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  1. sidney87

    Just got my 457

    no skills assessment and yes my family (spouse+kid) got their visa approved in the same time and no other requirements for them either good luck
  2. sidney87

    Just got my 457

    4 days here, no medicals, no police checks
  3. this site seem to work for any period.. http://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/nsw/sydney/parramatta?checkin=01/10/2012&numNights=10&view=list
  4. can I ask if anyone knows if it's normal for the holiday rentals (in Sydney) to charge the whole rent before your arrival and how do you transfer them the money without an australian account (except wires which are very expensive..do they take checks or credit card?); thanks
  5. sidney87

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    hello could anyone help me with a small problem regarding an occupation on SOL or refer me to someone who might help: does ANZCO 224111 -actuary refers to actuarial analyst occupation as well? these two are closely related, but one requires high accreditation which few people have it.. thanks for any input
  6. and you have been working full-time (at least 20hs/week) for the last 3 years ?
  7. sidney87

    Drummoyne/Rozelle - what's it like to live

    thanks not looking for action, just a nice quiet place by the water, in a green area and close to CBD; the prices were for condos in small buildings, not houses, yeah
  8. sidney87

    Drummoyne/Rozelle - what's it like to live

    what's Canada Bay/Concord like, I've seen many 2beds for like $400-500 pw..are they dumps or is that the price for the area? pics look nice.. can I ask the stupid question if there are many canadians living there..nah, maybe not
  9. have you submitted a copy of your CPAA skills assessment with your application? might be a stupid question, but just in case..
  10. sidney87

    Positive Skills Assessment

    hey, congrats and good luck from now on too I guess that urgency request form paid off after all was your application for a trade occupation, or for a general professional occupation?
  11. true I would put those under employment letters/proof etc Tab 6; had to send the same to vetassess, same specs I thought that Mark was talking about the Tab 8 letters as he actually clearly mentioned "optional" and for that I would go with managers' letters about how amazing you can be
  12. i haven't applied yet but i prepared my docs for NSW, so i can only give you mho on this:
  13. sidney87

    5 months for VETASSESS

    thank you, ABA, very useful there are always solutions and I'm sure that raising the cost of a skills assessment by x% in order to decrease the processing time (by hiring more staff etc) would lead to less rant
  14. insurance broker IS on the list for NSW SS
  15. sidney87

    5 months for VETASSESS

    it is outrageous 176 takes like 2 months and vetassess 6 months ..really?! how crazy is that..who are these people?!