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  1. Hi All, My friend has submitted EOI for State sponsorship from NSW (190) on 27th-March-2019 under profession 'Marketing Specialist - 225113'. His total point is 65+5 = 70 with state sponsorship point. Q1. I am just wondering if he has chance to get invitation with this point. If yes, How much time it may take to get invitation for the profession 'Marketing Specialist-225113'? Q2. If 70 (including state sponsorship point) points is not enough, how much point does he require to certainly get state sponsorship. Still he has option to add extra 5 points by letting his wife sit for IELTS. Thanks in advance for your advice & help.
  2. mahbub

    Migration as a Solicitor

    One of my friends completed 4 years bachelor degree from Law also completed 1 year Masters from Law. Both Bachelor degree and Masters was done from Chittagong University, Bangladesh. Also he is having more than 5 years professional experience from Bangladesh. He wants to migrate to Australia as a Solicitor. Would anyone tell whether he is eligible for migration to Australia? Does Australia accept overseas qualification in law for migration purpose? If yes what is the procedure of migration? he is 33 years old.
  3. mahbub

    Problem with SS application of South Australia

    I have already sent them a mail on 10th September'12 explaining my mistake and requested them to consider my application ignoring the mistake. Still I didn't receive any reply from them. Would you please tell me if I lodge application again, will my previous application be automatically cancelled?? In fact I want them to consider my previous application as lodging new application means again I shall have to wait for more than one month....
  4. I have applied for state sponsorship of SA on 8th August'2012 for the visa subclass 190.I applied for the occupation "233211-Civil Engineer". Today while cross checking the application, I found, mistakenly I didn't select any occupation in my application though I have attached my Skill Select Outcome paper in the next step. Would anybody please let me know whether I shall have to submit a new application or they will consider my application ignoring the mistake.
  5. Hi, Recently I got TR on Visa Subclass VF 475 under state sponsorship of WA. But I want to stay at SA. Would anybody tell me what is the procedure to change state? Is it possible to go directly to SA without staying or going to WA as I am planning to leave my current location for Australia on coming December'12
  6. mahbub

    Regarding Electronic Visa form

    I have got State Sponsorship of Western Australia (subclass 475) While apply for to DIAC online I am confused what to fill at a stage which is mentioned below: You have indicated that you are nominated by a state/Territory government agency or Regional certifying body -No -Yes If yes select the state or Territory: WA- South West Development Commission WA- Goldfields Esperance Development Commision WA- State Migration Centre- Small Business development Corporation WA- Gascoyne Development Commission WA- Great Southern Development Commission WA- Mid West Development Commission WA- Peel Development Commission Can anybody suggest me what to select here??
  7. mahbub

    regarding Kimberely

    I applied for state sponsorship of WA. While selection of region, I have given Kimberely as 1st choice. So they asked me following question: "Please provide further research specific to the Kimberley region of WA regarding the cost of living and accommodation. Please also provide at least 3 links to job vacancies for Civil Engineers in the Kimberley" Would anybody suggest me what should i reply????
  8. mahbub

    Civil Engineer, Subclass 475

    If I apply at Queensland, is there any regional barrier? or I can stay anywhere at Queensland? If u have related links please send me those......
  9. mahbub

    Civil Engineer, Subclass 475

    I am a Civil Engineer (233211) & my IELTS score is R-7, W-7, L-7, S-6.5.....So far I found I can apply only at WA & Queensland in the category subclass 475. As in case of WA, I cannot stay at Perth at beginning, I am losing my interest for WA. If I apply at Queensland, shall I have to face area barrier? If yes in that case, at which areas I cannot stay at beginning stage??
  10. mahbub

    about state migration (475)

    I am a Civil Engineer & my IELTS score is R-7, W-7, L-7, S-6.5, I am planning to apply WA by 475. Shall I be able to stay at Perth from beginning? If I cannot stay at Perth from beginning, I don't want to apply to WA. In that case would anybody suggest me where and how can I apply??
  11. mahbub

    WA online form fill up

    I am facing problem while filling the form of Western Australia State Sponsorship form. Is there any problem if I am giving too more or too less relocation expense to WA? Can anybody suggest me how much should I write for a COUPLE in answer of following questions... 1. Estimate the cost of your relocation to WA( AUD ie flights, freight, initial accom) 2. Excluding these relocation costs please provide an estimate of your liquid funds that are available for your re-settlement to WA(AUD) 3. Estimate the cost of living in WA, per month (Husband & wife only) 4. provide a breakdown of your estimate.
  12. mahbub

    about migration

    I am a graduate Civil Engineer with more than 5 years experience. My IELTS score is R-7, L-7, W-7, S-6.5. Is there any way to get PR at any state of Australia? Or any suggestion how I can proceed??