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  1. Hi, That was a get together you saw, have a look at the facebook page northern beaches poms, up to about 180 or so people now. Not getting together quite as much due to winter but plenty of families on there. Cheers Mark]
  2. Hi Sent you a PM with my wifes details, we would be keen to meet and are in Seaforth and have three kids.
  3. <p><p>Hi Claire, Sorry been away with work a fair bit and only just saw your reply, My wife is Eve and her number is 0422 418790, send her a message and you can arrange to meet up etc, been a bit of a crazy week this past week as our eldest developed whooping cough ! despite being vacinated. All good now though.</p></p>

  4. Hi Both of you, We live in Seaforth and have been here for nearly 4 years now, we have three children 6, 1 1/2 and 1 month, my wife is around during the days and im sure would be happy to meet up with you both just drop me a PM and I will pass on her details etc or get her to call you. Also more than happy to meet up with your other halfs for a beer etc if they want. Cheers Mark
  5. Hi All, Anyone interested in playing 5 a side football ?, there are two local pitches one at Manly Vale and one at Curl Curl. There is a league running at the moment with the new league probably starting to Feb / March. I am thinking about entering a team at one of the venues, not too bothered about the standard etc as long as you can semi play and of course drink beer afterwards. Let me know via PM if anyone is interested, probably need about 8 or 9 players to make it work. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi, Yes you can carry forward the loss indefinately on your aussie return until you have gains to offset. In terms of valuation we just had an agent valuation and a copy of this was given as part of my return which seems to have been accepted no problem. REgards Mark
  7. mark28

    Teachers' Pensions

    Hi Francine, Good luck with it all and let me know via PM if you want any other help etc at any stage. Mark
  8. Hi Lorna, That would be good and then I will get my wife to give you a call to arrange something. Mark
  9. Hi, We have been here for three years now and have been through all of this, we started off renting our primary residence back in the UK and the bought after a year of being here. A few things to note :- Any rental income in the UK should be declared here, many people don't but the ATO are not the inland revenue they probably will catch you at some point ! If you previously had any rental properties etc in the UK and had any carried forward tax losses these will be lost in Australia as they do not accept them even if they were clearly shown in a UK tax return, the ATO is only interested in your tax affairs from the day you arrive as a permanent resident in Australia. In the UK your main residence will not be liable for any CGT for three years and after 5 the UK disregard it and treat you as non resident however Australia technically value the property from the day you become resident. When you buy a property here that starts the CGT clock on your UK property, if you held any buy to lets etc they would have started to be liable to Aussie CGT from day one. If you did or do have any buy to lets if the property falls in value (as was our case unfortunately) from when you become resident to when you sell you can also then claim a CGT loss on your Australian return which you can then use to offset any future gains here. One final thing when doing any transfers of money etc don't use the banks use a currency broker like HIFX or similar as they have much better rates and dealing with them is pretty straight forward. Hope this helps.
  10. mark28

    Teachers' Pensions

    Hi, I have been here for appx 3 years now but used to work in financial services in the UK for nearly twenty years. In terms of your teachers pension, someone else is correct in that it will be a final salary scheme so think very carefully before you do decide to transfer as you will be giving up something that is guaranteed for a pot of money that you will have to invest for yourself. The other downside at the moment is the fact that the currency (aussie dollar) is as strong as it is because if you did transfer you are effectively moving it at a point where the dollar has been as strong as it has been for a very long time (thats not to say it couldn't get worse if the UK ecomony keeps getting worse !) You can get a financial planner in the UK to do something called a transfer analysis which will work out what the % return you would need pa to achieve the guarteed benefit you are giving up in the UK, there are of course many many other considerations with it all. My advice be would be to see a planner but just try to shop around a bit because there are alot of poor advisers here when it comes to advice on QROPS transfers from the UK. You do have 6 months to transfer after becoming resident but if you don't the ATO (if they find out) can tax you on the growth of the fund from when you become resident until you transfer or take benefits, worse case scenario you can opt for the fund to pay the tax on this which is 15%. You can ask your scheme in the UK to do a transfer quote which they are obliged to give you and this then normally guarantees the transfer value for three months, take care here though because they are only obliged legally to do this for you once a year and if you ordered one and then didn't transfer within 3 months your transfer value wouldn't be guaranteed so it could be lower or higher depending on various factors. Hope this helps and I haven't confused the matter further !
  11. mark28

    Friends with children wanted - Northern beaches

    Hi, Only just joined this site but we have been in Sydney for three and a half years now in Seaforth. Keen to widen our circle of friends so if anyone would like to meet up let us know. We have a girl and boy 6 and 1. Quite a few friends we have met have ended up going home again for various reasons so good to catch up. My wife isn't working at the moment so around during the day and im always keen for a beer or to do any form of sport surfing, running football etc, we do know a fair few people but it is always good to widen your circle of friends.
  12. Hi, Only just found this site and lived in Sydney for over 3 years now. My wife is not working at the moment and we have two kids a boy and girl with another one on the way. We are in Seaforth so send me your contact details and I will get my wife to give you a call or post on here.
  13. Hi, We live in the Northern Beaches and have two children 6 & 1 girl and boy with a third on the way, keen to meet up with other families locally and make friends etc. My wife is around during the day at the moment if any other famalies are reading this and keen to meet or happy to meet as a family with kids etc if your keen. Been here three years and know a fair few people but quite a few of the people we have met have gone back to the Uk over the last few years also. Be good to widen our circle. Cheers Mark