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  1. Application sent by agent Jan 5th, acknowledged Jan 12th Visa issued today!, 20th June. Waited until a few weeks after submitting for medical to be done. Our CO was VF. Hope this is useful to those waiting.
  2. is anything cheap in oz?

    They have some ALDI stores and a supermarket chain called Franklins which is known for its 'no frills' products. There are cheaper clothes stores too - similar to Primark is a shop called Supre - have a look at their website, might not be what you are looking for but there are options. Good luck!!!
  3. DownUnderLive Show - London

    I made contact with a removals company at the Birmingham show last year. Last week I contacted one of them again after participating in the live chat session on PIO. When I told the person that I'd been to the fair he said he noticed that on my file and would change it to PIO as we would then get £50 off our shipping. Like others I felt it was a waste of time going to the show, but if you do intend on going and would like to speak to anyone for the free consultations get there early - we had to wait nearly 2 hrs....
  4. Hello, We just wrote ours and signed it (as advised by our agent). Seemed to be ok as haven't been asked to clarify etc. Only thing that needed to be witnessed were the stat dec forms from Oz family and friends. Hope this helps!
  5. Wow! An interesting point. I might have to part with some of my resources - but it will be very hard. I will definitely look into the insurance thing - seems to be a ridiculously high addition in some cases. Thanks for the quick reply and good luck with your move!
  6. Will check them out too - so many companies so hard to decide!
  7. Great! Thanks for that! Didn't want to look silly calling for a quote.
  8. HI, We will be shipping a small amount of household items (we currently live in a furnished flat so no sofas beds etc). Basically just kitchen ware, a kitchen trolley, bedding, clothes, TV and computers, books and teacher materials (both are teachers) and a bike. Has anyone used them for this amount? Would they still come and pack it? Kind of hoped that they would do the packing so as not to waste space/damage items etc. Are other companies better for this amount? Any suggestions gratefully received!!
  9. school help??

    No problem. Schools in WA have 4 terms. The academic year runs Jan to December. Term 1 usually begins on or around the 1st of February and the children usually have 10 or 11 weeks per term. No half terms but the kids usually have 2 weeks holiday between each term. Also the 'summer' holidays are Dec/Jan.
  10. school help??

    Hi, This website link should answer your questions. http://www.det.wa.edu.au/education/ece/enrolments.html#starting Most Australian states call the equivalent of Reception Kindergarten. The equivalent of Nursery would probably be called child care centres or pre schools and are not typically part of primary schools. Here is a link to Playgroup WA which might be of interest for your youngest. http://www.playgroupaustralia.com.au/wa/
  11. Hi, We were in the same boat late last year - form is very daunting! We phoned Australia House several times to ask for clarification and found them to be really helpful. In terms of ETA we were told by our agent (eventually got fed up and forked out the cash) to leave it blank. We were also in a similar situation with previous trips - my husband has an EU visa so no stamps! We used FB but also went back through our emails to look for e - tickets which was really helpful, generally if we didn't have exact dates we put month and year and (touch wood) we haven't been asked to clarify any of it. Good luck!
  12. Long term Car Hire

    Thanks for the tips - will have a look at their website now. It isn't until you get to the last page with some of them and they add all the extras that you get a shock!
  13. Long term Car Hire

    Thanks for that - will give it a go.
  14. Hi we are looking to move to NSW later this year and were hoping not to buy a car straight away but maybe wait a month or two until we are more settled. Does anyone have a company they can recommend for long term car rental? I have tried looking online to get some idea of cost but the online program quote calculator can't cope with that length of time. Thanks
  15. Moving to Central Coast, NSW

    In my (slightly biased) opinion the Central Coast is a great area, I grew up there and am hoping to move back there with my UK hubby soon. Generally speaking the people are fairly laid back and relaxed - there are some lovely spots and things to do with little ones. An area called The Entrance is a short drive from Tuggerah and has lots of nice cafes etc. It also has pelican feeding each afternoon. Near to Tuggerah is a club called Mingara (http://www.mingara.com.au/) although famous for the many poker machines it has also has a great pool with inflatable slides etc. I don't have children myself so they are just a couple of the things that spring to mind, however I do know people in the area that have children of a similar age to yours so if you like I can ask them the sorts of things they do with the little ones and then get back to you? If you were thinking you would like to meet other young families then have a look at the Playgroup NSW website - they have groups all around the Coast (http://www.playgroupaustralia.com.au/) Hopefully this rambling is of some use to you!