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  1. 26 year old lad from Greater Manchester looking for mates in the Surfers Paradise area. Just moved from Roma(middle of nowhere rural Queensland) and don't know anyone so if anyone wants to go for a beer gimme a shout. Big into football(Manchester United...don't laugh lol) and also looking for a team to play for. I'll be starting a new job in Southport in the next couple of weeks so until then my social circle is practically non existant
  2. Yeh man im up for a beer pm me your number. I cant laugh too much, hardly the best time to be a united supporter right now
  3. When I was in Melbourne in 2010 I watched a couple of WC matches at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in St Kilda and the rest at home on TV. Charles Dickens in the CBD might show them though, I used to go there to watch EPL games from time to time. Hope this helps
  4. rowneee

    Transferring a 457

    I'm in the same situation now, my new employer is sorting everything out and I was given a 2-6 week time frame for completion
  5. I'm free pretty much any time at the moment til I start my new job. Where abouts are you?
  6. I just moved to Surfers, same situation but I'm guessing you've probably moved now?
  7. Hey, I'm 26 and just moved to Surfers and don't know anyone. Gimme a shout!
  8. I'm a Manc too, just moved to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and looking for some mates here if anyones up for a beer. I support United...no jokes please haha
  9. Ok so I've got my place sorted, on a quiet street in Surfers Paradise(yes there is one believe it or not), should start work in the next couple of weeks - just waiting for my 457 to be transferred to my new employer then I'm good to go. Next thing on the agenda...who wants to go for a drink??
  10. So having moved over 3 months ago and found myself living in Roma I have got myself a new job in Southport in the Gold Coast. Obviously I can't wait to get away from the boredom and nothingness that is Roma and get down to the more exciting lifestyle down the coast but I have very little idea on where the best places are to live. My job will be in Southport and as yet I don't have a car so public transport links are a must unless any of you would recommend living in Southport itself? I don't want to be anywhere too mental but at the same time don't want to be too far away from all the action so any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  11. I'm gonna be in Brisbane for the 1st test next weekend and the lad I was going with can't make it so I've got a spare ticket for the Sunday if anyone's interested?? $35 face value sat in the block next to the barmy army. Should be a good laugh, PM me if interested.
  12. rowneee

    England v Aus ( cricket )

    I've got a spare ticket for Sunday at the Gabba if anyone's interested?? PM me if so, sat in the next block to the barmy army so should be fun
  13. The location it states in my contract is Roma although I think they can be flexible if you want to move due to the fact they have 7 sites but I assume I'll have to wait until I get there to find out. From what it said in the original documents and from what I was told at the interview is that accommodation will be provided for the first month which is more than enough time to find a rental, when I came over in 2010 I stayed in a backpackers for a week and was living in an apartment within a week. I'm looking at booking a flight for around the 17th, there are various airlines that offer discount flights and baggage up to 45kg for people on migrant visas(Quantas and Emirates definitely do) and I'll be getting a call tomorrow to discuss this and will report back with a price once I have one. The sensible thing to do is wait until the visa comes before sorting a date as obviously they won't let you in the country without it. Had an email from the guy from the recruitment company yesterday, last few days of winter...26 degrees, im so so soooo sad to be leaving england
  14. the actual visa side of it is nothing to do with blacks, it was all sorted my the migration agent they set up and yesterday my visa was granted. its gonna take more time the more people are on the visa, im going on my own so it was relatively quick (around 4 weeks) from when paperwork was complete. as far as being excited goes i dont think id be doing it if i wasnt, im from manchester so the chance to escape the weather is exciting on its own
  15. rowneee

    457 Visa Timeline - June 2013 [Sydney]

    I also wet with bupa, very reasonable price and it is a requirement. Anyway in other news...MY VISA GOT GRANTED TODAY :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: for anyone interested the paperwork was completed 31st July and i recieved my visa today 28th August so approx 4 weeks to complete. very very excited, will be heading over in the next 2 weeks
  16. I'm still waiting for the visa to be approved so as yet am unable to help with any queries you have however from what I hear they are a great company to work for and so far the visa application, despite the delay, has gone well
  17. rowneee

    457 Visa Timeline - June 2013 [Sydney]

    Hi all, my application for my 457 visa was lodged 31/7/13 and my MA told me I would normally only have to wait 2/3 weeks for approval. Im not worried yet but just want it to hurry up so I can get my flights booked and arrange shipping etc. Is there anywhere you can check on the status of your application or is it simply playing the waiting game until it arrives?
  18. On my contract it says Roma but having looked at the map it seems very out of the way so ideally I'd rather be at Oakey or Dalby, somewhere a bit closer to civilisation. I was told at the interview they could be flexible with all this so with any luck it should be fine. Really looking forward to making the move and knowing that there's already some expats working for the company was a great reassurance from the start. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and I'll be over asap
  19. Hi all, I'm nearly done with my 457 visa application to move to rural Queensland for a company called Black Toyota who have dealerships in Dalby, Oakey, Chinchilla, Roma, Emerald and one or two others. I'm just waiting to get a couple of bits of evidence certified then all my paperwork is complete and have been told the visa should only take 3/4 weeks to process from there. My main query is who have people been using to ship toolboxes? Is it worth selling up and buying new stuff over there? and what are the average costs for either air or boat shipments? Also if anyone else is either going to any of the above areas, lives in any of them or knows anything about them, any information or just a quick hello would be greatly appreciated. I'll be going on my own and am 26(almost) so would be great to hear from anyone in a similar situation to share ideas and experiences with regards making the move, cheers
  20. Hi guys, i have just landed myself a job in toowoomba qld and am aiming to get myself over in around 4 months. Im gonna be coming on my own ready to start a new life and would like some advice over the coming months on many aspects of the move. Firstly ill tell you about myself... Im a 25 year old car mechanic from manchester. I was working over in oz back in 2010 for 7 months living in melbourne then brisbane, much prefered brisbane. My intentions this time are hopefully to return back to the uk for holidays only, this is make or break for me and im looking forward to the challenge so much. My first query is the most important, where to live? Im going to be earning around $75000+ and will be looking to rent in the short term so i would like to know the best areas in terms of price, location, amenaties etc. Dont want to be living in any run down/dodgy part of town. Being young and single id like to be somewhere with plenty of lively and vibrant bars/resteraunts so i can go out, have fun and make some friends. Also im a keen football fan/player and so a local team to get involved with is key as it helped my integrate and meet lots of new people when i was last over. I'll leave it at that for now as im starting to ramble. Any help/info or just a friendly hello would be greatly appreciated. Ill stop by regularly and add to this post as and when i think of anything, cheers for your time. Dave
  21. plans are changed, im moving to roma, anyone got any info about roma?
  22. Hi all, I'm moving to oz in the next few months as I've landed a job in Artarmon, Sydney. I'm coming on my own and so I only need a small place, I'm just not sure the best areas to start looking. I've had a look at the trainlines and have established that until I get a car I'll need to live somewhere around the Northern line and the North Shore line, I'm just not sure where abouts my budget of around $450AU p/w is gonna take me and searching through all the different subburbs on rental sites is proving tedious. Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to where i should start looking. Thanks, Dave
  23. rowneee

    Where to live??? please help!

    Thanks for that, very useful. I've looked at a couple of the areas you mentioned and have determined from posts from other users that Chatswood isn't really the place to be. As far as public transport goes, thats gonna be my main way of gettin around for the first year or so I'd guess, certainly while im renting anyway, no need for the added expense of running a car when living on a tight budget. Mainly just need a small place, close enough to local ammenaties and wherever I end up I have to have an oven! It's little things like that I didn't plan for properly when I lived in Melbourne last year and suffered as a result. This time I've gotta make the move work, no room to mess up, it's now or never!