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    WA - SS Sponsorship Question

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone can advise on the section where they ask you about funds. I have my savings funds - however won't go really until I have what I said I would to migrate. What shall I put, exactly this? Thanks for all your help out there.... :biggrin:
  2. Hello lovely people, Need some assistance again.... At the time applying for my visa I shall be at my current address, thereafter literally a week I am moving. Will this be an issue? If so, please advise.... *sigh* it's ongoing.... but will get there in the end! thanks so much!:biggrin:
  3. Hello, Can anyone, who has filled out their application for the 176 visa let me know what documents to upload. I am reading so many answers to this, and am a bit confused! I have all the basics, passport, birth cert, P60, 5 months wageslips, diploma and transcript, vetassess result (does this need to get certified?) I am a bit confused regarding the employment documents. Would I scan through everything basically that I did for Vetassess? Ta muchly!! (one step closer!) :biggrin:
  4. Minxey

    Police Checks

    Hello All, Preparing documents before I apply for my 176. Reading that they require police checks for every country living in the past 10 years. I lived in Greece 9 years ago, will they still require this? Also, I worked on cruise liners for a year at the time based in Miami, will I have to contact USA aswell even though I was just based there, and not living there? EEK! Thanks in advance for help! :biggrin:
  5. Minxey

    Police Checks

    Thanks for the advice. Actually come to think of it now it was only for 8 months at at time. I received a visa that allows you to work in the States only onboard the vessel and not on shore. So, thinking that it was only for 8 months, I reckon I don't need this for my application? I can however in the meantime apply for the certificate for Greece and the UK?
  6. Minxey

    Police Checks

    Yes, I lived in Greece for two years. I did work for an American company, but didn't have a residence address as was based on the ship, even though it was based in the states, would I still have to apply? Ok, think I should go ahead now and try get this done for Greece and the UK in the meantime.
  7. Hello, We met at the IELTS test in Stratford. I know, it's an absolute **** they make it so hard. I have had to re sit mine again as well... I myself cannot believe an english speaking person has had to re sit the test a few times to try and attain the band score I need. You just have to keep trying, I know it's frustrating and hard, but try and keep with it. I have been at my wits end and also can't believe all the money I have spent on this, it is crazy! :biggrin:
  8. Minxey

    Western Australia SS Form

    Hello - I am in the same boat! Any examples would be great! Print screen to show wording would be great!
  9. Ok, thank-you for your help on all my questions. It seems to be that basically everything I sent to Vetassess, I do have colour copies of the originals which I can scan and upload, for the application? (these aren't certified)
  10. Hi All, I can't seem to find any answers on the website, so dropping a line to you out there for your help in anyway! :biggrin: Form 80 for DIAC - stuck on question where it's asking me for address in Australia where I will staying or can be contacted? I haven't moved over there yet so how can I provide an address? 2) My current employer contract is in black and white, I suppose I would need to get another copy certified as it cannot be colour scanned? 3) Travel to Australia - 'Are you travelling or did you travel to Australia with any other persons?' - When I visa comes through I will travel to Australia but I have no flight booked as yet and also would be going depending on the turn around of the outcome - what shall I put here? MASSIVE thank-you for help! :biggrin:
  11. Hello again, thanks for your response! Do they actually specify on the application form what documents to upload? I am assuming from what I have read from everyone, the obvious ones.
  12. Minxey

    176/80 Document

    Thank-you for your help! No, the current employer contract is in black and white so I suppose I will I have to get this certified, and the signatory was made in black pen?:sad:
  13. Hi All, Am gathering as much information as I can in order to be prepared when I apply for my visa. Am reading a lot of scenario's where Immigration contact current employers once submitted your visa, is this really the case? When I applied to Vetassess with a stat dec they didn't contact my employer as I mentioned I didn't want to lose my job if they found out, however I literally had attached every single payslip over the past year and my contract of employment proving I am actually working where I said I was. Do DIAC do things slightly differently then, will this documentation suffice or will they call my employer? Eek! Thanks for your help out there... this has been the best info site ever! :biggrin:
  14. Hi all, Nearly there! Just would like a bit of guidance on filling out the SS form for WA. Questions on locations, my preference would be to live in Perth, however choosing another two regions, am thinking would be best to choose the ones that have my occupation widely advertised and can work around the wording, example, loving the beaches it has to offer, accommodation is affordable in my budget etc.. anything else to elaborate? Am single and would like to live in Subiaco, but obviously need to fill out the regions to suit what they would like to read. Help and advise would be great!! :biggrin:
  15. Minxey

    WA State Sponsorship Help Questionaire

    Hello, thank-you for the advice. Is there any chance you could send through an example on how you filled out the questionaire on this? maybe send through a screenshot? I am just meticulous on how to word the the phrasing... ie, instead of putting I would love to live there..... but put something along the lines of the area provides jobs in my occupation... does this make sense? also, I have been reading that you can only put about 200 words per paragraph? :biggrin:
  16. Minxey

    IELTS Tips Please!

    Hi All, Am nearly there, received my positive skills assessment, however my IELTS ratings didn't suffice. I completely don't understand why I cannot crack the Reading section, I speak fluent English, have a high end job and still to no avail? Any tips, good websites (not the usual) where I can improve this for next time as I only have one last chance to get the points I need. So upset, was hoping to apply to WA for SS today... :sad: Does anybody also know the turn around after submitting SS? Many thanks for all your help - this website is fantastic as it helped me with my application and knowledge need to know for Vetassess and didn't have to submit any further paperwork! :biggrin:
  17. Minxey

    IELTS Tips Please!

    Thank-you all for your advice on the reading part - will just have to practice and practice more! I am so determind but it costs so much at the end of the day it's so frustrating!! :-( Am worried about the cut off time for applying for my visa and the test dates to do this beforehand - does anyone know what the turnaround is for SS for Perth WA?
  18. Hello all, Just received my positive skills assessment for Office Manager! Took 8 weeks. I had to email them though and mention it was urgent before the cut off date before July... was happy until I got my IELTS back which didn't suffice.... so now I have to take it again! It's really annoying, am fluent English speaking and have a high end job and still can't seem to crack the reading section? is this normal as am not feeling it! eek! So will take this again - any tips? :biggrin:
  19. I submitted mine end of February, they told me last week that it takes usually up to 16 weeks - this seems to be the normal answer but I submitted all my documents to ensure there was no time delay. It's been eight, but am hoping very soon as will run out of time to apply by 1st July. :sad:
  20. Hi SmithinOz, I am currently awaiting for my results to come back from Vetassess, like your situation am Office Manager, however they said they are hugely busy with applciations. How long did yours actually take? Many thanks :biggrin:
  21. Hello there, Am relatively new still to this website - so forgive me! I am sitting my IELTS this week, thereafter if everything goes smoothly, am ready to apply to Vetassess. My occupation is Office Manager, and I have told and recently looked at their website, they are State Sponsoring this occupation. Has anybody any advice on this as I want to make sure that my forms are filled out correctly. I am doing this on my own - so no agent as they seem to just rip you off! I believe the process as follows: Sit IELTS Have skills assessed Apply for State Sponsorship - is this directly then on the WA website? Apply for Visa - (if Sponsorship granted) directly to DIAC on website CO appointed Medical Police checks Is this right? Any help would be brilliant!!!! Thanks so much!! :biggrin:
  22. Minxey

    WA State-Sponsorship Questionnaire. Any advice?

    Many thanks to all who replied.... your help is much appreciated!! Those screenshots are awesome, gives me a clear idea on this form now I can start doing a bit more research and be prepared... any more screenshots or tips are highly appreciated!!! :biggrin:
  23. Hello All, Have submitted my application to Vetassess... yay :biggrin: I would like any hep on the application for WA state sponsorship form. I obviously haven't applied as yet, but would appreciate a heads up on questions asked so I can be prepared for when the time comes and to ensure it's done correctly without fail. Appreciate any help out there! One step closer.... thank-you!! :wink:
  24. Hello there, Almost ready to send off to Vetassess, :biggrin:can anyone advise me on the paperwork for DIAC? Would like to know if I have all my documents certified now, will they all be valid in a few months to send to DIAC? Getting quite a few mixed answers as sometimes documents can be valid for 3, 6, 12 months, cannot seem to find my answer on their website either.... advise would be gratefully appreciated!! Cheers :biggrin:
  25. Sporty, I am in the same situation, however things weren't all that great when I left a company either, due to recession, however they were pretty nasty and didn't give me a leg to stand on. Called their HR department and they sent me through a copy of the contract of employment and I have obtained a tax form proof of employment in that period, however will just stating on the declaration 'unable to obtain a reference be enough? The office is still open so have no idea what to do :-( Help!