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  1. Haha 460AUD will be more than a happy meal...:-)...we can maybe buy a few items for our house like small piece of furniture, some electronics etc. I am now evaluating the option of courier mode instead of air freight mode where I dont have to worry abt inspection and quarantine. Its door to door and the agency has quoted 550-600 AUD inclusive of packing, pick-up, custom clearance and delivery.
  2. Malicious damage....whatever that would mean to complicate things!!! It must be terrible to focus energies on fighting for claims across continents when the real focus should be settling and enjoying the new country. The agency I am speaking to is charging me only from door to port. So I would have to pay extra for whatever charges I may have to incur at Sydney Airport and the door to port quoted price is 3.2AUD/kg for 100-250kgs bracket. So for 100kgs it works out to be 320AUD. I can opt for either transit insurance which is 1% of declared value or comprehensive insurance which is 3% of declared value. Going by what expenses you have incurred at Sydney airport I will have to account for additional $495 for quarantine and customs which then becomes really very expensive if I go for door to port option. But if I dont have any articles which may require inspection or quarantine then can I escape that cost is my query and still evaluating what option to op for.
  3. Thanks Justin...so were there any charges you had to pay at Sydney Airport?
  4. Gosh after reading your experience I am really left to wonder if I should simply go for door to door (DTD) service instead of door to port as it may work out cheaper since the cost to be paid at sydney airport alone is quite substantial. In my understanding costs for 1) 45 x 5=$225 for quarantine processing fee + 2)$ 165 quarantine fee +3) $105 customs clearance and inspection fee which totals to $495 is quite a bit as compared to a total moving cost for DTD which in my case have been quoted for $650. And to top it your items have come back to you in a damaged state. I dont know what I would have done to see my expensive items been cargoed like this. Did you have insurance to claim? Also I am wondering if you had any food products or animal products or items that came in contact with ground and dust that attracted the quarantining? If I am sending mainly clothes then will I still have to pay all the above costs? I am on PR Visa so will the regulations be a bit relaxed? Thanks for your reply. Your daughters are really very cute.
  5. Is your stuff still available? If yes how much are you quoting? We are in the process of finalising our lease and would be requiring all of the above.
  6. Hello everyone, I am arriving Sydney on 24th Dec. I am sending 100kgs of personal use items mainly clothes and accessories valued under $1000 through air cargo which will arrive after I reach sydney. I have opted for airport drop and not door drop due to the price benefit. The goods donot contain any item which is likely to be quarantined or treated or even suspected to be opened and checked which ofcourse is at the discretion of the customs officer. My query is what are the likely charges apart from local transportation that I will have to pay. The cargo company is not telling me anything clearly. Being under $1000 it is not likely to attract any duty charges I presume. I want to know if I will have to pay any customs clearance fee? or Airport or Airlines fee? An early reply will be really appreciated as its only 10days pending and I have to still finalise on the cargo agency depending on the feedback I get here. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Chardy... your words give me some sort of relief!
  8. Thanks toOZ2012, my migration agent is really screwing up my case and not providing required information on time. I am feeling so frustrated. You are right I will upload whatever possibly I can and give explanation for the balance documentation. The confusion started because in the online generated checklist there were several documents required against each applicant and whereas in the official email of DIAC which was received on payment the checklist of documents listed was shorter and mentioned about the 28days timeframe so we thought only the email listed documents have to be submitted within 28days and rest others can be subsequently sent.
  9. Am really in a panic situation right now. I just went through this email send by DIAC earlier at the time of lodgement of 176 application. In the email the timeframe for response for the listed documents is clearly mentioned as 28 days as mentioned below and my worry is I have already lost 19days of the 28days. My initial understanding was that only documents meant for the Primary Applicant had to be sent within 28days which we have sent already however we are lagging behind in sending the documents for the Secondary Dependent Applicant. DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS If you have not already done so, you will need to provide the department with the documents listed below by attaching these documents to the eVisa browser: - birth certificate or other evidence of age; - copy of passport Personal Particulars/Photograph(bio-data) page; - IELTS English Test Report Results; - evidence of recent Australian qualifications - this includes transcript(s) and letter(s) of completion or evidence of recent work experience; - form 80 - Personal Particulars for Character Assessment; - form 1221 - Additional Personal Particulars Information; - passport photograph; - receipt for application for AFP check and your AFP check (if you have applied for an onshore GSM visa); - evidence of arrangements to undergo a medical examination (if you have applied for an onshore GSM visa); - satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment - overseas police clearances (if you have applied for an onshore GSM visa) - you must provide a police clearance certificate from each country where you have lived for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years. These 12 months are calculated cumulatively, not consecutively. The Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates form (formerly known as form 47P) provides country-specific instructions on how to obtain a police clearance and is available on the department's website: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/. If you have applied for an offshore GSM visa, your case officer will contact you when you need to undertake health and character checks. TIMEFRAME FOR RESPONSE Where applicable you must provide all additional documents (identified above) within 28 days after the date of this email, otherwise your application may be decided without the additional information being taken into account. What my confusion is whether the above listed documents of the primary applicant only and not the secondary applicant has to be sent within 28 days or whether including all documents of secondary applicants should also be sent within 28days? In the list of documents generated online which is not part of the above listed documents provided in the email by DIAC ; they have clearly asked for the secondary dependent applicant to attach for 'Evidence of Dependency' , Evidence for English language ability and asked to attach form 47A. Now producing Evidence of Dependency is a marathon exercise and will take more time beyond 28days and also details in Form 47A will be correlated with evidence of dependency and hence both can only be sent together. Also evidence of English Language ability for secondary applicant will take time as we have to approach university. Can anyone please advise if it is mandatory to send total documents for secondary applicants within 28days or is it only mandatory for Primary Applicant. In short which are the mandatory documents of the total list of documents including both primary and secondary applicants that we have to send within 28days. Any urgent reply will be greatly helpful as I have already lost substantial time.
  10. Expatin

    Future Of Accountants given the Flag occupation

    Really?.....both your above links are opening to two different pages although the content is same but the last updated date was not reflected in the first link. Any way information is now conveyed. Cheers!
  11. Expatin

    Future Of Accountants given the Flag occupation

    Ok now you have sent the correct link which mentions last Updated on 8th Feb date at bottom. The previous link sent by you was just a pdf with no mention of when last updated and just mentioned recommended change from 2010 and hence gave an impression of an old list.
  12. Expatin

    Future Of Accountants given the Flag occupation

    Isnt that an old list of 2010?
  13. They are probably checking your paid employment and work experience in the last 3yrs....also that would reduce the paperwork for everyone. Just do as they say and stay positive.
  14. No successes anyone????? :cry:
  15. Expatin

    Documentary Evidence for Dependent Parent on GSM

    No replies?....... :-((((