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    pingpong poms?

    sounds like a good plan.... We wanted to do that but really cant stand to be away from family, friends and my old role in the NHS much longer. We are returning in September with a reasonable amount of savings, double we came out with. I cant believe what car I can buy in the Uk for the amount we paid for our crappy hatchback here. Also the quality and price of housing in the UK is so much better .
  2. Enjoy!! Im stuck in 40 degrees sweating my bollocks off and cant sleep at night !
  3. danandbex

    Offically Moving back to the UK end of August. RANT RANT

    Thanks for all your posts people. Sorry if it has wound people up. Its not the end of the world that were going home. I believe happiness can be found wherever you live. Its not where you live its how you live. If your mind set is to be negative about the UK or OZ then that's how it is although you can change this. Happiness comes from within yourself not from outside things such as money, a big house or living near the beach. Look at indigenous tribes in the Amazon for example, they live with no electricity, running water or access to things we think are essential; yet theyre among the happiest people on the planet. Its the human condition to want more and better. We think the grass is always greener. But its our consciousness that decides if were really happy. The main thing is Family to us. I cant imagine not being there when they are in need. They raised us and without them we wouldn't even be on this planet. I would give away the Pubs, the culture and proper Xmas ( traditional cold, wet, good tv, proper xmas dinner, no bbqs, watching crappy bbc tv, snuggled up around the fire, relatives pissing each other off, xmas crackers etc ) for them any day. We are only young and we both have jobs that we can use to travel. The worlds a big place and OZ is not the be all and end all. But the UK will always be home .
  4. I thought I would write a quick story about our situation to see if it can help anyone out with their own situations. Bex and I (24 and 28) Came over september 2011 on working holiday visas initially as an adventure to see the country and do all the amazing things you see on the TV back home. We hired a campervan and travelled up from sydney upto rockhampton. Our plan was to continue upto Cairns but the 10000 GBP we brought with us was quickly dwiddling away with camping costs, petrol and food. We decided to try and find jobs as we would soon be out of cash. So we managed to both get interviews and jobs at a private hospital on the gold coast ( we are nurses ). We found a rental in a place called Burleigh Heads, 2 mins walk to the beach, pool, gym, spa etc. We felt like we were living the dream. We got 457 VISAs etc too... It wasnt long until we slowly got more and more homesick and down. We thought we must be mad, living in basically paradise. We struggled to make friends even though we worked with younger people. We just couldnt click with Australians. We find that the sense of humour over here is very different as well as what they find "fun". Its all BBQ here and there and drinking lots of beer. We're Veggies anyway and when we drink its to go out dancing etc. So we struggled to make friends, we joined clubs, invited people over to ours and went to numerous events. But we found that the ozzies already had their friend base and could not Sympathize with our situation. Luckily we had each other and it made us stronger. I ended up making close friends with a 55 year old ENGLISH guy at work as he just seemed to get me, Bex made close friends with some middle aged women. Strange really. We soon got sick of the Australian Health care system. Im sorry but the NHS is AWESOME compared to here, people complain etc all the time but they dont know how lucky they are. I have never seen such bad patient care and money grabbing as I have from the private healthcare system in OZ. Patients having operations they didnt need or didnt know why they were having them. Dr's providing bad practice towards patients to rush them through operations. I could go on.... So we decided after 10 months and travelling across the whole of the east coast that we would try Perth. We have been here for 6 months now. Same ****, different place. Public healthcare is better here but still no where near NHS standards! ( I havent tried private) . Its like stepping back in time 10 years. Perth is a beautiful city but thats WA, there is nothing else here really. Tried a few days in margarat river, its ok if you like overpriced wine and food. The scenery reminds me of cornwall though. North of Perth .... We drove 3 - 4 hours to a place called Lancelin... nothing there..... We miss friends, family , culture, real pubs, real indian curries, the NHS, Europe, People with good sense of humours, British TV and Music, REAL xmas's , Real Seasons. Rant over haha. Let me know if you think... Dan
  5. Drop me a text on 0414567692 and we can organise something soon . Dan
  6. of course no worries. you can email us on aye_up@hotmail.com
  7. give us a email or drop us a text we have just moved here too Dan 27 and Bex 22 danlawrance@live.co.uk 0414567692
  8. Hello People Me ( Dan ) and my girlfriend Bex ( 27 and 22 ) have moved out here from York to start our new lives. We are both Nurses and are looking at making new friends. We are really easy going and love to socialise. We enjoy live music, outdoors and fitness. Let us know if you fancy meeting up. That would be great. Thanks Dan
  9. Hiya Me and my girlfriend bex have just moved here I am 27 and she is 22. We are looking to socialise. Let me know if you fancy it. We are only in Burleigh. email rather than this danlawrance@live.co.uk