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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the kind messages and posts. I am really looking forward to my holiday and those wondering I am 29 with no kids, my girlfriend is 23 so there is a small age gap... And yes i am taking her, one reaon is altough I met her in April last year just before my step faher passed, we really only see each other once a week or maybe twice at most which is why i think we have lasted. I think the holiday will be a great decider for me on our relationship.. I am not going to make any big decision yet! Holiday first then some changes in my life I reckon. Those who asked I am not that close to my auntie, my auntie was close to my mum! me and my brother are close however he has his own life and would support me what ever i chose to do!! Thanks for the messages
  2. Hi all, This massive post is really just to get it off my chest, but as a long reader of pom in oz couldn't think of no where better to post So I went to Oz Jan 2010 and done the whole WHV thing for 2 years, then luckily got sponsored on a 457 for my job, it was a fantastic job which I loved so much up in Karratha WA. However my Step Father got cancer and was really ill, so came back for a visit in March 2013. He passed away in April so I had to extend my stay for a extra 4 weeks, which caused issues with my job but stayed home to support my small family, basically my mum and brother. Further to my Step Father passing my mother didn't cope too well with his death, she cared for him for 2 years with his cancer and she had a mental breakdown about a week before he passed. She was sectioned under the mental health act and was in a secured hospital for 5 weeks, she seemed to come to terms with his death and with the help from me, my bro and our auntie thought we could get her back to her normal self. However, that was never meant to be, in June 2013 she commited suicide and after the 2nd funeral in just 2 months me and my bro had sooo much to sort out, house, cars, famil business etc etc Around, december 2013 we had done everything that was required to resolve all my mum and step fathers affairs. from all bills / debts paid to cars returned to the buisness being closed and house being sold. it was a lot of work. The problem now, Well i was made redundant from my uk job that I got in sept 2013 (shortest job ive ever had ;0) so I have nothing to do, I was soo busy the last 10 months its just come to a sudden stop... Over the last few weeks, i have kinda felt myself slide into a depressed state, I am going bed late 2-3 am getting up at 12/1pm I have no interest in anything, probably put on a stone in the last 6 weeks.. I do however have a girlfriend who has suported me through all of this, the only issue is Im not in love with her. I love her and she has a fantastic heart but I just feel we are so different... any way that is a whole different post.. I am looking for work, but I cannot think of anything worse than sitting on a train to london everyday followed by 7/8 hours in a office!! being in IT this is the norm, so I was thinking of a career change however this is too another post. Back to my original post, after 11 months of being back I just dont know what to do now... I have tried to get over the whole OZ thing and just be home and get on with life but its always in the back of my mind.. and after last year I kinda hate being here and want to leave!! Anyway, I am going egypt in March for 10 days, I hope this will give me the time to decide 1 - what to do about my relationship and 2 what to do for my future and hopefully help me snap out of this horrid despressed moany, grumpy, lazy, man I have become!! Thanks for reading!!!
  3. Spherian

    457 lodged.. anyone know current processing times?

    It honestly can take from 3 days to 6 weeks, my company are quoating 2 weeks...
  4. The state that you are in now, is it possible to register your relationship? if you are in NSW then the link for info is: http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/Relationships.htm Basically if you register you can waive the 12 month requirment - still include all the information you have, but it makes the application the little bit simpler..
  5. I dissagree, I'd say if you have experience in office / customer service roles then you will have no issues getting temporary work. I have worked in Sydney and Perth and I had a 6 month contract with Dept of Transport(Mainroads) within a week. However, getting a full time perm role would not be an option until your partner visa is granted.
  6. Spherian

    457 Granted ! Thank you

    Wow. So fast..
  7. Spherian

    457 Granted ! Thank you

    How long for the nomination to approval? Congrats too btw
  8. Spherian

    The IT field Thread

    Andrew are you actually from Romford? IT Market is Perth seems to be pretty good at the moment... Sorry the IT Support market in Perth
  9. Ok so your broke, You cannot work because your on a tourist visa... you can't re-train or socialise with others because your broke... Hmmm. I think there is only one option mate and you know what it is..
  10. Spherian

    457 to PR??

    I'd 2nd that it is probably medical related.. If only I became a Doctor!!
  11. Spherian

    Any 457ers recently been granted?

    Hi Just wondering what docos you uploaded? I am a bit worried I wont have enough evidence of my skills? Its mainly experience? I am doing the job right now and have been for a a 5+ years.. Anyone out there that didnt upload too much i.e a work reference and some certs? or just a CV? I am asking today for sponsorship, they are either gonna say YES..... Or Nooooo. Wish me luck.
  12. Spherian

    Evidence of genuine relationship

    Pretty sure you will be fine 7 years of marraige and 3 kids will probably give you PR straight away...
  13. I would advise the PMV may be the best option from the two your are enquirying about. However can she apply for a WHV? then pop over and live with you for a period of 12 months then apply for partner? or if you're in a state that allows registration of a relationship do this which waivers the 12 month rule..
  14. Spherian


    Byron, What visa are you in the process of getting?