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  1. Trudiva

    How does the school system work around Perth?

    Government schools (ie free) generally require you to live within catchment area to guarantee a place, lots of schools run specialist programmes and admit out of area students by way of scholarships, soccer, music, drama, art etc You can send your child to whichever private school you like as long as you can get a place and pay the fees which vary quite drastically with Catholic and other faith based schools tending to be slightly cheaper, generally the more 'exclusive' schools will be the most expensive but not necessarily a guarantor of success or standards! The best plan from my point of view is to move to an area with highly regarded public schools or send your child to a carefully selected private school Hi all, The family is moving to perth in August. We have two kids, 5 and 2, i would like to know which areas are most regarded for their public schools for my kids. i believe that will help me sort out my accommodation.
  2. Trudiva

    Visa Update NSW

    Hi all, Am Vera Visa Type: 457 visa status: APPROVED TODAY! Coming to : Central Coast
  3. Trudiva

    Visa update

    Hi all, The name is Vera, Visa type: 457 Issue date: today 7th Dec 2011 Heading to: NSW - Central Coast Yay! visa approved, got the news at around 5:30 am, now am getting more excited and nervous, but i know its the beginning of the excitment, hurray!!!
  4. Trudiva

    Best Schools on Central Coast

    Hello Nickc, Great reading your stuff, i have been looking for this info quite some time now, and thanks for sharing this however i would want to know: public and private which one is more expensive. we have a daughter who is in the kindy and i understand its 4500k for public, howabt the private?
  5. Trudiva

    Visa Update NSW

    Hi there, The name is Vera, OH working on his 457, Gerrie(4) Gabbie(2m) headind to central coast. Has anyone on this forum moved there yet? Please share your experience with me. Really interested in the whole experience, from flight boarding to house picking to settling in and work as well as education. Thanks V
  6. Trudiva

    Visa Update NSW

    how long did it take for it to be granted? we are about done with the meds.
  7. Trudiva

    Visa Update NSW

    Hey there, glad to see someone heading to cc, we will be coming in around january, hope to get the opportunity of meeting you when we come.
  8. Trudiva

    Central Coast Schools....

    Hi Jibbah24, Actually i dont have an answer to this but am also interested in the answers that would be given since the we will be moving to central coast in january as well and we have two kids. Regards T
  9. :wink::wink:Hi all, Am new on poms, just wanted to say hello to everyone. we are moving to central coast in january and am so excited, cant wait. any information on education, entertainment, health, i mean all aspect of life are welcome. and i would love to meet up with you. that is if u re in cc.:hug:
  10. Trudiva

    Moving to Central Coast, NSW

    Hi Chris5, great info, really appriciate that, i have checked the sights you gave me and they are awesome, cant wait to get there.:yes:
  11. Trudiva

    Moving to Central Coast, NSW

    You know what i actually do, am so excited and yet nervous about the whole move, any useful tips about expactations. I mean any information about cc that might get the family excited?My hubby and i are quite young and we have a three yr old as well as a baby of three months. Both are girls.
  12. Trudiva

    Moving to Central Coast, NSW

    Thanks Chris5, very useful info
  13. Hi everyone, My husband has got a job in tuggerah and so we will be moving to central coast in January, i really will appreciate information on good area to settle in that is closer to his workplace (in tuggerah), and any info that might be of help with regards to the move.:confused:
  14. Trudiva

    Cost of public school fees.

    Hi everyone, i am so glad i came across this website, my hubby and two kids are moving to central coast in January and one of my concerns is getting a good school for the kids. Does anyone knows of a good public kindie in the central coast possibly in and around tuggera, and finally can i have an idea of how much will go into school fees. We are on 457. Regards