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  1. When I say I wont be making a profit I mean I wont be making any money from renting. Im renting it out for less than what I pay a month for my mortgage so I'll still be contributing to that. Im not sure how the whole thing works to be honest but I do know that I'd like to do it properly and I appreciate all the info given. I certainly dont plan to commit tax fraud.
  2. pamdav

    Working at Ramsay Health group

    Hi Sarah :-) glad to hear everything is falling into place for you. All seems to be going in the right direction at our end too. Visa approved, flights booked for 9th July (eek), orientation 6th Aug. My plans have changed a wee bit though. I thought I would chance my luck and ask Ramsay Health if I can be placed in Joondalup Hospital instead of Hollywood as we'll be staying in Carramar (5 mins from Joondalup) and they said yes! So im just waiting for them to send me my new contract to find out which department i'll be working in :-) Its all becoming very real now!
  3. pamdav

    Good tips to stop worrying/thinking too much

    You should read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne (she's an ozzie funnily enough). One chapter in and I was feeling happy as larry :-)
  4. pamdav

    Mechanic Toolbox - Shipping

    He doesnt have a job lined up yet but i imagine he'll need his tools over there with him to secure one. So air shipping will probably be our best bet. Thanks for the info :-)
  5. Hello We're relocating to Perth from Scotland in July and my other half is looking to have his toolbox shipped over (weighs approx 190kg). Does anyone have any recommendations on who to use? Thanks :-)
  6. Initially we had planned to do it through an agency but that didnt work out. We're now leasing it out to a close friend, which i know some may think isnt advisable, but it seems to be our best and only option at the minute to be honest. Thanks for the advice, its appreciated :-)
  7. Thanks for that :-) yep, a private let with no agency involvement. And im clueless! ha.
  8. Hello, I'm about to rent my UK house out privately with no agent and was wondering how I stand on the tax situation. Do I have to inform the tax office? I wont be making any profit from renting, just enough to cover my mortgage. Does the Non Resident Landlord Scheme apply or is this only if done through an agent? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :-)
  9. Im about to rent my house out privately with no agent and going to oz on a 457 visa like yourself. How does this work with tax? Do i have to complete a non-resident landlord scheme tax form? :confused:
  10. Hi pink, do your GSCE certificates show your English exam results? If so, maybe just send a copy of them? I sent my high school exam results as proof and they were accepted :-)
  11. pamdav

    Australian Nursing Board

    Fingers crossed you'll find what you're looking for! Good luck :-)
  12. pamdav

    Australian Nursing Board

    Im not sure what area i'll be in yet tbh. I've had my job with Ramsay Health lined up since last March following an overseas recruitment drive so my contract just said clinical services which made me think i hadn't been allocated to a ward yet. I chanced my luck with them and asked it i could be placed in Joondalup hospital instead of Hollywood Private as its right next to where we'll be staying. They said yes :-) so im just waiting for my new contract to be sent. I've been given a start date so hopefully my new contract will tell me where i'll be working! Yourself?
  13. pamdav

    Australian Nursing Board

    I applied to the Perth office. My application took nearly 8 months but i finally got there! ha