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  1. j9blossom

    moving to darwin

    Our average quarterly power bill is $900, we've had one as high as $1,300. I know of others who have regular bills even higher though. I guess it all depends on where you live, how much power you use, running a pool pump, air con, dryer, extra fridge/freezer, etc. Our most recent one was only $670 - this was a final bill for not quite 3 months as we moved house. But it was for more than 2 months, so I'm pretty happy with that one! Am hoping that our bills in our new house (different suburb) won't be too bad. We've just signed up with Telstra for broadband and phoneline and I think our plan (non contract) is around $70 per month? Higher set-up fees (first bill around $350), but the rest should only be around $70.
  2. j9blossom

    Just arrived in Darwin

    Yay! Welcome to the Top End! We've been here almost 6 months now and still loving it! (although the crazy season is coming up, I hope we survive! lol). We live in Palmerston (work in Winnellie). Great place, awesome people, did I say we love it here?! :cool:
  3. j9blossom

    clothes to wear in Darwin

    I don't think I've worn long sleeves since I've been here? (nearly 6 months now). T-shirts, more often singlet tops, skirts/shorts, sundresses (nice and cool!). It's starting to get more humid so it'll be hot and sweaty/muggy, possibility of needing to change clothes throughout the day! :cool:
  4. j9blossom

    Advice needed, moving to Darwin

    Are you just trolling to stir up trouble? Seriously, if you have nothing positive or constructive to say I think it's better if you.... Don't. I notice that you haven't been back on here since 2008, then all of a sudden you come back on and post a handful of negative comments about the NT. If you don't like the NT then don't come back, easy.... the rest of us who DO like it here will stay here and be happier :cool:
  5. Ohh, I haven't been getting email notifications to tell me that there have been replies! oops! Now that it's the sschool holidays, will it be harder for you to get away for a coffee? Or I wonder if there's somewhere that we can go and also take the kids? (I guess the new waterpark maybe? The kids can all play/swim while we sit at the cafe? I think there's a cafe there?....) How about this Wednesday? I'm only working 3 days per week during the holidays so will have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. I'll also see if "Whoopsadaisy" wants to join us. She's also Irish so you might feel 'at home' having a chat with her too. I've met up with her a couple of times so I'll text her and see if she's free :cool:
  6. j9blossom

    Where would you go?

    I would suggest Darwin as a good option (don't discount it going by what you might hear). It's a perfect time of the year to come now, there is huge growth happening at the moment and very easy to get a job if you are keen and able. We love it here, it's beautiful and the weather is fabulous. Admittedly we haven't been through the 'wet' season yet with the humidity, etc. But it's a got to be a heck of a lot better than the freezing cold winters (below 0 degrees!) that I'm used to...
  7. Shall we do a weekend coffee meetup one day then? Janine? Morgdots? :cool: (and anyone else too of course)
  8. j9blossom

    Advice needed, moving to Darwin

    Hi! We've been here for about 11 weeks now too (arrived on the 31st of March). It does seem as though we've been here longer though! We've settled in really well too. I can understand you feeling bored, I was the same when I was at home all day once the kids had gone to school. Lol. It felt 'wrong' just sitting around with not a lot to do. I've now found a part time office job while the kids are at school so not much time to be bored anymore. If I wasn't working every day I'd have said "let's go out for a coffee or something" during the day, but now I can only really do that after school with kids in tow :cool: (which would still be fine by the way! lol. ) If you want to meet someone 'real & adult' to talk to I'm more than happy to! I haven't met up with any friends for two weeks now, since I had a Tupperware party a couple of weekends ago, so am starting to feel a bit lonely again in the friendship department. I'll be working every day this week too but then hopefully only 3 days per week once the school holidays are here. Let me know if you want to meet up, either after school one day, or on a weekend, or some time in the holidays?
  9. j9blossom

    Advice needed, moving to Darwin

    Hi gals! Just popping in here in case I can help with any advice from the 'already in Darwin' side of things :cool: We live in Gunn which is also a suburb of Palmerston. My children (age 9 and 6) go to the nearest state school (it seems that all of the schools are zoned, ie if you live in Rosebery they go to Rosebery School, Gunn & Bakewell go to Bakewell School, Durack go to Durack School, etc ...) and they love it. The school day for them starts at 8:05am and finishes at 2:30pm. They don't learn a language that I'm aware of? They do have science, music & P.E classes. (my son loves being able to do Science!). Some schools do have their own websites, a good place to look for info about NT schools is also http://www.myschool.edu.au/ None of the schools seem to have pools which we were a bit surprised about. But Palmerston is due to have a huge new waterpark opening up next weekend! Just in time for the school holidays. These upcoming holidays are for 4 weeks too, probably due to it being the best time of the year for the good weather. If you are looking for rental properties, a good website is http://www.realestate.com.au (http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/in-palmerston%2c+nt+0830%3b+/list-1?source=location-search ). I must admit I'm not looking forward to the wet season either! Just make sure you get a house and a vehicle with good airconditioning!
  10. j9blossom

    moving to darwin

    oh sorry Janine :unsure: , I wasn't trying to argue with you or anyone else who had commented - just giving info on our situation so far. I agree, with 3 children (depending on ages) childcare cost (or after school/school holiday costs) won't be cheap. Plus I'm not sure what the deal might be with school fees? I wasn't saying that she 'would' be able to afford it, I was trying to point out that we are 'managing' on a 'not huge' single income at this stage :cool: But yes, it is a huge move to make and if you don't do all of your research and ask plenty of questions first then you may end up making the wrong decision in moving here. You can always go back again but that is more $$ too....
  11. j9blossom

    moving to darwin

    To give another perspective - we have been here nearly 6 weeks now. We brought nothing over with us except a suitcase each of clothes and a few toys for the kids. At this stage I'm not working (but do intend to be soon, for now I'm doing some volunteer work). My husband is on a wage not far different from what yours will be and we are managing. We will get assistance from Centrelink but nothing happens quickly around here and we're still waiting for it all to be processed (I'm told we should get it back-paid anyway). We don't have thousands of dollars still sitting in the bank to keep us going, but we're also not struggling yet either. (and certainly hope not to!) We live in a suburb of Palmerston called Gunn, we pay $470 per week rent (which is pretty good! We're in a nice basic 3 bedroom house, not flash but certainly not at all grotty). We have two school age children and they both go to the nearby primary school. They are happy there and enjoy it and I've had no problems. I've met very friendly locals and have already been invited to things and included in outings. We bought furniture 2nd hand from a website called Gumtree. (http://www.gumtree.com.au - search for Darwin items). The only thing we did buy brand new for ourselves was a mattress! (on sale too which was good) My husband did also find a brand new dining table from Harvey Norman which was significantly marked down due to a few minor scratches as it was a floor model. My hubby also found us a 2nd hand car for a few thousand dollars. It's definitely nothing flash but for now it gets us around. We plan to upgrade it once I'm working and we have more spare $$. Good luck with your move plans! It's lovely up here! A bit muggy at the moment (not entirely 'normal' for this time of the year) but it's so nice to not be have a freezing cold winter! :cool:
  12. j9blossom

    Job market in the NT

    Hi Sarah. We arrived around midnight on the 31st of March, so we have been here almost 5 weeks now :biggrin: I love it here actually. The people are friendly, the weather is great (you won't complain of being cold!), there is a great 'feel' about the place. My husband already had a job lined up before we came over. Both of our children (age 9 & 6) have started school and are enjoying it. I have yet to find a job but thankfully we aren't too desperate for me to get one. I've only applied for one so far. There are plenty of others to apply for but I'm enjoying/making the most of my time to not be working :cool: (I'm currently looking at the online job ads to see what else I really should apply for this week, just so that I can at least have some 'options'). We live in the 'satellite city' of Palmerston which is about 20 or so mins drive from Darwin itself. (though still classed as being in Darwin, really....). So far we have found something to go to/see every weekend since we've been here which is great! We've explored some of the shops, walked around the waterfront area and discovered the little lagoon there to swim in (free!) and also the recently opened wave pool (which is so much fun!). We've been to the recent Superbikes event (motorbike racing). We went to the Darwin Life & Home Expo last weekend. Oh and an 'open cockpit' day at the air museum. I'm not sure what is on this weekend, I think my husband is going to take our son to something motorbike related (hubby is a motorbike mechanic/engineer). It is a 3 day weekend here so I'm quite happy to not be busy ALL weekend! lol I don't think I have anything negative to say about the place really. Yes it's hot/warm/muggy .... yes it is a slightly slower pace (if you want something done quickly you need to lower your expectations. Lol. It took nearly 2 weeks to get one of our air con units fixed - we are renting to organised by the property manager.) But once you get your head around the lack of urgency in some things, you'll be fine :cute:
  13. j9blossom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

  14. j9blossom

    Job market in the NT

    Oh, and I meant to say ... if you want to see the job ads have a look on http://www.careerone.com.au and just put Darwin in your search area. Heaps of jobs! You can search by job title, keyword, part time or full time, etc :cool:
  15. No one? Anyone?? .... :cute: