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    Employment References - Vetassess

    Hi Priscilla, Thanks for the reply - it's frustrating because I don't really want to send two stat dec, will have to for my current employment as I don't want them to know, and secondly the previous company that weren't very nice either, just think it will look bad and am hiding something, or not? I have an employment contract for my previous company and I have proof of pay and employment by the tax department, this should suffice? plus have payslips etc for current employment including contract. Just not sure to state 'reasons' on stat dec why they cannot contact them as the office is still running.. any thoughts? I know, lots of questions but like you said, they are quite strict and want to get it right.
  2. Hello,Almost ready to send off my paperwork to Vetassess, would like some advice please from those in the know... :biggrin:I was let go in the recession in 2008, the company plain and simple said that it wasn't working and they let me go. No proof of anything was sent to me it was all in a discussion. I have a contract proof of employment. Am I to send a a stat dec. I have no leg to stand on to back anything up as they didn't write anything.... advice?Second question - Have asked my previous employer, she holds a grudge of me resigning and now won't state my occupation which was Office Manager and not Office Administrator for a reference. I was with them over 2 and half years ago, advice please? Stat dec again explaining? She said they can contact her but I don't want any error, plus I feel sending two stat decs plus proof of paid employment and no reference they might think I am lying which I am not...Both offices are still running....Help please!!:cry:
  3. Hello out there, Really would like some help please, thank-you to those that have already responded! :biggrin: Regarding information on this form, I currently am struggling from the last company to give me a reference with the correct job title on it, even though this was my initial job title. I now have decided that since 'they' have been not so nice.. I won't use them as a reference. So, I am assuming that a stat dec used instead - but not so sure what to put on there. Second dilemma, is the company I worked for after that, due to the economic crises, I was let go - this is all good and well but they didn't give me any notification on this as they had only opened the office at that time. They said I wasn't due any notice.. again, am assuming a stat dec in place of this. My current role, I will use again, yes a stat dec as I don't want them to contact my current employer either of my plans. I also don't want them to think that I am trying to hide something as I am not. Can anybody advise on this, both my previous managers had left my company and one of them lives overseas and I don't know if I can just get a reference from her, plus I don't want them contacting the employer since they have been so unhelpful in the first place .... :sad: I know this a bit of a long one, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanking you :smile:
  4. Minxey

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi there, Can anybody advise on where I can find the UK version of this form? I see from various threads that the Australian one can be used from the actual website, however I also see that you should use the UK one as this would be the country of origin where it was filled out. Help much appreciated!! :biggrin:
  5. Minxey

    Vetassess - Statutory Declaration

    Thank-you for your help, is this the correct form? Just thought I would double check :biggrin:
  6. Hello there, Would appreciate some help on this - collating all documents to send off to be signed by my solicitor. I am a bit confused on this form, basically I won't be able to attain any information regarding my current employment as evidence as I don't want to tell them about my plans, let alone lose my job!!! So, have been told that you can fill this form in - went onto their website: http://www.ag.gov.au/statdec - form on the right hand side. Is this going to cause any problems with a solicitor signing it as it's an Australian document, and also is this the correct form to fill out? Thank-you :-)
  7. Minxey

    Police checks

    Hello there, New to this website as well.... would like to get my police check done and medical - is it better to wait until nearer the time/ is there an expiry date with these checks? Info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers :biggrin:
  8. Minxey

    State Sponsorship / Vetassess for WA

    priscillagonsalves Hello - the letter you needed to get from his company - haven't got that far yet! I am assuming this is for proof of employment? I have no idea how to attain this as I can't tell anybody about my plans.... eek! Advice? Also, they say for vetassess the requirements of those that need to certify documents - was surprised to see that a 'lawyer' cannot even do that over here - they have to be australian qualified.. am I reading this right? Any advice would help - am going to practice on the forms over the weekend to see what I need help with.... I also need a Band 8 to help me immigrate.... fingers crossed - doing mine on Saturday.... :eek:
  9. Minxey

    State Sponsorship / Vetassess for WA

    That's awesome - so exciting! Can I ask about the skills assessment, did you speak to an agent before you sent your paperwork off to VETASSESS to make sure you had the correct visa chosen? Reason am asking is I have been told by an agent I could be eligible for WA and then another that wants to go through all my paperwork for the same amount - she said could take 3 hours to assess. Assuming this is the same thing... After your assessment came back, you then applied and paid the fees to the DIAC website for WA? I have seen the booklet 6 which explains it all - I need to check what forms need to be filled out as well on there... it can be quite confusing! OR if you can point me in the right direction.. :biggrin: This website is very helpful, it's amazing how many people help out... :biggrin:
  10. Minxey

    State Sponsorship / Vetassess for WA

    Hi Vickchick70 Good to hear! I have been wanting to immigrate for a very long time now! I was told that I can apply to WA with my profession - I also was told Canberra. I think that with Canberra they still have a 'limited' whereas looking at the WA website, it states still available. It's quite tricky as I once joined an agent who let me down and I ended up getting a refund, so hence this is why I am doing it my self - don't trust them. Did it take long for State Sponsorship to come through? I have found out more information on this website than ever an agent's explanatory notes!! Is the IELTS difficult? Thanks for your response - a great help.. more advice my way if you have any!! So exciting for you...:biggrin:
  11. Minxey

    Office Manager- what qualifications?

    thewhites Hello, me again - just a question really - at any time when filling out forms, was your husband asked how did he gain the Diploma of Management? Just want to check as I did a self assessment yesterday and included this in it, and had an agent ask me how long did I study for? thanks again for you help :biggrin:
  12. Minxey

    Office Manager- what qualifications?

    thewhites Thank-you for this info, I had a chat yesterday with Academy 3 and you were right, very helpful!! There is hope!! :biggrin:
  13. Minxey

    Office Manager- what qualifications?

    Thank-you... appreciate the reply!:smile: And good luck! Will keep an eye on this thread for any further information, if you think of anything else that would help... much appreciated!
  14. Minxey

    Office Manager- what qualifications?

    Hi there, Am new to this forum.. so bear with me.... I contacted Academy 3, they are extremely helpful, it's amazing what agents don't tell you! Anyway, I myself am in a similar situation, I am not able to retrieve my qualifications certs as they were lost in transit years ago and no data is kept on file for longer than 5 year :-( Anyway, as I understood from reading your thread, did your husband then apply for 'Office Manger' under what visa option to which did you apply? Any help would do as I am about to take my IELTS next weekend and then I want to send off paperwork to have skills assessed by Vetasses. Thank-you! Appreciate any help... :-)