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    Finally here......

    My husband and I arrived in Queensland 7 weeks ago after what felt like a life time of waiting....we are here on my husbands 457 visa, we've really settled in quickly and are now just looking to make friends and make Australia our home. I didn't have a job on arrival but was offered a position and started work within 6 days of getting off the plane, we found a house we really liked, secured the rental on it and moved in within 8 days and we bought a car now all we need is for our container of worldly goods to arrive from the UK and we can really make our new house feel like home :smile: If anyone is in our area (that's the Redlands btw) and fancy's a get together we would love to meet up .
  2. Babyboxer

    Anyone around the Bribane area?

    Hey all, I've been in Queensland for 7 weeks and desperate to make some friends and get a social life ....missing my UK friends big time at the moment. I'm in the bayside area, 31 years old and happy to travel a little to meet for drinks if you fancy it? Kim
  3. Babyboxer

    Hey There .................

    Just saying hey ...........I'm new to the Forum, my husband and I are moving over to Brisbane after he gained us a sponsored Visa - were both very excited if not a little overwhelmed with all the stuff to do ............like get our house cleared and rented out, ebaying all our hourded possesions that we havent used in years .............:laugh: Cant' wait to get there though :biggrin:
  4. Babyboxer

    Hey There .................

    I'm currently in the motor trade but not decided if I'm going to look for something different ..............new country, new start and all that!! Ah yes that is a shame as it would have been ideal, I believe it's hard to rent a property unless your there in person!!
  5. Babyboxer

    Hey There .................

    Hoping that we can get everything sorted UK end and get to Brisbane by the end of Jan / early February .......I've never been to Brisbane (well only to the airport) but sure we will be happy, I spent 2 months in Oz in 2009 visiting Sydney, Surfers and Byron Bay and fell in love with everything about the Australian way of life so really excited to have had our Visa application accepted. With my husband already having a job were hoping to settle in easily, just hope it's as easy for me to find work!! :biggrin: