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  1. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Heartiest Thanks to all of you ... and I pray and Hope , you all get your respective TR's and Pr's asap !!
  2. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    I haven't received any email , I attached all the documents before the CO was allocated including AFP, Indian Police Clerance and Medicals. !!
  3. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Yup thanks for Jujhar Bajwa- My Migration Agent Level 10, suite 1002, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne, CBD. Call : 03 9077 0507,0424 605 044 Best of the Migration Agent in Melbourne !! Any one who wants to consult him ..Contact details written above !! Special Thanks to him !!
  4. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE.:ssign19:................Finally I GOT MY PERMANENT RESIDENCE this morning .......!!!!Such an emotional moment.. Waited for 3 + Years !!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone on this blog..Thanks God !!! Such a Relief !!
  5. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Party Hard Big BRO.....................!!!
  6. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    LOOK 4 comments before you wrote about your grant and Check Private msg too. Any ways many congratulations .........Party Hard Sir !!
  7. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Congrats Virtual Bajwa.........C u soon !!
  8. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Its been 1 month since CO allocated to my application ..!! No news :arghh: Its same like not having CO !!
  9. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Let me tell you what the actual story is :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::For 487 visa, RDB - Regional Development Board of different regional Areas like murray, northern InlandNow , when you applied for RDB , you/your agent must have got confirmation that your Regional sponsor is approved and now you can apply for 487 visa. So you/your agent then applied for 487 Visa on the basis of Regional Sponsor from Murray or Northern Inland.Now once this visa was applied, your application was successfully lodged.Now, after lodging the application, DIAC doesn't have any proof that you have lodged on the basis of sponsorship other than what you put on the application.So, they required FORM -1100 from RDB , that means RDB needs to send your FORM -1100 to DIAC.But, now is the twist !!For this form 1100 to be forwarded to DIAC by RDB:::::::::::: You or your agent whoever has applied your 487 visa , should have notified the RDB that Mr. XYZ has applied for 487 VISA. Please Inform DIAC that this is TRN NUMBER/ FILE NUMBER FOR 487 visa and this is sponorship number which is approved by RDB Murray/Northern Inland/etc and request RDB to send there form-1100 to DIAC.Its like RDB APPROVAL --------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>> VISA APLICATION (487) (YOU/AGENT)------------------------->>>>>>>>>>BACK TO RDB (FILE NUMBER/TRN NUMBER) then RDB -send FORM 1100--------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DIAC !!Now, For 70% applications,Applicants or their Agents have never informed RDB's(Murray/Northern Inland/KIM) that these applicants have already applied for 487 visa. So whether it is KIM from Murray or someone else from Northern Inland, they never send your form 1100 to DIAC.Now the situation is that, at the time of processing the trades like cookery, hairdressing are not in their list. So The rumors are they might make files invalid.NOW this is very tense situation-------Although this is rumors that these will be regarded as invalid files. This is really frustrating for applicants, RDB and DIAC. Nobody knows whats gonna happn !! The information I am giving you here is from sources only. There are more rumors in the market as nobody actually knows whats gonna happn !!At this time ,even I dont have any news whats gonna happn !!
  10. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    CO allocated 15./05/2012..............and No news till now...All documents pre loaded before CO allocation !! Dont know how long I have to wait..Its already more than 3 years +++
  11. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    :arghh: Nothing happening here ..........!!!
  12. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    For new members: Please try to give your time line in a single post !! Subclass date of lodgement TRADE:
  13. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Did U ask which team it is and which CO ?
  14. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Lodgement Date: 17 MAY 2009 CO ALLOCATED : 15 MAY 2012 All documents pre loaded before the CO allocated No email from CO for more information. On 31st May - I emailed CO, and he replied there is ongoing Assessment going on in regards to my application. Team -33 *************************************************************************************** Waiting for decision !!
  15. New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Your visa has been approved [ Pre grant letter is visa approved letter] Since you have lodged an offshore application 119 , and your onshore at the moment, CO can't grant you visa until you go offshore. Get your tickets done and send it CO. As soon as you leave Australia, CO will check thru system that you have departed from Australia, Will grant you visa . So nothing to fear abt (its 100% GRANT)