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    Buying in Brisbane

    Hi All, I currently work in real estate covering the Brisbane area. If you want any advice on how to buy, sell, invest, add value to your home or want a simple appraisal on your house i'm more than happy to share my knowledge to try and help a fellow pom. The house process is slightly different from the UK and it's not uncommon to find yourself at an auction. I'm always travelling around so if you want to catch up for a coffee and pick my brains feel free to contact me. All the best.
  2. zxrninja250

    Property Advice in QLD

    Hi All, I have created a group called Poms Property Advice, QLD on Facebook. This group is for POMS moving over or are already here. If your looking for advice on how to purchase, sell, rent, buy an investment property, schools, area profiles, etc. It would be good to keep all of this information in one group. I remember this being one of our biggest worries and costs moving down under. I currently work in real estate in Brisbane and have access to a team of professionals covering the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast and am happy to share my knowledge. I would like this group to be more of a community and for people to share there own knowledge and experiences with different locations, schools, commute times, good and bad points etc. I am also going to be holding social events in Cleveland for all the POMS once a month. It will also include local business who will be their to offer free advice on mortgages, financial planning, accounting, renting, purchasing property, investing in property, recruitment, training, book keeping, CV writing and more! Keep an eye on the Facebook group as i will be posting all information on here.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that doesn’t cost the earth? I have contacted a few but I’m getting the total costs back as around £7000 :-/....... I am looking at going for a 175 visa. Any replies would be gratefully received, Mark
  4. zxrninja250

    Brisbane or Perth??????

    Hi All I am torn between Brisbane and Perth but having never been there i don’t really no what to expect. Can anybody shed some light on there preferences such as places to live, cost of living, things to do, weather etc. I am a Mechanical Engineer so jobs are an important issue as well. Or any other areas you find feels like home. I am looking to go over on a 175 visa so it doesn’t matter where we go. Also can anyone recommend any good migration agent that doesn’t cost the earth? I look forward to your replies, Mark
  5. zxrninja250

    IELTS teacher in Ashford, kent?

    Hi All Is there any body out there qualified to give me some tuition on the dreaded IELTS? I have just received my results S-8.5, W-6.5, R-7.5, L-8.5 and i need an 8 in all areas so im miles off on the writing I live in Ashford, Kent. Also does anyone know if you can get any extra time or points if you are dyslexic? Many thanks, Mark
  6. zxrninja250

    Any Automotive Electricians out there?

    Hi All I am an Automotive electrian looking at doing my skills assessment anzo code: 321111. I dont have any direct qualifications but have 5 years exsperiance. I am gathering evidance for this but im not sure if I put to much stuff in it will go against me any idea? Any advice on good evidance to get? Many thanks Mark
  7. Hi I am also an Automotive Electrician and I am currently looking at doing my skills assessment as well. I dont have any qualifications in that area but I have 5 and half years experience working as an Auto sparky. I have contacted some agents to see what advice they will give me, I will keep you posted on my progression. What visa are you looking to apply for? Let me know how you get one and maybe we can both struggle through with each others help.
  8. zxrninja250

    Can anyone recomend a good Migration agent

    Hi All Thank you for all your replies, i will contact some of them and let you know how i get on. I have looked into doing it myself and i am doing (trying to) my skills assessment myself. I am stuggling to find the time, but i want to ensure i get my visa lodged before 1st july which is why i want to do my visa through an agent, so wish me luck. Just out of interest has anyone done there skills assessment through Trades Recognition Australia?? Any pointers or advise that i should look out for? Many thanks, Mark
  9. Hi all, I am looking to go the route of the 175 visa and I am trying to go it alone without the aid of an agent and need some advice on the skills assessment and the visa application. My job title is an Automotive electricain number:321111. Could anyone advise me on vetassess application and the forms i have to fill in? Also if anyone could summerise what i need to do and forms i need to fill in and put it in order of events it would be most gratefully received Kind regards, Mark
  10. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.