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  1. Hello out there,


    Need a bit of guidance please....

    I have applied to VET under FM - but now have resigned from my current role - will this affect my future application to DIAC even though I will seek a new role with the same responsibilities?



  2. Hi there,


    Cheers for that! meant to reply ages ago! My occupation definitely exceeds in responsibilities to that of facilities due to such a broad umbrella as office manager. I also spoke with a migration agent and he did an assessment and match and said I would be eligible under facilities manager. Fingers crossed as I have lost a lot of money in the past due Office Manager being removed off the list - and I don't see that ever going back on!


    Can anyone point me in the direction of the new skills consolidated list 2? I have checked but only see SOL updated list for 2013-2014


    Thanks so much! hopefully I will have another chance!!



  3. Hi out there,


    Been a while since I was online as my occupation Office Manager was taken off the SOL so haven't bothered since then as no one has any sort of answer for me.

    On another note, I was assessed by a migration agent this week and going through their system he said I would qualify for applying under the Facility Manager occupation, which is still on the SOL as Office Manager is such a 'broad' umbrella.


    Obviously, I am a bit apprehensive as all the money I spent before has been lost.


    Has anyone out there applied under this occupation that is an Office Manager? It's given me hope, but would like some feedback from anyone out there that has maybe been through this or has some advice.


    Thanking you all :smile:

  4. Hi there,


    Been awhile, but since my occupation was removed from the list I have getting all sorts of information and am confused! :-(


    Has anyone applied since this occupation was removed, to employers over in Aus via sponsorship and directly? Not sure what 1st July 2013 brings but doubt this will be put back onto the list as this never really happens... dream shattered :-( if anyone can help please post!



  5. Hi there,


    Apologies only noticed didn't put my occupation! it's Office Manager which I know has been taken off the SOL and CSOL but remains on the Ceiling Occupation List so not sure if I could submit an EOI anyway and see what happens? I also know that it's been taken of the WA and ACT lists as well but I haven't checked any others, I already have a positive VET assessment but haven't done my IELTS as wanted to see if I could apply without it and see if anyone would sponsor me?

    thanks for your advice *sigh* bit distressing really as I didn't make the IELTS before the 1 July changes :-(

  6. Hi out there,


    I must be completely bonkers or damn well determined but have re applied to Vetassess under another occupation!

    This forum was the best information ever and helped me achieve a positive result - however I have taken a chance on actually re applying instead of re assessing as my criteria has changed, but also the cost was more or less the same. Anyway, hoping the universe is on my side!


    Question out there - can anyone point me in the right direction where to find the stat dec stating you arent in Australia at the time of applying/lodging an appliaction that I can send with my paperwork! eek!


    Thanks so much - any feedback/help would be awesome!!



  7. Hi out there,


    Well since the devastating news of Office Manager occupation being removed from the skills list, has anyone out there applied successfully through the Skill Select option with this occupation on the off chance? As it's still on the Occupational Ceiling List and still no one really knows what is going on just wanted to find out if anyone has had any luck..... :-)


    Hoping for a miracle!


  8. Hello,



    Apologies and thanks for your patience!


    My occupation is Office Manager. And yes, all correct about WA state sponsoring as that was the initial plan. I just didn't do well enough on hte reading part of my ielts which let me down in not being able to apply before the deadline as all my paperwork was in place, so all because of a stupid english test!!!


    I know that having spoken to migration agents in the past the Project and Program Administrator can be assessed against my current occupation as the majority of responsibilities are the same, however I would have to re pay, resend everything again with no guarantee this would be the case.


    I haven't checked Canberra's list either, but if they did have my occupation, would I be able to apply under Office Manager even though it's on the ceiling list? OR is this the end...................... :em4600:

  9. Ok, am confused! I know that it has been taken off the list, however on SkillSelect under reports is't still on the occupational ceiling list. I looked on the South Australian website for state nomination and Office Managers and Project/Program Administrators is on there. Below have pasted this.

    Could someone help out verifying this?


    [TABLE=class: orange tiny_text, width: 4]


    [TD=align: left]51[/TD]

    [TD=colspan: 3, align: left]Office Managers & Program Administrators[/TD]



    [TD=align: left]511112[/TD]

    [TD=align: left]Program or Project Administrator[/TD]

    [TD=class: avail high, bgcolor: #73FF73, align: center]High availability[/TD]

    [TD=class: extra, align: left]IELTS 6.5 in each band[/TD]


    [TR=class: title_row]

    [TD=colspan: 4, align: left][/TD]






    Office Manager is on the above list, under reports.


    Thanks again everyone for your help.... is there any hope?????? :em4600:

  10. Help!! SO, had another look tonight and this occupation is not available anymore for SS/WA :em4600:

    I am soo upset..... I literally was depending on this state... anyone know what states would sponsor this occupation? it is still on hte CSOL... its just I have had my skills assessed, taking my ielts end of this month and all that money spent.. for what?

    Any comforting words of hope out there?

  11. Hi there,


    Thanks for coming back to me so swiftly..... maybe there is hope!! I am unable to apply as yet as need to get the ielts done first which is end of this month. Am hoping then there will still be chance to apply. Am assuming I still need to get this done before I can apply to gain the sufficient points?


    Have checked on the WA SS list and Office Manager is still on there so hoping all is not lost..... so stressful :em4600:

  12. Hi all,


    As I missed the deadline for SS for a 176, my occupation to apply would of been Office Manager.


    With the new skill select it looks like they have taken a lot off the new SOL list. I have checked and re checked hoping I am looking at the right list and now cannot find my occupation which is absolutely depressing.


    Can anyone help in confirming this?





  13. Hi all,


    So after the positive previous conversations I have had with fellow bloggers, I still am in this situation on attaining band 7 or maybe even 8 now the pass mark has lowered in my Ielts. I am having to retake it again... can anyone give me some great websites to practice, tips etc.. I know from reading it's all the same same.. but I really really need this... (driving me craazy!) so I can apply at last!! gutted as missed the damn deadline due to not attaining the bands I needed....


    Help would be awesome!!! Hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel!!:biggrin:

  14. Really? ok..... just trying to get my head around it all - so process as follows:

    Ielts - pass (eventually!):biggrin:

    Submit EOI ? sorry just getting confused with SS thing..

  15. Thanks again all for your guidance and help...... hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel...

    Don't know how they can say there are any benefits..... eek..... as you are in a waiting poole :sad: at least when applying for an actual visa it was guaranteed.. why oh why does it feel so hard!!

  16. Ok - so to clarify - that would be all the paperwork collated for my positive vetassess results inclusive of and my ielts once done? I mean everything...

    I suppose because when you apply for the 176 you still had to sort out police checks and meds so was a bit confused and didn't know if this would still be the case. I have all my paperwork ready, so hoping for the ielts results that I need ....

  17. Lebourvellec you ar full of knowledge! Thank-you :biggrin:


    Ok, so I should still go ahead with my IELTS and then can lodge an EOI? will all the same paperwork be required?

  18. Katiem,


    I am wanting to attain 20 points for the ielts as that does push it up to 70.... SS for WA I need 65 plus and a band 8 is what will suffice for this.

    So I am assuming the process is still the same, take the ielts, apply SS and then apply to the department of immigration?

  19. Hello All,


    Unfortunately due to my IELTS not attaining the band needed I have missed the deadline for SS/WA and applying for my 176, just when I got my head around it all.... so upset still :-(


    Anyway, can anyone highlight on the new legislation as will need to understand this process now.


    I have my positive Vetassess, but need an 8.0 band to attain 70 points.


    Do I retake my IELTS and apply to the State as before and then apply online?


    So confusing!


    Thanks for your help out there :biggrin:

  20. I just don't know... I was going to apply to the state but now with all the new legislation in I haven't even looked to see if this will all suffice in the new rules? MY vetassess is positive, it's just my ielts that is the nightmare... :-( does anyone know much on the new rules as does the process still apply?

  21. Hello All,


    I was feeling quite positive about sending my application for SS/WA today until I received my IELTS results... and the reading again just was not good enough.... I feel absolutely lost now as this would of been my last chance to apply. I have spent months preparing and going through the stages and this stage I just get slammed every time, have taken my IELTS more than once and it's just a joke :em4600:

    To think now that before the 1st July all is lost.... and money... is there any hope?!!!


    I want to say a huge thanks though to everyone who has helped me come this far......