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  1. Why not e-mail CPA Australia and ICAA and ask them directly? They both have contact e-mail addresses on their websites.
  2. heidim

    When do you recieve visa after taken medicals..

    Our medicals were referred for 2.5 weeks in June and then turned to finalise for 175.
  3. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Our visa was granted today! Thanks to everyone on the forum...
  4. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    So we're still in the torture chamber, waiting for the visa grant. Meds received in Oz twee weeks ago. Meds referred 8 days ago for minor issues. And no news yet. We're really going crazy now!
  5. So our meds have been referred on 30/5. It's almost a week and no change in status. Anyone who recently had their meds referred and how long did it take? Could it be that they don't update the page? Our page was updated regularly. It's now just the meds that doesn't seem to get going....
  6. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    I want a pink!! I want a pink please!!!CO contacted agent and requested PCC and medicals. Dec 13th applicant here!Woohooo!!
  7. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    I think that DIAC is being SUPER cautious and they could be down to November with only one outstanding case in September, but then put the September date. I think that they hold back a couple of weeks to discourage people from enquiring and contacting them as they then may be bombarded with enquiries... Just my guess..
  8. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Do you think if apply the concept of positive thinking and guess the next update to be 13 December (which is our app date!), we'll have a CO next week?:laugh:
  9. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Congrats NatsB and Mummy Man! So happy for you!
  10. heidim

    Accountant in regional QLD

    Yes it is compulsory. We were also looking at SS from Qld with the new updated SMP. Our agent says their membership requirement is ridiculous.... It's easier to become CPA member than ICAA if you still want to go the SS way, but it wil take quite a bit of time.... Good luck!
  11. heidim

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    Our agent told us we could apply for both 176SS and 175 simultaneously, but if 176 is granted they may decide to chuck the 175 since we would already have PR on 176. I have no idea how long SS takes, but I assume it will be listed on each SMP. Then after you get SS approval it seems to take 4 weeks to CO... no idea how long to visa grant. From what I've read on the Cat 5 thread, even if you have been allocated a CO before change in SOL if your occupation is removed before visa grant you get chucked to Cat 5.... My normal disclaimer: I'm not a pro, done lots of reading, but this is my opinion only not stated as fact and I may be wrong....
  12. heidim

    Help need to ask question?

    You have to nominate an ANZCO code for your SOL occupation. If you go 175 route and ONLY have qualifications assessed then as far as I understand the work experience does not have to match the qualification. However if you want to claim points for skilled employment i.e. years of working experience then the qualification and the job has to line up..... Time lines to get assessed depends on your occupation and where you have to get assessed. Some professions take 4 weeks others take 3 months. In order to get that information from forum members you will have to state your occupation. Edited to add: I just re-read your post and the official qualification has to match the SOL if I understand the rules correctly. If I understand you correctly, you have experience in a SOL occupation but the qualification is different? If that is the case, your qualification has to match SOL not your experience. However, for certain occupations people don't have qualifications and do VETASSESS to get accredited. But that only applies to certain occupations.... Disclaimer: (I always put a disclaimer) - my understanding, could be wrong though....
  13. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Don't you guys want to move over to the new thread Part 3 as this one has been replaced....
  14. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    CO's getting allocated to last week of June is good.... Maybe in a month or so we'll see the progress back to normal!
  15. heidim

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    The update is not that good, but at least they're offering an explanation: Important note: N/A denotes 'Not Applicable'. There are no GSM visa subclasses within these priority groups. ** Not currently allocating. A high volume of Priority Group 4 applications were received in May and June 2011. Whilst cases continue to be allocated per week, the limited movement of allocation dates reflect the high volume of applications received during this period. The affected visa subclasses are: Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 So now at least we know why and we don't have to speculate anymore....