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    Sounds to good to be true!

    Hi people, I have spoken to a lot of people regarding the move to Australia. Always the same answers about how wonderful it is and all that! Is there anyone that can paint a realistic outlook on life over there so that we can get a reality check before we make a decision?? Costs of general day to day living, etc? Also anybody recommend a good agent to help with the visas?? Cheers Steve:eek:
  2. Steveathome

    Help! where do I start???

    I am a double glazing/solar panel installer and my wife is a hairdresser, both qualified but my occupation is not on the list, so we are looking for permanent visas and we are undecided as to which part we would like to move to. :confused:
  3. Steveathome

    Help! where do I start???

    Hi, my name is Steve and i am married with 3 children. We are keen on moving to Aus in the next couple of years but could do with some help and advice on where to start, and what the costs of visas are? Etc Etc.... Thanks
  4. Steveathome

    Steve Clarke

    Hi, I am new to the site and would like to know what the job prospects are in Perth for double glazing/solar pv installers? If anyone has any info or advice please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Steve