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  1. bry45

    Contributory Parent Visa

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but we applied 31/5/2016 and are still waiting to be appointed a case officer.
  2. Hi gafuk Firstly, huge congrats on your visa news. Regarding money transfers, we used Westpac and can not fault them. They advised us to open an account with their london (UK) branch, which we did by phone. We were then appointed a personal bank rep who still email every month or so for an update. He guided us through what to do when we landed and we duly opened our Westpac oz account at our local branch. You can transfer as much or as little as you wish, but the minimum to get the best rate is £5000. As we didn't need all our pounds at once, we decided to watch the exchange rate, so all we have to do now is transfer whatever amount we want to their london branch and they will automatically transfer it into our Westpac OZ account at 1 point below current exchange rate, with no fees. We personally cannot recommend them highly enough. Regards
  3. Welcome back to OZ Kath, Hope all goes well for you.
  4. Hi Ian We used PSS and they were spot on. Their prices were also very good. Told us our goods would be here within 12 weeks from them picking them up and we received them 10 weeks later. Only extra cost to us was the customs charge ($250 I think). Highly recommend them.
  5. Hi all Sorry for not having posted or a while, been following all your posts and keeping up with the progress, just been very busy since we landed. Regarding this topic, we use Westpak and I highly recommend them. All we had to do was open an account with their London office, which we did on line with £5000. In fact, they did it for us, all I did was call them.This gives you a Westpak Uk account. We then went into the local Westpak branch to where we are staying in OZ and registered for our Westpak AU account and bank cards. The London branch gave us a personal account manager who handles all our money transfers and you can transfer as much or as little as you want to without charges. The London account does not earn interest, so we leave our money in our original Uk bank until we need some cash and all I do now is keep an eye on the exchange rate as I don't want to transfer all our money at once and when we need some AUD, we transfer the equivalent GBP amount into our Westpak Uk account, they then transfer that amount into our OZ account and providing we transfer a minimum of £5000, we get an exchange rate at 1 point below current and no fees and the money is in our AU account the following day. They could not be more helpful and considering the fluctuating exchange rate, this works great for us as we don't need all our money transferred just yet. I realise we are all in different positions however, whether you need to transfer all your monies or not, its free. By the way, Its great reading that allot of you are at or through the exit door of the waiting room.
  6. Hi Fisher We too are hoping they will be just as good in OZ, we're headed to the gold coast, hope everything goes well with your second bambino, I'm sure all will be OK
  7. Hi everyone Sorry I haven't posted for a while, things have been hectic for the last few weeks. I've been reading all your posts with the various ups and downs and its good to see at least some of us poms are no longer waiting. Anyway, our latest update shouldn't change, flights are booked and we're off on Sep 5th. PSS (brilliant) picked up everything the boss said had to be shipped last Friday and the bags are packed. Looking forward to the new adventure and our granddaughter is now crawling, so me and her grandma will be kept fit and active for the foreseeable.. That's it I suppose, I'll post again when we get there.
  8. We have also gone with PSS. Very nice on the phone, told them we'd had a quote from seven seas for a move cube. Our "move manager" emailed us almost immediately and was very helpful, explained that as long as we have a visa that allows us to stay in OZ for 12 months, there will be no issues with shipping. Even better was the fact that they were £300 cheaper. So far, so good, I'll update again when our stuff has been picked up.
  9. Hi all, not posted for a couple of weeks due to some family stuff, but all Ok as our daughter and 7 month old granddaughter are back in the UK for a month visiting, Grandmother is ecstatic and I've now got a new walking buddy. Anyway, we've been talking about our caravan and possibly taking it with us. Its an older model (1995 Abbey Vogue 215 GTS) and only worth about £1500 , but we love it and its in great condition and ideal for our little trips. We were wondering if anyone has any info on whether or not we could take an older model and how much to ship.
  10. I'm also interested in this 60K investment visa if anyone has any info