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  1. Hi Debbs72 Dont worry to much they are very slow with everything they do, we were told we would have our COS before Xmas 2011 and we got them about 4 months later but the waiting was worth it and there is a lot of waiting to come, good luck and things will happen slowly but surely Ruby
  2. Hi and welcome to poms in oz, just to add to what Neenie has said, I put my notice in a year before my enlistment date because of my branch I was pretty sure I would not get early release and didn't want to be in a position where I had to ask the RAN if they could take me later, I took a risk and notice was in before COS arrived but paid off, when I got my visas in sept they were only valid till may so if u wait till visas are granted before u put ur notice in u will need early release or a very expensive holiday to fly out just to validate them. I have been out here since early Dec and it has been great, it's a very long and emotional roller coaster ride but well worth it. Any questions just give me a shout I will try and help where I can..Good luck:)
  3. Hi crooky longlook is extremely difficult to get, I know a PO that contacted longlook the day the positions were released and all the places had gone by 9am, if ur serious about transferring u need to put an expression of interest into the Australian Navy and they will determine if they want ur branch and experience. They will normally only take LH and above. It is good out here the weather is great but it is not perfect, but I love it here lol. Feel fee to ask anything ur not sure of there is loads of people with lots of Experiance on this post. ruby
  4. Hi and welcome Schooling is totally different here and it depends on how old ur kids are, there is no CEA here. My eldest was about to do her standard grade exams when we left, we had CEA and we have not found a school that comes close to her private school in the UK. The school years are totally different our youngest is 6 and would of been going into p3 in Aug but is just starting P1 this Mon and the eldest will now still have 3 yrs left at school. If u have any specific questions please feel free to Private message me. It is a very long process but so far worth it has been really good out here. Ruby
  5. Hi I know how nervous u must be I came over with my wife and 3 kids in Dec and I can say the last few months in the UK went really quick, there never seems like there is enough time to do things, so if I can answer any questions just shout, good luck u will be on the plane before u know it.
  6. Hi John we had to take a hit on our house just to get it gone, glad we did, just some advice, the trip out here is very expensive and we have only just got the some of the money back, Singapore is very expensive we were $200 just for dinner, don't eat at the hotel in London £60 for 2 sandwiches a small pizza and drinks, and u need deposits at the hotel if u have any questions just give me a shout Ruby
  7. Hi Jen ur not wrong about the spending $200 for dinner last night in the hotel, mac D's for dinner lol
  8. Hi kriz I imagine your only way would be to apply for security clearance in Aus but don't know how u would go about it and if its anything like the UK it would be very expensive. Good luck and I'm sure someone on this site will be able to help. Ruby
  9. Well that's us in London, really nice hotel but very expensive £60 for 2 sandwiches pizza and a couple of drinks think we will go to KFC for dinner. Fly out tomorrow night can't wait to just get settled arrive in perth Mon morning :xmas16:
  10. Pickfords coming on Mon, can't believe it, less than 4weeks to go and we will be in Aus. The house is upside down don't know where to start. :biggrin:
  11. Hi Jen Your Not wrong! Things are a bit manic, the house is upside down, still not got access to the homefind site although I have had contact with them and they say I should recieve an email by next week with my username and password, pickfords have been for the assessment and come on the 19thNov for our things. We have our flight details and we have 2 nights in Singapore so that should be fun I just hope we can find a house soon as we would prefer to be in our own place for xmas and have our airfreight , but I think it will be Jan before we get our sea freight. I hope the weather is nice because it has been chucking it down here and I keep thinking only 5 weeks left I cant wait, If we get on homefind and there are any houses near you I will give you a shout. take care Ruby:biggrin:
  12. Hi John it's such a good feeling knowing you don't have long left in the RN I have 3 weeks of drinking tea in the slinging section, such hard work lol. I opened an account with NAB it took 5 mins online and within a couple of days had my account no and Internet banking details, the only thing is you can only put money in but you can't transfer or make withdrawals until u get to Aus and go to the local branch but they give u the details of your local branch which is in Rockingham where they have your bank cards and pin no waiting. With regards to plugs I will take a couple of travel adapters then get plenty of normal extension leads that way I only need one travel adapter for every 4 British plugs. I am off to HMAS Stirling as well so I will see you there. :biggrin:
  13. Thats great news you must be so relieved its such a strange feeling isnt it? have u everything sorted with the RN? I only have 3 weeks left at work before I go on resettlement leave and terminal leave, Just trying to sort out pickfords so we know what we can and cant take with us, got our PMKeys last week but wont get on the homefind website till I get a user name and password, where are you going? we are going to perth im a submariner, what about yourself? Anyway enjoy the thought of your last winter in the uk. :biggrin:
  14. Hi Jen hope you have all settled in now and enjoying the weather, as you can imagine its freezing and wet here. I just wanted to ask about pickfords, did you contact them to come and assess your belongings or did Aus house do that? We only have 3 months to go and we dont know what to pack or what to bin ( we did buy new coat hangers for the air freight though lol) we have not heard from pickfords yet although we have our PMKeys but wont be able to get on the homefind site till we get a username and password. I only have 4 weeks left at work then time to start cleaning and packing, any advice on housing or pickfords would be most appreciated. thanks again Ruby:biggrin: