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  1. Diggerman

    Drainer skills assessment/ license?

    Anybody gone down the path of getting a drainage license and getting a TRA skills assessment aswell? Many thanks
  2. hey there, ive been let down by my employer, sponsored as a drainer on 457 for nearly 3 years. was hoping to get PR through them, but they have spent zero on staff training, hence unable to use that pathway. im based in Perth. going down the independent route 189. first up is getting a RPL cert 2 or 3 in drainage. anybody done this? i have 8 years work experience in this field, currently mining and bulk earthworks, so unable to take photos of pipe laying and aspects of the job for my evidence. do have some photos of my work from over the years thou. my migration agent suggests i should get the CERT 2 in drainage, as im sponsored as a drainer, this covers other aspects i have no experience in, such as roof plumbing, gas plumbing etc my RPL agent suggests i should do a CERT 3 in civil construction pipe laying, this would be alot easier for me, and is 100% related to my work experience. the issue is the skills assessment people only recognize the cert 2 in drainage apparently? any advice related to the whole process would be appreciated
  3. Diggerman

    189 Skilled independant visa -Points for qualifcations

    yep Drainer is in the skilled occupation list, number 334113. to note im currently on a 457 sponsorship as a drainer for the past 2years. im unable to proceed with PR via the 186 employer nomination as the company did not maintain its 2% expenditure on training Australians. hence i have to go down the independent route. i wouldnt of needed to get my skills assessed on that route. what i need to know is a statement of attainment acceptable in my visa application, compared to a cert III. Thanks!
  4. hi there, im going for a 189 visa as a drainer, and going to get RPL Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from my 7 years of drainage work (4 years uk, 3 years oz) the visa points requirement states they need a Cert 3 in a trade qualification. After chatting to a RPL specialist, im unable to get cert 3, as the cert 3 covers all aspects of plumbing, such as gas fitting etc, stuff i havnt done. what i can get is 'statement of attainment' in drainage. the equivalent to a cert 3 the RPL people tell me. NOW would immigration accept this instead of a cert 3? -the RPL specialist says so, but i dont want to fork out $3700 if this wont get me the 10 points im after. has anyone else with a trade, submitted a 'statement of attainment' in their 189 application? thanks http://www.gqaustralia.com.au/skills/construction-plumbing-and-services-training-package/rpl-certificate-iii-in-plumbing-release-1/CPC32413
  5. Diggerman

    Shipping off -road quad bike back to the uk?

    *sorry wrong section, admin move to the shipping section!
  6. Hi there, been in Perth for 2 & 1/2 years as a fifo excavator operator. Thinking of heading back home in march time. I would like to ship home a quad bike. It's a rare edition and not very common in the UK. It's an off road bike, so no rego plates etc anyone had a similar experience? Cost? Cheers!
  7. i used 'down to earth' based in rockingham, http://www.down2earth.com.au/ Yea i was on my 2nd WHV, that expired in June, got sponsored as a drainer for a mining contracting company, i was the first person they have ever sponsored in the companies 10 year history! 3 more irish lads are now due to be sponsored the same way. Ive done 4years of civil work in the UK, various drainage work over that time, which is standard for any digger driver, and thats all what was needed, i have no qualifcations in drainage, simply the work experience. so it can be done for plant operators!
  8. none of your cpcs tickets or npors tickets work here mate, or your hgv license. I rang around a few training centres, got quoted a huge amount, told them to stick it. eventually found a place (south of perth) and i did a refresher course for experienced operators. i did no practical tests, gave them a employer reference, then i just did the written tests for the machines i operate, dozer and excavator, also did the artic dump truck while i was there, cost me $300 per machine ticket. Then your good to go job hunting, get a white card online for $50, and apply for a HR license. I did a HR auto course, (all earthmoving equip and mine site gear is auto) that was $500. I found work within 1 week, and got sponsored in june, piece of cake!
  9. Diggerman

    457 Visa Timeline - June 2013 [Sydney]

    My 457 nomination was submitted June 3rd by my agent....granted June 11th!! Im a heavy plant operator working in the mines and was sponsored as a drainer. was on whv 417 prior to 457. very quick and simple for me, a single 28year old bloke!
  10. Diggerman

    Excavator operator on WHV and wants to stay!!

    i have already been offered sponsorship by a perth based company, i have over 5years experience in operating earthmoving equipment, and that fact that i work in mines already after only being in australia 3 and half months, kinda proves i know what im doing! but i was wondering if i could apply for my own long term visa instead of being tied to that company for 2 years or more
  11. hello all, i flew into Perth in mid june, i bought a car straight away, and got a job within 2 weeks of landing! i have been in full time employment in the Perth area operating bulldozers and excavators for 3months, i worked for a operator hire agentcy who sub contracted me out to various civil construction companies. One of these companies took a shine to me and offered me sponsorship, i would on paper be classed as a drainer, as a earthmoving plant operator isnt on the skills shortages, but i would continue to just operate equipment. This company has done this for about 8 irish lads who were onsite. Im english and 28years old. I wanted to try the mining lifestyle of working on major projects and big equipment, and i now work for one of Australias major mining and civil contractors in the Tom Price area on a 4/1 roster. The money is fantastic, food great and work is easy! What are my options of staying? ive met some fellow english on the mine camp and they said they were in the same situation as me, an they applied for a 457. Am i able to do that myself? or because of my line of work is that door closed? My back up plan is get back in contact with the Perth based civil company who said they would sponsor me in march-april time,(as my whv expires june 17th) they said i should 'go try mining and get it out my system before coming back and working for them! haha Or shall i find a local migration agent and hopefully get them to sort it out? cheers
  12. hey, cheers for the replys, i was supposed to sign for my new company on tuesday, then fly out on wednesday for 4weeks. but il have to let them know now that i have it tuesday morning. I will be applying for the medicare card tues aswell. Can i 'turn up' at a hospital with my passport and get looked at for free? I went to Hilarys Medical centre to get to looked at. I live in Marmion. thanks
  13. Hello all! Im 27years old, and had a medical for a new mining job this week. My new employers doctor suggested i get a mole on my back looked at, as it looked dodgy. I then went to my local medical centre and saw a gp. (in Hilarys) The GP said i have Malignant Melanoma Mole on my back and it urgently needs to be removed in the next few days. It cost $75 for him to look at it. Now what do i do next? i have basic health insurance from the UK. Im here on a 417 temporay visa. do i apply for a medicare card? I rang my insurance and they said being a UK citizen, i will get treated for free at a public hosiptal if i show my passport. Im sure the medical centre isnt public, and the gp said i need to ring a plastic surgen on tuesday and book an appointment asap, or if they cant book me in next week, he will remove it, but it wont look as good once it has healed. (im not bothered, its on the middle of my back, not my face!) Any advice please? Thanks for your time
  14. Diggerman

    Construction Work Eligiable for 2nd yr WHV ?

    yes you should be able to apply, if the work done was in regional australia,basically anywhere outside of the major cities! http://www.visafirst.com/en/australia_working_holiday_visa_subclass_417_extension_conditions.asp
  15. Diggerman

    Australian fax numbers

    thanks very much, i dont know why i assumed fax numbers would not need an area or country code, but cheers you've solved that minor hicup!