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  1. sully7669


    Try North Canberra Futsal at Lyneham my boy done it recently but unsure if they do an adult league but worth a try.
  2. Hi we stayed in Medina james court on northbourne ave 5 mins from city Centre and is reasonably priced.
  3. sully7669

    Canberra Newbies

    Hi there we have been here nearly 2 years and have loved every minute of it. Easy to get around lots to do and our son does loads of sports.
  4. We are 190 ACT sponsored and every 6 months bang on the day so far they have sent the migration questionaire asking if we still reside there. We don't want to mess up our chances of not getting citizenship by not giving it a try in the territory we live in, anyway you may love it like we do so give it a go.
  5. sully7669

    Moving to Canberra in April With 2 Children - Advice Appreciated

    Hi Faye we are in Bonner and have a son who is at Good shepherd Primary and is 6. We are always looking to add some friends be good to catch up. You never know me might have seen each other.
  6. sully7669

    Canberra 4 weeks update.

    Thanks for your reply, I have had physio in february and that was my biggest turning point so after 1 year now all good and feeling well even been skiing in Perisher with a back protector and loving being back on the snow and my bike still unable to run as shockwaves go straight up the titanium rods attached to my spine but 2 out of 3 things isn't bad.
  7. sully7669

    July 1st 2014 Update on ACT?

    The last change was in Feb 2014 and they got rid of a lot of skills. ACT didn't change theirs for the last 18 months prior to Feb. The way things are in Canberra with the public servant slash I'd be surprised if it get upgraded yet. I am in the private sector and things have been up and down since August 2013 what with restructuring and redundancies. Still good here for other jobs according to seek.com.
  8. sully7669

    moving to Act

    Hi Kelly We are living in Bonner and the Good Shepherd primary school is catholic and is fee paying around $80 a week term time. Our son is doing really well there. Hope this helps.
  9. sully7669

    Does anyone received an invitation from ACT ?

    I am surprised you have not heard from an ACT migrant officer as ours was all done and dusted within 8 weeks.
  10. sully7669

    Freak accidents! What has happened to you.

    Your lucky could have been very nasty!
  11. For me it was in July 2013 falling from a mountain bike and landing on my head ( with helmet on ) and breaking my back in 7 places and 9 broken ribs and 2 broken shoulder blades. This was from a height of around 12ft whilst I was riding a balancing see-saw at Mt Stromlo in Canberra. It was not very high but by the time I sat on the bike and my 6ft 2" body it was still a long way to fall. Whilst some people will say this was stupid, I did not think at the time I was doing a stupid thing but I am lucky to be alive. I was operated on after 4 days of laying on my back and had 2 titanium rods attached to my spine and after 18 hours of ICU and put back on the ward the physio team made me walk! After 5 weeks of healing I went back to work on light duties with the full support of my company who I had only worked for from April. Now 5 months on I am nearly 90% back to myself and yes I suffer with back pain but I am pushing myself to be fit again.
  12. sully7669

    Needed: Buying advice on cars from Pickles in Fyshwick

    Definitely from a dealer as they provide rego and roadworthy test but only a 3 month warranty if under 160000km. This will vary from dealers
  13. sully7669

    I love canberra!

    My advice is too book short term accommodation for a month that then gives you time to look for long term accommodation as you won't book it from the uk. Bring as much money as you can as it is generally expensive here on most things. Good luck.
  14. They are strict on the requirements of the application make sure you have every element of the application.
  15. sully7669

    I love canberra!

    No bitching from me. I broke my spine here enjoying myself, I earn enough money for bills, It is cheaper than London, I use petrol here for leisure not commuting, my son has tried 5 sports already here in 3 months and I am a coordinator of one. My life here so far has had ups and downs but I would rather be here in Canberra doing something new and refreshing every weekend. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT AND NO REGRETS.