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  1. Hi were looking for some contacts that we can get in touch with to find out what the best possible mortgage would be for us going off our combined wages please, we are moving to Perth. Can anybody help ? Thanks for your help in advance
  2. Hi everybody I have a dilemma ok so my passport and visa don't include my middle name (as I don't use it) but my marriage certificate will have my middle name on it..... What do I do? Do I have to have my middle name on marriage certificate ? I'm worried it's going to cause problems when we arrive in Oz and need to change my passport/visa over. Thankyou so much for your help in advance xx
  3. Ozi

    So utterly lonely

    Sorry for my misunderstanding you put on a previous post "I want my mum"! Yes if you can't even speak to her about how your feeling then you should leave IMHO, you sound very depressed and need to speak to your family about how your feeling and maybe a psychologist
  4. Ozi

    Ashamed of where you live?

    Hi not ashamed of where our home is but ashamed of the area where i work!! I work in a Wigan and yesterday my front car windscreen was smashed in broad daylight by kids not at school!! It's a heated windscreen so had to call insurance company and I've lost my no claims, this along with many other things are the reasons we want to leave!
  5. Ozi

    So utterly lonely

    I agree the support you gave Stacey is fab :-) I believe if he can't even hold a conversation with his partner now why are they even together.... Decide to go separate ways I'm sure you'll be happier in the long run. P.s there is always someone out there to talk to and always something in life worth living for, why don't you ring your mum for some advice. Were all thinking if you and hope your ok
  6. Ozi

    Fly in/fly out phenomenon

    My oh does FIFO he's done it for 5 months I'm 24 and he's 28 it's hard to get used to at first but you've got to have a happy balance :-) if you have a family and want it to work you'll make it work, the way we looked at it was on his week off we'll have more time together than just a normal job... coming home having tea and going to bed ready to start the next day, the money is fab and will set us up but we have had so many negative comments from people some went as far as saying it would split up, its only for single people .... Blah,blah,blah and really pressurised us not to do it.... My response was its our lives and were doing this for our family, it was our choice and it thankfully has paid of :-) my advice go for it, you'll never know if you don't try xx
  7. Ozi

    Advice please :-)

    Hi everybody just wondering if anybody can help me, our story is we moved out to Australia in 2007 for an adventure ( whv )returned 2008 and applied for pr visa.... We loved Oz and felt like i was leaving home when we had to come back....We got granted 176 pr in July this year at the time we were so excited couldn't be happier and each day whilst waiting for the visa was horrendous so it proved how much it meant to us, we activated in August this year and hubby got a job working in the pilbara mines, I have since return to the Uk and will only be returning in March due to having some things in the uk to sort out. Anyway i am now starting to feel like i don't want to go since being back i have a non stop social life all my friends/family are having babies/weddings and i feel like I'm going to be missing out on so much. I can't talk to hubby about it yet as he is settling in on the mines with Rio-Tinto the money is great but alls I keep thinking is..... Is the money worth it I'm going to be on my own most of the time, when I have mentioned the loneliness to hubby he says if I'm not happy he'll give it all up but we are young and wanting a family so the money will set us up...... I just feel stuck and trapped before I've even got there again. I'm just trying to think why we are doing it and about how bad this country is..... I'm hoping it's just the nerves kicking in and I'll be ok when I arrive, thankyou for reading xxxx
  8. Ozi

    Hello, mining and general chat

    Hi I know I am very worried that we will be doing this and in the end it could cause problems! At the moment I'm happy with it as it was a once in a life time opportunity he got in through a friend and has landed lucky by next Xmas the Rosta will change from 4/1-3/1. I'm hoping to get work up there too on the same Rosta whilst I'm still young with no children, living near him isn't an option as rent in port hedland is extortionate! He's a labourer but the company is putting him through his electrical courses (he's an Uk electrician) but needs Oz licences. I just can't help thinking money isn't everything and if it did get too much my oh said that I come first and we'd reconsider his options :-/ confused xx
  9. Ozi

    WOW - Passed my medical!!

    Congratulations on your medical ours took 4 weeks from finalised to visa granted it all depends on case officer and work load ive read about people getting them in a few day and others 4-6 weeks. Good luck xx
  10. Hi all I'm new to this forum our 176 was granted in July and hubby has been working on the mines in WA since August he absolutely loves his job but finds the weather difficult to work in..... Some days it's 46 degrees he currently works 4/1 and is on $150,000 my question is do you think this is enough to live on in terms of houses, food, bills flights back to Uk once a year ect? we are 24/28 and no children yet. We both feel so lucky he has landed a fab job but I am petrified of being on my own for 4 weeks at a time, I'm hoping to find a job when I arrive I'm currently in Uk finishing a nursing degree and waiting for house to sell :0( I know it's a compromise that will pay off and my hubby wouldn't do it if I wasn't happy, we spoke about the ups and downs before he took the job but I can't help but feel so up and down about it all the wobblers are getting the better if me at the moment is this normal xxx