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  1. alexswift

    I love yorkshire...

    I never dripped in horrid muggy weather in Yorkshire, can't sleep it's that muggy.
  2. alexswift

    Moving to a new home is extortionate

    It will cost you 9 or 10k if your a snapper head. Shop around on the fees (well RDR http://www.fsa.gov.uk/about/what/rdr laws change this) and legal can be done for a set rate with some at 1500 to 2000 and the surveyor is 9ths useless because nothing they write can be used in a claim.
  3. alexswift

    Do Ozzies really think like this?

    I like these car stickers when on a car made in Europe, Japan or Korea for example. It's just as **** nut stupid as the "eng-er-land" dick with the little English flag on the reg plate of his golf
  4. alexswift

    Rip off Britain V Rip off OZ!

    Rip off OZ it's 1/3 more then it is in the UK,
  5. alexswift

    I love yorkshire...

    I am a Yorkshire man so it's always in my heart. I will return to Yorkshire throwing away 10 years of London and Sydney just might do a full year here first. Its a wonderful and amazing part or the world written about by wainwright so brilliantly, Julia is not too shabby either!
  6. I have stopped using this site not many get together's but I go along to the http://britishexpats.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=95 CBD drinks. I sorted out a spot to live in the city,
  7. Yeah I live at Cremorne Point, what is key to the next location is to be on something like the military road. Also yes please for the East suburbs contact.
  8. alexswift

    IELTS reading any tips?

    I think Pete's on the money but in simple terms don't read it word for word. You need to skim and find words that mean the same. I got 9 the second time around and finished in 5min flat. I ran out of time on my first attempt .
  9. Hi. I arrived in Nov and live in Cromorne also. It's hard work here because it's too sleepy and the ferry is a killer at one an hour all weekend and stopping at 8pm on a Sunday. I want to move but can't get accepted anywhere else, I think I'm stuck. Anyway I go along to a social from Brit expats on a Thursday night in the CBD. Everyone is way more cheery than me and a good mix of all turn up. Alex
  10. alexswift

    If you don't love it!

    I love this one, A 4WD driver trying some misdirection on the planet and going green.
  11. Hi I am trying to move by the 1st feb to Surry Hills, I found my flat share on flatemates.com.au however watch out for the scams. Shout when here the flat might still have a room going. Alex
  12. alexswift

    Turkish Court could see Fergie locked up for 22 years

    And unless she goes back to Turkey she will be fine as she is.
  13. alexswift

    If you don't love it!

    Might get one when I get home "went to OZ and fell a sleep at 8pm each night. Thanks for my super and tax back though!"
  14. alexswift

    PommyPaul and Britchick's Moving Back Home Tales!

    If your looking for a quality car I sold my A3 to www.promotors.co.uk also in Bournemouth.
  15. alexswift

    Sydney and clueless

    I have checked my contract and its daily if I end the contact but payable weekly under normal circumstances. re "amazing how many idiots there are" in the UK most are advertised Per Calendar Month so its a gotcha most from the UK will need to watch for. Anyway I have been out on the push bike today I covered Darlinghurst, Paddington, Woollahra then back over the park to Surrey Hills, Moore Park, Zetland, St Peters, Newtown and back to the City via Ultimo and a lot of water and sun cream down I would say if your like me thinking something lively. easy and frequent CBD access, safe and not ghetto then its Glebe, Surrey Hills, Newtown and Balmain. I still recommend getting a reconnaissance trip arranged and hire a scooter or relocation guide to show you around. Sydney is a big city Grater Sydney at 700 square miles and 4.5 million people. London is smaller at 650 square miles but 8 million people! Crammed hey! Turn up try it just make sure you have repatriation clause in your contract and your happy with the home work you have done.
  16. alexswift

    Sydney and clueless

    Look I don't want to put you off but I wish someone would have been honest and blunt with me before I arrived. Also wished I'd have flown out for a month trial first. Your company is in north Sydney CBD I take it, you have a train, bus and ferry options during the working week but weekend and late night most services go to one an hour. If your northern quarter or angle or clapham then anything on the north side will send you to sleep. Neutral bay is as good as it gets any further down towards Cremorne or mosman is all established families and is dead post 8pm 7 days a week. You have a few restaurants but most are bland white Australians over priced targeted thai or Chinese soggy noodle joints (think fulham or richmond) on the food front. Going east or inner west you have large parks similar to Clapham common etc but "the beach" gets busy not the parks. Re your wage and living etc expect to spend $700 per week for an entry level two bed anything under that you will be lucky to find in your short time window and it be on a good well connected road. Also not that 700 per week is a little more than 700 because your rent is daily!! So it's 780 x 52 = 40'560 / 26 because they want paying once a fortnight unless you ask them for monthly so anyway my 780 turned into 3'380 a month and not the 3'120 I first thought. Notes for agents: They never return calls They never return emails or online forms. If your at a weekend viewing you will be limited to 15min and will be fighting the crowds all looking at the same time as you. You have to fill our paper forms or download, print and fill out and have copies of your 457 also so you can hand in your application at the viewing telling the agent you want it. You must hound the agent to put your application to the top of the pile. Nothing here is regulated (well they have codes but is all BS) and totally geared in the fav of the agent not the owner or the renter. I'd push the company to house you for 12 months because LAFA has gone for none-nationals (casual racism at work by the government) Alex
  17. alexswift

    Sydney and clueless

    Hi SydneyBlue You are doing the first right thing and using a forum to do your homework. I moved with my company and the addition of 1/3 to my salary has all been eaten by the cost of living also LAFA changes in July so the tax break goes away and I am about 1k in pounds worse off. The cityhobo site is about right but does not say that the north is dull, the east is Pink and the south is a toilet. Don't do the ferries for getting home, it's all entertaining living the dream for a while but you soon get the arse with one ferry an hour off-peak. Also checkout britishexpats website it's more social than this one when it comes to meetups etc
  18. alexswift

    Casual Racism?

    It has been removed.. Will hunt it down. Its a video showing a bunch of people in a class room been spoken too like idiots by a pantomime style presenter with big expressions and waving arms like its play school about the dangers of the water. This is not the actual clip but you have to love this also. I don't think I am been an arse but the use of the words in context "Them" and "They" I find shocking.
  19. alexswift

    Casual Racism?

    I honestly was convinced it’s the work of comedian. You know the very intelligent well thought out Tongue-in-cheek sketch along the lines of Leight Francis aka Avid Merrion or Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G but sadly not its main stream TV. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1613645/Keeping-migrants-safe-at-the-beach
  20. alexswift

    PommyPaul and Britchick's Moving Back Home Tales!

    Good luck to you, I will be following this story closely.
  21. alexswift

    English Food Poms miss

    Most of it, I'm going home.
  22. alexswift

    All by myself...

    Stick out the thumb and head north to ACT, turn left and head to NSW and then turn north up to QLD. Then fly to NT and head south to WA and keep going to WA. Should take you 9 months.
  23. alexswift

    Maggie Thatcher - Leaving London 19th Dec

    Oh I was hoping it was the real Maggie on QF2 to come and show the school girl currently in charge of the country how to properly slap down the unions!
  24. alexswift

    Just thought I'd say Hi

    I am just bored, Sydney is dull and, flashy with no substance. I got fed up in the UK also but I had a social calendar and my family and friends around for the lonely days.
  25. alexswift

    This feels right..

    I think it's over for me too I spend my day looking at autotrader, rightmove and jobserve