRE for the UK and bleak. Btw Woolworths went bust! lol
  7. brucekerrhair

    Bringing 4 cats to oz but the law has changed...

    Hi all thanks for your help. I have four but each council is bringing out its own rules now. . limiting it to two and a permit for any more than two. Just worried if we did come over then we got refused a permit. its a hard one!
  8. brucekerrhair

    Totally Lost

    Hi, Im 32 and i live in the UK and to be frank things are DIRE. No ones got any money, everyones struggling. To see alight at the end of the tunnel for the UK is very slim.People i know with amazing experience and qualifications struggle to get basic jobs. If your so keen why dont you do 3 - 6 months here take a job break from oz and this will give you a realistic view of how things truly are. then you can make a decision.... Mandi
  9. Hi, my partner and i are emigrating to SA in july and have just noticed on a website the councils are limiting people to only having two cats and a permit if you have any more. Im very worried as if i bring them over and our permit gets refused what would I do? I would really appreciate any advice I could be given i have already posted on the poms in adelaide site. Does anybody know of anyone with more than two cats i wont be living in a mansion but will have a run for them outdoors.....im worried sick Mandi & Bruce