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  1. helixflaw

    Job Offer of 160k in Perth

    I sent you a PM
  2. helixflaw

    Job Offer of 160k in Perth

    Wow, thanks for all the replies. I've lived all over the USA, even Brooklyn NY, so I have a fair grasp on gauging my financial thresholds. I feel Perth may be more expensive than NYC in some instances. Like many of you already stated, I'll be working FIFO with no overhead costs as my employer will be housing and covering meals. The only problem with this scenario overall is: I don't want to pay for housing that I will only be at for a week per month. I wont mind traveling on my time off, but I know I will grow weary of living out of a suitcase/backpack. I'll want some type of housing to relax at...it would be nice to pay one week's rent Maybe I should turn my apartment into a Bed & Breakfast while I'm away... Thanks again folks.
  3. helixflaw

    Job Offer of 160k in Perth

    Single Man, no children, working FIFO. Is this a good salary for Perth?
  4. I used Migrationexpert.com. Agent was very good.
  5. Ive browsed through some random posting to see if anyone else is in the same boat. I am U.S citizen on the brink of finalizing my 176 visa and sponsored by Wa. My initial interest was to pursue my career in the mines as a boilermaker/welder in Australia (I was sponsored based on this skill set), but Ive often thought about trying to get my degree in engineering. I know that working in the mines with my skill set, can be lucrative but hard work. Ive been a welding tradesman for the last 10 years, I'm currently 30 years old but I'm coming to the realization that my body and lungs will be wrecked by the time I retire. Does anyone know: 1: How long it will take to achieve this degree in a Wa institution (typically)? 2: Permanent residents have access to subsidized education from what I gather, will the costs be outrageous? 3: Whats to be expected with pursuing an engineering degree abroad? 4: Repayment of school loans? I acknowledge that repayment in Oz is different from the U.S.... If anyone has had the same thoughts or has had an experience with pursuing a degree abroad, I would love to hear from you. - Helix
  6. helixflaw

    Welding in Western Oz

    Lee: I have ten years experience to be exact...not incredibly seasoned, but it's also not going to be my first Rodeo. I appreciate the info and I am gaining a better grasp of the prospect of my certs falling short and lapsing in Oz, as will my potential AWS, Certified Welding Inspector certification. "It is what it is" as they say.. starting from the ground up again and welcoming it. UK Chris: When I meant "best bang for my buck", I meant an all around good paying and reputable contractor. I don't care how much someone pays me, I don't like to be treated like an animal. I've been contracted on projects and had to work for some real pieces of garbage in my day....trust me, it's not worth it in some cases. I'm looking for a balanced living. If anyone has leads on a reputable, good paying contractor feel free to chime in. Helix.
  7. helixflaw

    Welding in Western Oz

    This is an interesting topic and perhaps I can gain more insight. I'm getting my FBI clearances in order, and I am literally weeks away from securing the 176. Ive been well beyond the TRA and the mounds of paperwork and application fees. One thing that's becoming daunting though: Now that this is becoming a reality, I don't know where to start looking for jobs, quality career's that is. I'm a union boilermaker with 6g/heavy wall/plate certs in the USA, I'm very proficient at x-ray quality tube and pipe welding as well as GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, and FCAW. I also have extensive experience with stainless, Inconel, mild carbon and Hastalloy steels. What would be my best course of action career wise, with a WA sponsorship? Rio Tinto? BHP Billiton? Overall, whats the best bang for my buck? I'm heading to WA solo, so I need a good job fast to get established. Overall, I'm not educated on the best contractors and companies to work for? Any insights would be great. Seems like quite a few of you are quite seasoned and knowledgeable on the topic. Sorry, I don't mean to highjack the thread....as for Rickandange, TRA from my understanding (and having gone through the process) can be tricky and burdensome. My agent advised that a lot of the rejections they get from TRA is because the trade, or applicants "experience" cannot be fit into TRA's "box", essentially the want a clean cut case. I remember calling my apprenticeship coordinator and having to get certified copies of every single document pertaining to my apprenticeship. They wanted initial applications, apprentice reports, test scores, welding certs, hours, letters from my union hall, etc. I wish the best for your endeavors, if you can clinch approval from the TRA, it's a major victory in the whole process...over the hump I would say.