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  1. Hi, Any Accountants or tax experts that would be so kind as to let me know roughly what I will get out on the following amount? $31 000 (I left Australia. 457. I qualify so skip discussing this part. Thanks) Just interested to know, what I will get out on the following rule. Legislation requires AustralianSuper to tax your benefit at the rate of 47% of the untaxed element and 38% of the remainder of your benefit (excluding any tax-free components of your benefit). Thank you
  2. Hi there, Hope someone can help me with advice. Maybe had a similar issue. I went to Australia on a 457 and within 6 months transferred my UK pension to Australian Super. Australian Super kept this in a separate account. Let's call this SUPER1. They created a new account for while I was working in Australia for the Super I will accumulate while working in Australia, to not mix it with my UK Pension. Let's call this Australian Super account, SUPER2. Now comes the confusing part which sounds like Australian Super is trying to do a fast one on me. I left Australia, still on 457 going back to UK. I will be able to claim Super, but at a staggering 38% tax taken off. Not this is fine for SUPER2 which was while I was in Australia. But Australian Super says I will be charged 38% on the Pension, SUPER1, which I brought over from the UK too!! At first they wanted me to combine SUPER1 and SUPER2 but I didn't want to do that because I feel anything protecting SUPER1 will be lost, and feel they wanted to trick me. I want to transfer my UK SUPER1 that is stuck in Australia, back to a UK pension fund. What are my rights? Is Australian Super pulling a fast one on me? And what could anyone suggest I do? SUPER1 is currently invested till July '15, so I can't do anything with it yet, but I want to get my story straight. It is money I set aside for pension and that does NOT belong to Australia. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, Wonder if anyone had this situation? I emailed my ex employer, and copied in immigration, that i want a reasonable amount to return home. No reply from employer. What if they don't pay as they have to do so within 30 days? About 2 weeks left, and i did send a follow up. Any ideas what to do in this case?
  4. dunesurfer

    My right for returning home. Employer need to buy ticket

    Well it takes two people to get nasty. I find some employers, especially in ACT very childish and act like children. Some with a grandeur self importance. (From where i come from it's usually people that's small minded, and not used to much in life) Should they go the childish way, then there's an antidote. I will then let them pay for it, buy my own ticket anyway. Let them waste the money if they want to play hard ball. Just came from immigration. Told me I should go to Fairtrading first. Before I do, I emailed the CEO to follow up, telling him i emailed and it's nearly two weeks and no response. I'll give them a chance.
  5. dunesurfer

    My right for returning home. Employer need to buy ticket

    no. redundancy has nothing to do with it. yes. 457
  6. EXCEPT leaving Australia? I have no job Credit cards are heaping up Car needs to be paid And have mental issues because of it By the sounds of this I do not have any rights, nor compassion coming my way. I am close to applying for PR and sit with the catch 22 that I don't have money. The only way for me to get money, is to get to my Super. Ideally, I don't want to leave Australia but these rules are forcing me to leave. I can get a bridging visa which will allow me to stay in Australia. Without the money, I can't do a thing. If I do leave the country they will take 38% of my hard earned Super! Any suggestions? Or ideas to get access without leaving? http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/early-release-of-superannuation [h=3]Temporary residents and early superannuation release[/h]Generally, the early release of superannuation benefits on compassionate grounds is available to Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents only. If you are a temporary resident, you may be eligible if you met the grounds before 1 April 2009, or you hold an Investor Retirement (subclass 405) visa or Retirement (subclass 410) visa. If you do not meet the criteria, then you cannot apply for the early release of your superannuation on specified compassionate grounds. You can also apply directly to the Australian Taxation Office for early release of benefits if you were in Australia temporarily and are now leaving the country permanently.
  7. I'm still within my stay/notify period so that's not my concern. By the looks of it nobody can answer my question. Thanks anyway.
  8. Thanks. Can anyone answer my original question?
  9. Visa is still valid. Expiry is 5/15 Im in ACT. Government state. Sponsorship here is a miracle by itself.
  10. Hi, Anyone know about taking Super and tax? If I have about 15k Super, how much will i be taxed when outside of Oz with visa cancelled? Some say the tax is already going off when my employer pays my Super, so I shouldn't be taxed again. Is this true? Thanks
  11. Hi there, I am in Australia on a 457 for the past 4 years. I live with my partner and we want to lodge a defacto visa. He is Australian Which one would you recommend? 820 and 801 For Fastest route to citizenship? Most freedom? Suggestions? Thank you in advance
  12. Hi, I'm weighing up my options. Maybe someone has done the same? Interested to hear what other people would do in my situation? Staying is not an option as I need to get money. I just got my RPL for ICT Support Engineer with ACS. (How long will this RPL be valid if i leave Australia?) Plan is to go back to the UK, make some money, and do my PR from there. (PR will cost me $5k. Australia has sucked me dry financially) Any suggestions on how to play this? I can get state ACT sponsorship. I'm not to keen on ACT again. Nightmarish state for a 457 IT visa. Something hard to explain to someone who haven't walked the walk. I am 41. (So, Either come back to anywhere but ACT, before I'm 45, or before 50) I'm interested to share some ideas and brainwaves please. Thanks!
  13. It started heating up, so basically replaced the whole engine. I understand something didn't turn that should have. So reluctant sale as I know the engine works, and i now know what I have not wanting to buy another car. But leaving for UK early next year.
  14. ****Diesel Automatic 2.0 Litre****** PRIVATE SELLER Well looked after Captiva. Replaced Engine 8 months ago so can call it a brand new engine. (Got the paperwork to prove) Looks very nice inside, seats and interior looks good. $15480 Neg. Model: Captiva Body Type: WagonYear: 2007 Kilometres: 176000T ransmission: Automatic Drive Train: 4x4 Fuel Type: Diesel Colour: Silver Air Conditioning: Yes Registered: Yes Variant: SX (4x4) Great reliable runner . As new engine. Cost me $7000 to redone. Tyres still lots of road left with deep grooves Comes with lots of extras: * Bull Bar * Headlight / Bonnet protectors * 17" Wheel Mags * Side Steps * Tow Bar * Dogs Door seperating back seats from boot area (Can remove this when travelling) * Holden Floor mats * CD/Radio Player with 6 speakers * GPS * Rego till January 2015 So coming to ACT, or already here, let me know. I am also a trusted UK eBay seller with 100% feedback. Small dent and some scratches on the back. 01 of 4 ‹› ‹›
  15. Hi there, Hope someone can help me or give advice. I'm perplexed to say the least. I have about 20 years IT experience. So 8 years gives you 15 points, but the EOI online result gives me 10 every time. Why is this? I added all the years, positions etc. etc. Breakdown of EOI points: Age (41):15 Education (Masters):15 State and Territory nomination :5 Australian work Experience (over 3 years) :10 Experience abroad: 10 <--------------------------- (10 points if less than 8 years. I should have 15, which will give me 60 points. Why Is EOI giving me 10??) ------------------ Total points: 55
  16. Hi there, I need to attach letters for state 190 sponsorship that i have family and intend to stay in Canberra. (I've lived here 3 years already so hope it counts) Is there examples of wording I need to use? And do i need to verify as statuary? Thank you in advance
  17. Hi there, Anyone know which one would be the best for my circumstance? Any similar experiences? 190 (ACT) or 187 (RSMS) Which one is better? In short: I have Successful RPL for ICT Support Engineer (On SOL for ACT and SA) I've been in ACT, Australia for 4 years, so once i apply for PR, and get it, I want to apply for Oz citizenship. So was wondering any benefit in which one i apply for? 190 or 187? Sticking to ACT. Thank you!
  18. Hello, Any advice appreciated on where to look or try. I've been in Oz for 4 years. Needless to say this country grinded me on a 457 sucking up all my finances. I have $12 000 Commonwealth credit card debt, that kept me alive, otherwise not sure how i would have made it to this point to get PR, being on and off with work, at the mercy of people with no inkling what it is to be on a 457. So, I am unable to get a loan. Any ideas how to get 5K for my PR? Any loan / credit card brand, that won't do a search? And what limit is safe? Thank you!
  19. Thank you for your advice. I am going for the 190, get PR, and apply for citizenship immediate. I've been in Australia already for 4 years on a 457, which i understand counts for a citizenship application. Once i got citizenship, I'm think a tour of duty back to the UK for some contracting is in order :-)
  20. dunesurfer

    190 (ACT) or 187 (RSMS) Which one is better?

    Thank you for all your advice. I am going for the 190. However, as i've been in ACT for 4 years already, as soon as I get my PR, I will apply for citizenship. (As I understand, the 4 years count)
  21. dunesurfer

    ACS Website

    Hi there, I'm interested to know other people's experience's with the ACS website. One word now sums it up for me. Frustrating. Looks great with all the bells and whistles, but.... I've been trying to upload my RPL project. I've split it into two pdf's. 1 x 6.8mb and the other 6.1mb. (I scanned these at 100DPI which is the lowest, sacrificing quality in order to get them as small as possible.) The ACS site STILL, don't want to accept these files saying it's TOO BIG. Only way to make these files now smaller, is to take out pages. I've tried different computers. No luck. Any ideas?
  22. dunesurfer

    ACS RPL finished - What next?

    Hi, Hope everyone is well and thank goodness the summer started. I will appreciate if people can answer all or some of my questions. I want to understand the steps, and costs involved after a successful RPL, to apply for Permanent residence. I've submitted my ACS RPL so I am waiting for the outcome. So let's assume it's successful. (I have no ICT degree with more than 8 years IT experience) I want to know what happens after the RPL. Should i do another skills assessment, or is a successful RPL enough for an application to Permanent Residence? I am in ACT and can get a 190 state sponsored visa. (The ACS skills assessment was holding me back) Will the RPL be enough? To get nominated by the state for a 190, it will costs another $300 to ACT. Then I assume, once accepted for state sponsorship, the +-$5000 for PR which is next? (I feel milked into near financial ruin in this country so that's something for another topic) Once I get Permanent residence, can I apply for citizenship immediately after? (I've been living in Australia for 4 years, and I understand that counts? Thank you in advance!
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    F bomb for Feminism

    Sadly, feminists aren't "Grown-ups". They are pushing the limits of their sickness and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's another sicko. Probably been dumped, and now have major issues.... This is the "face of modern feminism" and what it's about. It's not about equality. It's about power, or rather female supremacy. http://www.vice.com/read/is-reducing-the-male-population-by-90-percent-the-solution-to-all-our-problems
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    F bomb for Feminism

    Modern so called "feminists" does a real injustice to women today. I generally find them repulsive with ideological (or psychological) issues. Or both. My opinion which will offend the ones I describe below. As far as I am concerned. Strong women don't need a stupid ideology like feminism. Strong women can stand their ground and get what they want on an equal basis to men, without hiding behind ideology, or a word. In short. Weak women are feminists, and instruments of Marxism. I admire women in all their forms. Feminists aren't women. Feminism is an artificial construct of Marxists. The main group I don't have eye brows for.