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  1. Shinner

    Hello Townsville :-)

    Hi Sarah I work for BAE in the hangar next door
  2. Shinner

    Hello Townsville :-)

    Hi I'm an avionics engineer at the airport. Who's your husband working for? S
  3. Shinner

    Cairns or Townsville ?

    Both are really nice. You've made the right choice with Australia!
  4. Hi mate are you a chinook engineer? Cars and everything else is expensive. You need to get yourself a Queensland driving licence as soon as. Are you gonna be at Lavarack or the Airport? This will dictate where you may want to live and also schools. Weather is fab at the moment so get here as soon as you can. Open a bank account as soon as you can we are with nab who were really helpful.
  5. Been here two months now. Just booked tickets home for Crimbo. 5 weeks for the Missus and 3 weeks for me. Like it here but can't imagine missing that Crimbo feeling in the uk. Maybe next year we will stay. Each to their own I suppose.
  6. Shinner

    Any advice on moving to Townsville :)

    Hi Zoe, Check out the previous posts on Townsville. There are lots of good/bad areas, but people have different views to these. Most schools are good but if you are here as a single parent I would suggest getting as close to the strand as you can. It's always full of young families around the rock pool. We don't have kids so can't comment on individual schools. Been here 6 weeks now and everything is still strange! It is very expensive here, so make sure you send out all your stuff. Oh and bring loads of DCFC stuff if you are a fan. Come on the Rams!
  7. Shinner


    Watermark 2 for 1 Friday half 5 to half 7
  8. Shinner

    Queensland driving license on a 457

    You need a license for lots of things. Without one you will find it hard to get rented accommodation and you can't buy a car. I believe you can only drive for 3 months on your English one. To get one you need a few bits...Medicare cards, bank debit and credit card so make sure you set up your bank account before you come out. Would advise you getting your visas put into your passports.
  9. Shinner


    Was 16 degrees when I got in the car this morning. Might sound warm but I had the heating on. Defo bring a few things with long sleeves and jeans.
  10. Shinner


    Make sure you get your Medicare card ordered straight away and get a visa and debit card from your bank as you'll need these to get your driving licence this will help you get the 100 points required to apply for a rental. Good luck.
  11. Shinner


    Yep nice area Belgian gardens we are staying at 50 primrose street. Not too far for a walk to the strand.
  12. Shinner


    Hi fellow Townsvillers! Arrived last night bank, phones, car, apartment sorted. Wifi is a real pain to get hold of. Had a pizza in I think it was the sea view hotel with a nice XXXX last night. Driven up castle hill....that's gonna get us fit soon. Weather is fab. See you all soon for a beer, I'm the one in my profile pic if you see me looking lost! Love it love it x
  13. Shinner


    Don't arrive till the 23rd. Will meet up at the next one.
  14. Shinner

    How to check internet in Point Cook

    M2M are there any other sites that give coverage maps of broadband? Moving to Townsville but need to make sure we have good coverage.
  15. Shinner


    Hi guys, everyone ok after the storm? This vid says it all... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboj4ogkhUY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGhEjTiPtps&feature=related Any flooded areas please let me know to avoid. Regards, S