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  1. haunted1234

    LAFHA announcement in the budget ?

    hubbys employers have stated they will make up his salary OR sponsor him for PR, so its a win win for us really......:wink:
  2. haunted1234

    Advice/tips on heating solutions and damp/mould please!

    i live in Cairns....mould city in wet season ) use Oil of cloves in a spray bottle with water...just a few drops! this actually kills the mould spores, bleach just bleaches them and makes them go white. Oil of cloves is one of the few things that actually kills it...smells a bit but works on everything including leather sofas! You can get oil of cloves in your local pharmacy )
  3. haunted1234

    Annoyed with the rental agency

    we asked our landlord through the agent whether we could have a dog, the response we had back from the agent was a resounding NO CHANCE! after speaking to one of the locals who is friends with the landlord.....turns out they never even asked him!! he had received no emails or correspondance even though the rental agent stated she'd emailed him and his response was no! CHEEK!

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    <p><p>I'm writing you from Europe.I'm cheking that forum every day and so I found you.Would you like to have a little conversation with me? I'm early teacher too and i'm interesting to move DU.Is it true that they need so many teachers in Cairns?have you got some information about?How do like Cairns?We have always thinking about Melbourne, but now it happened different.I saw the job offer for sponsorship on forum and really wish to apply.</p></p>

    <p><p>Do you think the three yr Undergarduate Diploma degree in early years is equivalent to australian Bachelor of Education?I have also almost 7 yeras experiences in teaching 11months to 6 years old children.</p></p>

    <p><p>I'm sorry if i wrote so many quastions.So if you'll get time i'll be very happy to keep in touch.</p></p>

    <p><p>Best regards</p></p>


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  5. haunted1234

    Cultural differences,UK and OZ?

    aussie tv does my box in, which i why i tend to record and flick through the ad's....a two hour film can take up 4 hours! LOL! my hubby goes to the pub every Friday night and usually comes home with a meat or fish tray that he's won in a raffle! i in the meantime have 'driveway drinks' with the local ladies, where we watch the world go by as the kids play in the street ) Good Times!
  6. haunted1234

    School years arghhhhhhh

    some schools in North QLD start high school in year 7 )
  7. haunted1234

    HSBC Premier vs. Local Bank (i.e NAB, WestPac etc)

    Dont touch HSBC with a barge pole! we made that mistake...already banking with them in the UK we thought it would be easy! they kept sending everything to our UK address!!! 4 times they sent our internet banking keyfob thingy to the UK, trying to speak to people is a nightmare, can never get hold of anyone! we opened a NAB account and closed our HSBC ones (and the UK...who have been even worse since we moved!) NAB have been great, very efficient )
  8. I lived on Anglesey in North Wales, beautiful part of the world.....if it's good enough for Wills and Kate ) oh and you should come to Cairns, it NEVER rains here! :eek:
  9. haunted1234

    Landlord Electric Bill

    yeah same as us....i hate renting....cant even put a picture up without asking permission! and i have an orange wall that id love to paint cream! LOL! Good Luck, hope you get something sorted x
  10. haunted1234

    UK Overdraft Advice

    im still paying off my UK overdraft, as long as i pay something every month and clear it by May 2013, they are happy )
  11. haunted1234

    Removal Companies

    We used John Mason, they were fantastic, didn't have to lift a finger, them emptied all our cupboards, drawers etc.....all packed brilliantly and all logged, nothing missing either!
  12. haunted1234

    Deja poo

    :biggrin: DISCLAIMER: This is in no way aimed at anybody or anything...just thought it was funny so thought id share :laugh:
  13. haunted1234

    Is it really a better life living in Oz than the UK????

    we pay $490 a week rent and no i dont grow my own...im just very thrifty when it comes to shopping and can be as tight as a ducks ar$e!! we still have the odd takeaway and buy beer every week...maybe stuff is cheaper up here?
  14. haunted1234

    Landlord Electric Bill

    its very confusing.......how long is your rental agreement, have you got long to go on it?
  15. haunted1234

    Landlord Electric Bill

    we set up our electric connection and we receive the saving from the solar panels....we are with Ergon energy, and save approx $60 a month on electric (which is used to pump the pool....cheaper tariff etc) i cant understand why the bill is in the landlords name? id that usual.....all our bills are in our name.....