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  1. lauradarlin

    DASP super payment query

    Hi all I've been back living in the UK since August 2014, my WHV expired September 2014. I returned to Australia for a holiday in November 2016 on an e-visitor visa which is still active on my passport until October 2017. I'm trying to apply for a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment and satisfy all the criteria and have all the relevant details but have received an email from ATO stating that my application cannot progress as I still have an active visa for Australia. The only guidance I can find online so far relates to cancelling temporary resident visas, no mention of tourist ones. Can anyone offer any ideas on what to do next? I'm keen to get this resolved before the tax rate changes in July if at all possible. Thanks in advance Laura
  2. lauradarlin

    nsw or perth?

    I'm biased, love the WA summer. It's not crazy hot and there are plenty of outdoor areas that have shaded family areas, BBQs, play areas, parks etc. You usually see Aussie families at the beach with umbrellas or sun tent type things so it's definitely sensible to keep out of the sun, but not necessarily out of the outside!
  3. lauradarlin

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Interested to know if anyone ever found any information on British NQT status being acceptable?
  4. lauradarlin

    For Sale Perth: Holden Astra 2008

    It's manual, petrol, 5 door hatchback, 135000km, 1.8l, cruise control, leather interior, A/C, power steering, electric windows and mirrors, heated seats (current selling point!!), CD/AUX, tinted windows and full service history
  5. lauradarlin

    Getting Oz tax back when I leave

    I would agree with Alan, if you're planning to return during the same tax year it would just complicate things to try to claim a rebate part way through the year, you may end up owing it back come July 2015. If you wait you'll only have to pay the tax agent once too.
  6. lauradarlin

    For Sale Perth: Holden Astra 2008

    Just re-advertised this for $7750, happy to consider offers too! I leave next week!!
  7. lauradarlin

    Sending stuff back to the UK

    i used Australia Post too for 16kg by sea. The rather rude post office lady thought I was crazy asked why I wasn't just paying excess baggage and told me I couldn't insure it! Hope it makes it!
  8. lauradarlin

    For Sale Perth: Holden Astra 2008

  9. lauradarlin

    For Sale Perth: Holden Astra 2008

    oh sorry blossom79, I didn't realise, i just put the link on as i was struggling to get any photos to upload and thought it would be easier. What are the rules regarding advertising something for sale?
  10. lauradarlin

    For Sale Perth: Holden Astra 2008

    Hi all, Heading home shortly and have to leave my lovely car behind 2008 Holden Astra CDX, looking for about $8500, really lovely car, I will miss it. I'm south of the river in Perth Cheers, Laura
  11. lauradarlin

    how to find cheap house furniture?

    i'll have a queen size double bed (Trysil), bedside table, 3 drawer chest and 4 drawer tall chest (Brimnes) from Ikea bought Sept 2013 to sell late July, PM me if you're interested, I'm South of the River, Laura
  12. lauradarlin

    Bedroom Furniture and Car for Sale Perth

    Sorry, last post was a bit rushed, here are some more details... Car details: Holden Astra CDX 135,000km 5 door hatchback 1.8l 5 speed manual Petrol Silver Leather interior AUX in port, CD player and radio Cruise control Alloy wheels Tinted windows Full service history Rego til December 2014 will be listing shortly on Gumtree, Drive etc with an asking price of $10,000 Bedroom furniture: All Ikea furniture is white, linen bin is cream old fashioned dustbin type, fan is also white. Cost $850 new, had less than a year's use - make me an offer! I'm in Success near Cockburn, just off the Kwinana freeway and I'm leaving on 3 August so everything needs to be gone by then, ideally bed to go on 2 August as I'm not a fan of sleeping on the floor! Happy to arrange viewings/test drives etc thanks, Laura
  13. Hi All Leaving chilly Perth in early August and have a few things to sell: Ikea 'Trysil' queen size double bed frame and 'Hamarvik' firm mattress Ikea 'Brimnes' range: 4 drawer slim chest, 3 drawer chest, bedside table Ikea square wall mirror tall free standing chrome floor lamp free standing fan Ikea metal linen bin All in excellent condition and less than a year old And my 2008 Holden Astra CDX - 5 door hatchback, immaculate Give me a shout if you're interested in any of it
  14. lauradarlin

    Reclaiming Super

    Haha! i think so too, thats guys
  15. lauradarlin

    Reclaiming Super

    Hi guys A strange man told me that if you reclaim your super when you leave Australia you can never apply for another super account ever again...is this true?! I'm leaving shortly after 2 years on a WHV but hope to return in the not too distant future to work/live. If I take out my super when I leave will i be causing the future me a problem? thanks