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    <p><p>Wow, you made it! Sorry I have not been in touch, I keep forgetting that you paste your replies on your page, hope everything is going really, really well for you and your family.</p></p>

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    <p><p>Have you found somewhere to live yet? Hope everything is settling down for you.</p></p>

    <p><p>Cool x x</p></p>

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  2. <p><p>Hi we are all good still trying to settle in using labour day to have a look at areas to live</p></p>

  3. Dan dontknow

    Back on just in Time

    Laptop sorted and back on PIO just in time as we will be flying today at 19:00 hours will be in brisbane at 0700 on saturday, apartment car and bank account sorted and shipping is on its way :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Dan dontknow

    Newbie here, Brisbane southern suburbs

    We will be moving to that sort of area and looking around next month I'll get back to you once we are there. How old are the little ones Cheers Dan
  5. Dan dontknow

    457 Processing Times March 2012

    I asked for more and they gave me 5kg per person
  6. Dan dontknow

    Happy days

    thanks thats good to know i booked with them because i heard they were great with family travel
  7. Dan dontknow

    Happy days

    sorry full of clothes but they said extra will cost £40 per kilo baggage weight ... meet me at gatwick if its urgent:jiggy:
  8. Dan dontknow

    457 Processing Times March 2012

    My visa got approved today aswell they must have something in there coffee :biggrin:
  9. Dan dontknow

    Happy days

    Brisbane area We booked flights a few weeks ago for the start of May as our youngest turns 2 in mid may. This way we save money on flights, now we just hope he's not to excited and bouncing round the plane.
  10. Dan dontknow

    Happy days

    Thankyou lucky for me probly means i'm backwards
  11. Dan dontknow

    Happy days

    My 457 visa application was approved today and singapore have given us 5kg extra per person allways thought friday the 13th was a good day:biggrin:
  12. <p><img src="http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpEk8-89vQXPWNpx724WPKiAklVt-qBSnkNFMOyT7hYx92NhJGAw" alt="images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpEk8-89vQXPWNpx724WPKiAklVt-qBSnkNFMOyT7hYx92NhJGAw" /></p>

  13. Dan dontknow

    E457 Visa application lodged....

    My e457 was lodged yesterday I'm hoping for a few days which probly means it'll be way over a month.... I already checked the progress like 3 times even though they're most likely closed for easter :chatterbox: Good luck hope you get yours soon
  14. <p><p>Any news yet??</p></p>

  15. <p><p>Got a place, due to move in next week, but waiting for our stuff to get clearance, been cleared but just waiting for final paperwork, a bit tiring all of this and a pain in the bum ..... x</p></p>